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September 3

Steam: Get the Ankh Pack 75% Off This Week

Posted by on September 3, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Steam: Get the Ankh Pack 75% Off This WeekHead off to team right now and get your hands on Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris and Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods with a 75% discount on both titles.

Ankh is one of the oldest and longest running series of adventure games. Set in ancient Egypt, players must help Assil defeat the god Osiris in Ankh 2, who’s back to show the world of humans what he’s made of. There’s only one last thing he’s missing before his plans come to fruition: his heart. Combining interesting locales, colorful characters, excellent writing and a variety of brain-teasing puzzles, the Ankh games will have you scratching your head for hours and unable to stop playing. Ankh 3 takes places to new locales, introduces ever weirder characters and keeps you laughing all the while solving new and intriguing puzzles, each taking you one step closer to stopping the evil god Seth from winning the Battle of the Gods and plunging the world into an age of darkness.

I’m a big adventure fan, and I go through at least a dozen games like these every year, and the Ankh series is one of the best I’ve ever played. It’s no wonder the game has had this level of success. I came into the series with Ankh 2, because the first title released so long ago it’s impossible to find nowadays. But take it from me, not playing the first title won’t ruin the experience, not one bit. By the time you’re done with the second and move on to Ankh 3, you’ll be an expert on all things Ankh. You’ll know the major themes, the overall plot, and all the major players in this Egyptian adventure.

Head to Steam right now, where this pack is at a 75% discount, just for this week. This deal is fantastic, even if the games are considerably old. Ankh 2 is regularly priced at $4.99 but you can get it today for $1.24 as part of this offer; similarly, Ankh 3 goes at $9.99 every other day but during this week you can get it for just $2.49. If you already have one of them, get the other, but if you don’t, why get them separately when you can just buy them both for the combined price of $3.74.

You can’t miss this deal, so go now to Steam and get the Ankh Pack for just $3.74, that’s a whopping 75% discount just this week!

(Expiry Date: 15th September 2014)

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September 3 – Samsonite Fashionaire 3-Piece 4-Wheeled Luggage Set – Just $299

Posted by on September 3, 2014 at 9:00 AM   Samsonite Fashionaire 3 Piece 4 Wheeled Luggage Set – Just $299

If you’re like me and you’re tired, annoyed and just wish to get rid of your old luggage set (or give them a Viking funeral as I’m tempted to do every time I look at them), why not take advantage of this fantastic offer, available until September 4, for Samsonite Fashionare Collection 3-Piece 4-Wheeled Luggage Set.

I took a trip to the UK a couple of months ago with my old luggage set, a wobbly, barely rolling piece of antique I’ve had for years. I was staying with a friend and she lives up a steep hill, and every second of the way up I had to fight the damn luggage because it just didn’t feel like rolling that day, and when it finally did, it wobbled so much I pretty much had to drag the damn thing up the hill. By the time we got to her place, I was tired and had murderous ideas towards the luggage.

I’m getting this set, the offer is too good to pass by, and you should do so too. Even if the beige floral pattern isn’t my thing, for this fantastic offer I’d take it in garish pink with neon highlights. The complete set sells for $799, a buck shy of $800, and now you can get it for $500 less than that. It’s massive on savings for a top-of-the-line set of luggage.

  • They’re durable, made from ABS/polycarbonate, which here you should read as “they can take a beating and keep going.”
  • The interior has straps built-in to keep the contents of your bag from moving around too much or bunch up.
  • The inside of the lid has an additional zipped compartment, if you need more space for your things.
  • The wheels spin, allowing you to maneuver through the airport and people, and not have to adjust your grip or even lift the luggage, as I had to do repeatedly during my last trip.
  • I’m a bit paranoid, I admit it, so I’m always concerned about the safety of my stuff while I travel, so I have padlocks, with keys or combinations, so the fact this Samsonite Fashionare set has built-in locks just sells it to me even more.

Supplies and time are extremely limited, so stop reading and just like me, get rid of your old luggage and replace it with this Samsonite Fashionare 3-Piece 4-Wheeled Luggage set for $299 only and just until the 4th of September! Shipping will be free as this purchase is more than $25.

