January 27

Home Outfitters: 20% to 25% Off Printable Coupon

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Home Outfitters: 20% to 25% Off Printable Coupon

We haven’t blogged about Home Outfitters is a bit, so I thought we should feature this nice new printable coupon for them. Receive 25% off one regular-priced item when you pay with your HBC card, or receive 20% off when you pay with any other tender.

The coupon excludes All-Clad, Smart Buys, Saeco, Dyson, Le Creuset, Breville The Boss blender, and Jura. While I mourn the exclusion of Le Creuset (coated cast-iron rocks!), that leaves a million other brands to purchase with this printable coupon.

Home Outfitters was one of the places I had my wedding registry. From there, I had some items for my bathroom listed (shower curtain, toothbrush holder, matching cup, etc.) and items for the kitchen. Our Green Pan cookware set came from Home Outfitters as well as our bedding set, which has survived fairly well until now (the comforter now has a small tear in it). This coupon does not exclude any bedding, so find yourself a beautiful Nautica bed-in-a-bag set. That will get you a comforter, set of sheets, and pillowcases… all for 25% off (with your HBC card).

Speaking of bedding, sheets seem to be rather expensive these days for anything of quality. I should pop into my local Home Outfitters and see if they sell organic cotton sheets. If so, then this coupon is already used as my husband says we need another set in rotation!

I actually found the absolutely perfect waffle maker but did not buy it myself, only to never be able to find it again. It made six square waffles and the plates were removable. They also flipped over and had a grill on the other side. It was the best waffle maker but when you are planning a wedding, you just do not buy yourself a waffle maker. Unfortunately, I cannot find that exact model anymore. If I could find it again, I would use my 25% off printable coupon on that maker. I think it was by Cuisinart.

While this printable coupon does seem a bit limited as you can only use it on regular priced items, and only on one item, it really is a very good deal. Kitchen, bedding, and housewares tend to be expensive so 25% off something that costs a couple hundred dollars can be a rather large savings.

(Expiry: 5th February 2015)

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January 27

7 Inexpensive Ideas To Spoil Your Sweetie This Valentine’s Day

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7 Inexpensive Ideas To Spoil Your Sweetie This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and it is easy to let your pocketbook be caught in making some magic for Valentine’s Day. Receiving a dozen long stemmed roses or a piece of expensive jewelry is a lovely gesture and generally well appreciated but there are other ways to surprise your sweetie. Sometimes little gestures can mean just as much as the traditional expensive gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started in creating a fun day for your valentine.

Make Love Messages in the Snow

Grab your boots and coat and head outside early in the morning. You could also make your message the night before if there is no snow forecasted overnight. Then stomp out a heart or I love you message in the snow to your sweetie under their window. This is such a sweet gesture and does not cost anything except a little time. Alternatively, you could spread something colored on the snow such as rose petals or birdseed so your message is even clearer on the white snow. Another option if it snowed overnight and you park outside is to write the message on your sweetie’s car in the snow.

Grab A Coffee or Tea

This is one my hubby surprises me with once and a while and is always appreciated. He knows about my coffee addiction and will every now and then surprise me with my favourite coffee on his way home. Pick something your sweetie loves but may not order all the time for a real treat. For only a few bucks your sweetie will be impressed at your thoughtfulness. Just be careful not to drop the beverage on the way, ouch hot!

Go Ice Skating

Surprise your Valentine with a trip to a city rink and lace up your skates. Ice Skating is a great romantic couples date. If you are uncoordinated and wobbly, your sweetie help to keep you balanced. If you are a skating pro, hold hands as you enjoy the ice. Either way you are sure to have a few laughs and make some memories. If you do not already own a pair of skates consider borrowing a pair from a friend.

Bake or Make Your Sweetie a Treat

One year for Valentine’s Day I made my husband these inexpensive no-bake Oreo and raspberry cheesecakes in mason jars from Max and Me. This recipe made only 8 mini cheesecakes which was perfect to have one now and a few later. I do not typically make cheesecake at home so it was a big treat for him. The best part is it did not require much effort from me since they were no bake. The recipe calls for homemade whipped cream but I cut down on time with Cool Whip. We often will make homemade heart shape pizza for Valentine’s Day in our house and pair it with a movie night for a special treat. You can also go more traditional and make some heart cookies or other treats. Another fun idea would be to get a little flour on your nose, put on some cheesy music and decorate your treats together. If you are not the cooking type, stop by the bakery and pick up something tasty in a size just for two to enjoy over candles.

Print Some Photos

I have a ton of photos on my phone and 98% of them stay right there