(Expiry Date: 4th September 2014)

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September 1

Chapters Indigo Canada: 25% Off Yurbuds Headphones Today Only!

Posted by on September 1, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 25% Off Yurbuds Headphones Today Only!

We all know Chapters for their huge catalogue of books, but this time around the bookstore giant brings us a different kind of offer: get a 25% discount on all Yurbuds headphones. The discount is for today only, so go now before time runs out!

The Yurbud earbuds sets have all been designed for use during physical activity, form running and jogging to any sport you can think off. They have many awesome features, including:

  • Water and sweat proof
  • Lock in place so they don’t fall off
  • Have specific models available to fit in smaller ears
  • Are comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Have fantastic sound quality and don’t drown out ambient sounds, keeping you aware of your surroundings

They’re also more than just good buds, as every model comes with integrated and similarly waterproofed microphones, so you can take your calls during your jog or use voice commands on your music player or cellphone. The Yurbud product line is compatible with iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices. In theory, as long as your device is waterproof, you could use it with them even for swimming, something I’ve only been able to do a few times in my life.

I’m not one to go out jogging or running, but I do go to the gym frequently and if there’s one thing that annoys me to no end (aside from over-enthusiastic trainers), it’s having my earbuds fall off in the middle of my cardio. I lose my rhythm and end up way more tired because of it. More than once, I almost lost my balance trying to keep running and maintaining the rhythm and proper breathing while fidgeting with the buds. It’s because of this that I understand the value of sporting earbuds that stay in place.

So, how good is this offer on Chapters? Well, you can get the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro set for just $45, which goes for $60 on both and As I’m writing this, a few of the available models on Chapters are already out of stock and with this discount and the limited time, it’s not really surprising.

Shipping is free on orders over $25, so most of these earbuds should ship to you for free!

(Expiry: 1st September 2014)

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June 25

Newegg Canada: Cuisinart Silver Waffle Maker Only $40

Posted by on June 25, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Newegg Canada: Cuisinart Silver Waffle Maker Only $40

Regularly $79.99, but for this week only, $39.99 with free shipping the Cuisinart WMR-CAC Silver Waffle Maker is a great addition to your kitchens small appliance lineup.

Do you like food that tastes good?  Do you like delicious food? Do you prefer easy to prepare meals? Do you on occasion eat one or more of the following meals, breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner?  Since I know you answered yes to everything so far, except of course brunch, which you only do on occasion, special occasion that is, let’s move on.  Do you own a waffle maker?  What, you don’t?!  They are too hard to clean you say, they are too expensive you say, they are only for breakfast you say and waffles are too hard to make you say.  Well I say au contraire, no no, waffles are easy to make, waffles are easy to clean up, and waffles are surprisingly versatile.

First, making your waffles you will need a batter this is not rocket science and you should have most if not all the ingredients already in your kitchen.  Here is a good basic recipe from this you can add your own personal touch.  What I like about this recipe is that you can save it covered in the fridge for up to a week.

Ok, you have made your batter, so simply plug in your waffle maker. With the Cuisinart WMR-CAC Silver Waffle Maker you have five browning options available to you from whether you prefer your waffles pale and doughy to toasty crispiness, Cuisinart recommends the middle setting number three.  Let the waffle maker heat up ,which is surprisingly quick, then ladle your batter in and close the lid, wait and voila yummy fresh warm goodness.

To clean your new Cuisinart waffle maker, unplug it and let it cool down.   The non-stick surface means you only need to brush away any leftover crumbs and with a paper towel sop up any grease left over.  Any harder to get remnants simply wet a cloth and gently wipe off.  No scrubbing no detergent needed, simple.

Now the fun part of having the ability to make waffles whenever you so desire is being able to use them in non-traditional ways.  The traditional way with whipped cream, chopped fruit, and chocolate sauce drizzled over is good but a little too sweet in my books to eat with any regularity.  Start slow with your waffle deviance and top them with peameal bacon and sunny side up eggs. Next, start adding things to the batter for a more savoury waffle your favourite herbs, chives and cheddar cheese.  Now, you are on the road to pulled pork waffle sandwiches, bbq chicken and maple syrup on your waffles and using your waffles as taco shells with hot sauce guacamole and the meat of your choice!  The combinations are endless, if you let yourself explore the dark side of waffles and life.

Photo credit: jpellgen

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 24

Costco Canada: $200 off Optoma 3D 1080p HD Home Theatre Projector Bundle

Posted by on June 24, 2014 at 1:00 PM


Costco Canada: $200 off Optoma 3D 1080p HD Home Theatre Projector Bundle

Want to make family movie night awesome?  Want your gaming experience to be huge?  Want your neighbours to be jealous?  Want your kid’s friends to be amazed?  Want your home theatre setup to be able to take advantage of blockbuster movies in 3D?  Play the latest ps3/ps4/Xbox one games in 3D?  If you said yes most of the above, Costco has a great bundle that will allow you to do any or all of the above.  Right now you can at Costco online you can get $200 off the Optoma® HD25e 3D* 1080p HD** DLP® Home Theatre Projector Bundle.

For $899 you get the projector, which some have called the best in its class, and 3D glasses, and the respect of your friends and family.  Ok maybe respect is not the right word but certainly your cool factor will go up a few notches and people will think you are some sort of tech savant, maybe. Please note I do not 100% guarantee these results and am not liable if you do not believe that your street cred with the kids has skyrocketed.

With a projector you can make the picture as big as you like, depending on the size of room you have, the bigger the room the farther you can mount the projector from the wall or screen and the larger the image will be.  Make sure when you are thinking about where you will be placing the projector it has an unobstructed view of the screen as anything in the way of the projection will block the image.  This model is also 1080p, which ensures a smooth clear picture, and it is 3D capable, which allows you to experience the latest X-Men movie or Lord of the Rings movie in the way the directors intended.  3D gaming, while not something you will always use, with the right game, is a truly immersive experience.

The unit comes with a one year manufactures warranty. Being that you bought it from Costco you have 90 days to return it for full refund if say it’s ruining your life because all you do now is watch movies and play games or whatever.

This Costco online $200 off Optoma® HD25e 3D* 1080p HD** DLP® Home Theatre Projector Bundle will not last forever; the time is now to go BIG!

Shipping is always free from Costco, so you’ve added that perk too.

(Expiry: 6th July 2014)

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June 23

Steam Summer Sale 80% Borderlands 2 GOTY edition and 75% off Tomb Raider

Posted by on June 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Steam Summer Sale 80% Borderlands 2 GOTY edition and 75% off Tomb Raider

Summer is finally here and with it, the annual Steam summer sale.  If you or someone you love is a PC gamer there is no other place to get some of the year’s best games at incredibly deep discounted prices.  There are daily specials and two of the best from today in my humble opinion are, 80% off Borderlands 2 GOTY edition, which includes all the dlc – that’s the full game – plus 10 extras for $9.99 and Tomb Raider at 75% off for an incredible $4.99.

Scroll down the page to find them about midway or take your time and check out the other great deals on all genres of games from indie and big time studios.

Out of all of the games why have I chosen to highlight Borderlands 2 and Tomb Raider?  I love both of these games and don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.

Borderlands 2 was a huge hit this past year building on the success of Borderlands, it is a fps with some rpg elements it combines cartoonish visual style with cartoonish characters a dash of immature humour along with fast paced combat to create an exhilarating experience.  Play single player or up to 4 player co-op, and the online multi player is a lot of fun as different play styles and characters combine to wreck the bad guys.  I recommended the Game of the Year edition, as it comes with two additional characters and eight playable campaigns.  This was my favourite game last year and I hate to admit it, but I spent wayyy more than $9.99 and felt I got my money’s worth.  Check out the reviews.

Tomb Raider is a visually stunning game it has some puzzle solving and lots of action; it is like being in an action adventure movie at times. Game play is fps style with some choice in how you want to take out the baddies. You can chose a more stealth based style and use the weapons and skills that suit that or go full-on head-on brawler or a mixture of both.  Personally the bow and arrow is the only way to go.  For $4.99 you will get way more enjoyment out of this gem then from probably any other way you can spend 5 bucks.  Check out the reviews at Meta Critic.

These two games are part of the steam summer sale daily deals so if you are even thinking about getting these games move fast on them they will be gone by 12pm eastern tomorrow.

(Expiry: 30th June 2014)

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May 20

Banana Republic Canada Coupon Code: 40% To 50% Discount!

Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Banana Republic Canada Coupon Code: 40% To 50% Discount!

Over the long weekend, we told you about Banana Republic’s 40% off of everything deal. The savings continue today and tomorrow, where you’ll get 50% off of select styles, plus 40% off the rest of your online purchase.

 Click here to shop @ Banana Republic now

  • Coupon Code: BRMORE
  • Discount: 50% off of select styles, plus 40% off of the rest of your purchase
  • Expiry: May 21, 2014

With Banana Republic’s huge selection of men’s, women’s, and petite’s clothing available at their online store, you’ll be able to shop in the comfort of your own home and save big with this coupon! I found this really cute back-zip denim top in the women’s section, regularly priced at $95. It’s also available in petite, which is great for me, since I’m on the petite side. After I applied the coupon code, the top cost only $47.50 plus tax, which is a great deal. I also loved this sleek suit flounce skirt, also regularly priced at $95. At checkout, it was also eligible for the 50% off, and so came to $47.50—for a total of $95.00 for both items! I was thrilled to get two for one!

The coupon is available online only, and some exclusions apply. The 40% discount does not apply to gift cards, BR Picks, BR Monogram Collection, Everyday Essentials, 100% Cashmere, men’s suit jackets and blazers, leather apparel, designer collections and collaborations, and third party branded merchandise. It also can’t be combined with other offers or discounts.

Banana Republic offers free shipping on orders over $50. The great news is that this applies to the before-coupon prices—so since my top and skirt were each $95 before the coupon, I would have qualified for the free shipping even if I had just ordered one of them.

Find this Banana Republic coupon, and all other deals, posted in the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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September 4

Shaw vs. Telus

Posted by on September 4, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Shaw vs. Telus

The two main players in the market for high speed internet in western Canada are Shaw and Telus. They both offer different kinds of deals, but try to somewhat align with each other so they don’t compete. However, when you break down the numbers and take a closer look the competition couldn’t be any more fierce.

Telus like to structure their deals based on contracts. They like to persuade their customers to take 3-year deals by giving big discounts and “freebies” such as laptops and TVs. However, they are often prepared to offer 1 or 2 year deals, so do your research and be prepared to ignore the freebies. Unfortunately, the new wireless legislation doesn’t seem to have affected the internet service providers and they are still able to offer and make you stick to a 3-year contract.

Shaw’s strategy is to give the customer freedom and flexibility. They offer month-to-month contracts with the option to leave whenever you are dissatisfied. I always think this shows confidence in a company’s service, when they offer this kind of deal. I have signed many a contract and then been dissatisfied after a few months, only to be locked-in and have no bargaining power.

Always Negotiate!

With only two companies in the market, you can always play on this to get the best deal. Shaw knows if you don’t choose them you will be choosing their nearest rival instead and vice versa!

I recently called Shaw after Telus had offered me one of their packages. I was paying $55 with Shaw as my deal for three months at $30 had run out. Telus offered me their Internet 15 package (150 GB usage for $30 a month), which was pretty much the same usage allowance I was getting with Shaw. After six months, the price would move up to $50 a month, which was still cheaper than the $55 I currently had to pay at Shaw. I wasn’t sure that Shaw would make me an offer, as although my current offer had run out, I still hadn’t paid the latest bill of $55 + tax. He put me on hold for a few minutes, but came back offering me six months at $30. I was only expecting a three-month deal, so I snapped it up. A quick 10 minute conversation saved me $25 a month or $150 over the six months.


Comparing the two providers over a three-year duration is the easiest way to show you how much you would be losing if you didn’t negotiate a better deal.


Shaw 20, in my opinion, is the optimal internet package with Shaw. It has good download speeds and a good enough download limit for the majority. Although, this really depends on your usage as it offers 200 GB of data. If you opt for Shaw 10, it offers only 125 GB of data for $5 less per month (after any offers have expired), but with lower download speeds.

The cost of Shaw 20 is $55 a month with the first month being $30 + tax.

Total cost over 3 years (incl one discounted month) = $1,955 + tax


Telus 15 would be their optimal package. Offering a little less data at 150 GB, this should still be more than adequate for the average user. I tend to use around 130 GB a month and still watch a lot of movies and download quite a bit of data.

Not sure how much data you will use in a month? Use the Telus Data calculator (

Telus 15 costs $30 per month for the first 6 months and then moves up to $55 a month after that.

Total cost over 3 years (incl 6 months discounted) = $1,680 + tax

The Verdict

You can see from the standard pricing that on the standard contract over 3 years, Telus comes in considerably cheaper ($275 saved to be precise). However, with Telus you are locked into a 3-year deal meaning you can’t negotiate at any point once you have signed the contract. By the time my current deal runs out I will have had nine months with Shaw at $30, and I firmly believe I will be able to negotiate another deal at this point that could be cheaper than the $55 standard price.

This doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate a better deal with Telus. A 3-year contract may be scary, but at the right price, Telus can work out a great deal for you and you might even get a free TV thrown in there too (if that is your thing)!

The moral of this story is ALWAYS negotiate, and whether you prefer Telus or Shaw there’s always a better deal to be had than what’s on the website. These two companies are in a battle for your business and the right negotiating skills can save you a large amount of money and maybe even get you a couple of freebies along the way!

I always say that one day I will leave Shaw and go to Telus, but every time I try to leave, they offer me a better deal on a month-to-month contract, making it almost impossible to refuse! No freebies for me, but I must say I have been very happy with Shaw so far.

Photo Credit: CT State Library


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August 16

3 Types Of Cell Phone Plans Compared

Posted by on August 16, 2013 at 8:00 PM

3 Types Of Cell Phone Plans Compared

We used to be left with two options when picking a cell phone plan. Now, we’re faced with three choices. As if it wasn’t difficult enough already!

The original two choices were either pay as you go or contract, and now there’s what is commonly known as the “Tab” plan. It’s a concept whereby you add a certain amount of money to the tab for the phone at the start of your contract, and then each month a percentage of your monthly bill is taken off your “Tab” (the standard amount for this is 10%).

There are numerous things to take into consideration when deciding which plan to go for. In the end, it normally comes down to personal preference and your own situation in making a decision between the three types (PAYG, Contract or Tab plans). This article is a comparison of some of the pros and cons of each type of cellphone plan.


The standard contract length in Canada is three years. With this, you will almost always get a free phone or a lower cost for some of the higher end smartphones, and normally a significantly cheaper deal than on PAYG.

With technology moving so quickly, the new cellphone normally comes at a cost. After the first or second year, you’re normally already itching to get another one. Then, three years after you’ve bought your phone, it’s way behind the times.  The only way to get a new phone while on contract is buy out of it. To do this, they typically say you have to pay off the remaining months of the contract even with only one year left. If, for example, your contract is $50 a month, you would have to pay $600 or the cost of actually buying an iPhone to break free from the contract.

It makes you wonder whether locking into a contract nowadays really is worth it?

Samsung Galaxy S3 on Rogers: 1000 Local Minutes (Canada wide is additional), 500MB Data and Unlimited Texts: $60 a month + tax

Total Cost Over Three years including Handset ($99): $2259 + tax

The Tab Plan

The Tab plans have fit into a gap in the market. This plan is perfect for people who want flexibility.  You want just about any phone, but you’re not sure whether you want to commit for the three years. At time of writing this, Virgin Mobile Canada are offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $249 on the SuperTAB with $300 going onto the your ‘Tab’. If you work it out over three years on a $50 a month contract, that means you will reduce your Tab by $60 a year, leaving you with a balance of $120 still at the end of the 3 years. However, if you look at the cost at the end of the second year, you are left with $180 on the tab. This is where the flexibility of the Tab Plan will pay off. You only have to pay $180 to get out of the Tab Plan rather than the $600 you would have paid if you were locked into a new contract.

You might wonder why I haven’t mentioned Wind Mobile? Well, for a start, their prices always seem the same as Virgin Mobile for the actual handset, although they offer pretty much unlimited everything for $40 a month. The network coverage is very poor at the moment, barely offering coverage in the city, never mind if you actually leave the city. Live in Calgary and want to go for a few days in Banff? You’ll be paying roaming charges all weekend! Check out other providers coverage maps and you will see the difference. They are certainly one to watch for in the future, though. With their coverage increasing each year, there is a possibility in a few years they could be taking on the likes of Bell, Rogers and Virgin if they keep their prices competitive.

Samsung Galaxy S3 on Virgin Mobile: 300 Minutes (Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls), Unlimited Texts, 500MB Data: $50 a month + tax

Total cost over three years including handset ($249) but not including tab balance: $2049 + tax

Including the $300 starting balance on The Tab: If you paid $50 a month for three years it would leave you with a balance of $120 at the end of the three years on the tab, therefore leaving you with a total for the three years of $2169 + tax, should you wish to exit the plan at the three year point.

Pay As You Go

For some reason, after scouring the internet, I found that all the big four companies aren’t even competitive when it comes to Pay as You Go or Prepaid, as it’s otherwise known. It seems to indicate they actually don’t seem to make that much money when people use this option and also they want you locked into some kind of contract.

The best PAYG I could find on the market was Speak-out by 7-11. Yes, sounds crazy, the best PAYG deal in Canada is offered by a gas station! Their deal is 100 minutes, unlimited browsing and unlimited incoming and outgoing texts. I have used their service for a few months and the only frustration with it is the internet. They say ‘unlimited browsing’ because you are unable to use apps etc. However, I know a fair few people who use the network and it seems that some people have apps that work and others don’t. It seems to depend on which phone you’re using. I was able to get the majority of apps working on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I tried it in my old HTC Wildfire and couldn’t get it to work, though I certainly imagine there is some way around it. Another small issue is that you have to top up $35 to be able to get the $30 deal. Even at $35, I found it to be a very reasonable deal and certainly the best I have seen in the PAYG market.

Pricing your actual cell phone up leaves you free to go to the likes of eBay to purchase your handset. The Samsung Galaxy S3 in new condition can be bought for anywhere from $320 – $500; the most common price paid seems to be in the $425 region.

Speak Out 7 Eleven: 100 Minutes, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Browsing: $35 plus tax

Total cost over three years: $1260 plus tax

Total cost over three years including handset: $1685 (Samsung Galaxy S3 off Ebay in New condition at $425)

Seemingly, the issue with Speak out 7-11 and other comparable PAYG plans is the unlimited browsing. If you want to go on the same deal with Rogers for unlimited internet with full use of apps, then by the time you have added the internet it brings the price up to around $60 a month. Wind Mobile offer PAYG for $40 a month with unlimited everything (Same as their WindTab deal). However, as previously stated, you need to be careful in terms of coverage and check their coverage map. If you only stay in the areas where they have coverage then it certainly could be a feasible option if you’re looking for the use of apps, but don’t want to be locked into a contract.


At the end of the day, it really is down to personal preference. If you like having the newest model on the market, I believe the tab plan is perfect for you. I have heard many people argue recently that contracts are outdated and the tab plan is eventually going to take over completely. I would have to disagree, as when you think about it, you’re locked into a contract on the tab plan, too, since you have to pay the phone off to be able to exit the contract (oops did I just call it a contract?). Unfortunately, it is a contract in the grand scheme of things, but it is still a great option and in my opinion, it’s simply a contract with more flexibility.

Hopefully this guide has taught you a few things:

  • That PAYG is still the cheapest option by far.
  • That there really isn’t that much difference in cost between a contract and the tab plan looking at it in the long term.
  • And finally, that there isn’t enough competition in the cell phone market in Canada at the moment. We’re paying some of the highest prices in the world for our cell phone plans!

Thanks Cubosh.

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July 15 Finding Your Furniture Bargains

Posted by on July 15, 2013 at 8:00 PM Finding Your Furniture Bargains

Many of us by now have used Kijiji for something or other; But, do we use it to the best of its ability?

I recently had to furnish my new home after moving from a small one bedroom basement to a three bedroom house. Under the impression it was too much time and hassle, I had always overlooked Kijiji, taking the easy option of going to Ikea instead. This time, I thought I would experiment to see how much I could actually save.

Be patient

When buying furniture off of Kijiji, you need to see it as looking in a store like Winners, but online. You need a while to search to find that bargain; it’s very rare you would instantly find what you’re looking for at a bargain price. It can also lead you to over pay if you rush into it. For example, I saw two dining room sets exactly the same from Ikea, both in similar condition. On the first page a seller was offering the set for $100. When clicking onto the second page someone was giving it away for free as they were desperate to get rid of it.


This is often overlooked when we get too excited seeing a bargain. There really isn’t much point in even considering something if it won’t fit in your car/SUV/truck or whatever your means of collecting may be. Saw a wardrobe you loved for $20, but only have a compact car? The first place to start is by seeing if any friends or family are prepared to help! Need a few items? Hire a truck for the day. U-Haul offer truck/van rentals for as low as $20 a day! It might seem like too much hassle for one piece of furniture, but if you’re saving $100+, you would still make some nice savings even after hire costs. Don’t want the hassle of hiring a truck/van or can’t persuade a family/friend to lend a hand? This unfortunately limits what you can buy. However, there are still plenty of smaller items which you can pick up for a bargain price!


Often the circumstances will dictate the price, and if they don’t, then you can use them as a haggling mechanism. Don’t be afraid to email someone who is offering a bed frame for $150 but the article says, “Needs sold by tomorrow” or, “Must be gone ASAP.” I emailed a lady who was asking $200 for a dresser and offered her $25 to take it off her hands; she came back with a counter offer of $40! Unfortunately after measuring up I was unable to fit it in my car.

Location, Location, Location

The big question here is: will the cost of gas and your time outweigh the savings of using Kijiji? For instance, if you’re only saving $10, it might not be worth traveling to the opposite side of the city or further afield if you could get a similar item closer. However, on the flip side, I know people that will travel up to 200kms or more if the savings are worth it. This comes into play a lot when people are offering things for free. Remember though, you’re taking a risk that the goods will be as seen in the pictures when traveling further afield. It can be somewhat of a gamble if you travel this far and then you find the sofa you thought was perfect has a major rip in the side! On the flip side, if you’re careful to get clear pictures and reassurance from the seller before making the journey, you can save even more money going further afield!

Items Purchased

I purchased two items after checking that they would both fit in my car (just!). The first was a dresser. I had been looking at these in Ikea. The cheapest one which didn’t just look like a boring set of drawers was $299. Before walking into Ikea I thought you could pick these things up for $100 or cheaper! After spending a few hours searching through Kijiji, I found someone who was leaving the country. These sales are always great as they are normally desperate to get rid of everything quickly! The dresser was brown (we were looking for white but I knew this wouldn’t be a problem). They were offering it for $40, I offered $10 and her counter offer was $20. We finished the dresser with a quick lick of white paint from Home Depot at a cost of $15 including brushes, sand paper and paint. The dresser had set me back at $35 (a total savings of $264). Shabby chique is in at the moment too, these pieces in vintage furniture shops can run up to $1,000+. You can see the finished product in the image below. Finding Your Furniture Bargains

The final purchase was a dining table. You can pick these up at Ikea for around $150. It was offered for $40 by a seller on I offered $10 and they accepted on the basis I could come and pick it up within a day. It was a large wooden dining table with enough room to fit at least six chairs. I would anticipate the savings on this to be at least $140. However, if you compare it to The Brick, Ashley’s Furniture store etc, the savings were probably at least $200+.

With just two items I managed to save over $400. It takes some learning and a bit of patience, but you can literally save a fortune on furniture over time using

(banner image credit: marc falardeau)

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December 31

Chuck E. Cheese Goodies

Posted by on December 31, 2010 at 8:00 AM

Chuck E. Cheese Goodies

Chuck E. Cheese’s features age appropriate games, rides, prizes, food and entertainment that children of all ages from toddlers to big kids will love. You can take your family there for dinner or for special occasions such as birthdays, play groups and school fundraising events.

We had my son’s birthday party there last year and the kids had a blast (ages 5 – 9).  He plans on having it again this year!  The kids played the arcade games and collected tickets that they later redeems for prizes.  The pizza was a hit with both the kids and the parents – which was a bonus.Here are some useful links for you:

I was pleasantly surprised after our visit there!

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September 24

SPC Card Double Discounts Day

Posted by on September 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM

SPC Card Double Discounts Day

Insert a rousing “high five”! There’s some serious savings for SPC Cardholders on 26 September 2009!

To whet your shopping appetite, here’s just a few of the deals to be had:

  • Bluenotes: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Esprit: 30% off regular and sale prices
  • Randy River: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Tip Top Tailors: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Urban Planet: 20% of regular and sale prices

I always wait to do my kids’ back-to-school shopping until this time – it gives them time to see “what’s cool” without buying all the wrong things (God forbid!) , and it saves me a lot of coin!!

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September 23

Canadian Coupons: Free Shipping with MAC Cosmetics, No Minimum Order

Posted by on September 23, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Canadian Coupons: Free Shipping with MAC Cosmetics, No Minimum OrderShopping on the Mac Cosmetics website is almost as drool-inducing as shopping in person! And until 27 September 2009, it won’t cost you any more to shop online!

So release your inner goth! Get back in touch with the 80′s!

  • Coupon code: BLACK or SHINE

As part of MAC’s “style black” campaign, they’re offering free shipping within Canada until 27 September 2009. There’s no minimum order required, just use the above free shipping code when placing your order online.

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September 23

PETA’s McCruelty Campaign Takes on McDonalds for Halloween!

Posted by on September 23, 2009 at 12:00 PM

PETAs McCruelty Campaign Takes on McDonalds for Halloween!I admit that I laughed when I first saw this website – the shock value of the Evil Ronald mask made me laugh. But … after I started watching the videos and reading the articles, the horror of it hit me all over again. I mean … this is a restaurant where we take our children!!

I don’t want to alienate our readers, and I’ve definitely taken my kids to McDs in the past, but I totally support the work PETA is doing to stop McDonalds cruelty to the chickens they use in their menu items.  A more humane way exists (controlled atmosphere killing-CAK) but McDonalds has long refused to use it.

(Please be aware that the info is very graphic and may disturb some people. Please use your discretion about what you choose to show your children.)PETAs McCruelty Campaign Takes on McDonalds for Halloween!

    Isn’t it far better to make an informed decision when you choose where to spend your dining dollars?

    If you choose to fill out the order form for the Evil Ronald kit, you’ll receive a pack that includes a limited-edition “Evil Ronald” mask, stickers, petitions and leaflets to help get the word out about McCruelty at school and around town, and more! Don’t forget to change your country to “Canada” when you fill out your address info. You’ll definitely get people around you talking!

    PETA also has many more age-appropriate and gentle video clips on their website to teach children all about caring for and loving animals, and stopping animal abuse.

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    September 23

    Aeropostale Coupon: Fall Fling 25% Off

    Posted by on September 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    Aeropostale Coupon: Fall Fling 25% Off

    From 24 September to 27 September 2009, there are two ways to save 25% (excluding clearance items) at Aeropostale during their Fall Fling:

    Click here to locate your nearest Aeropostale store.

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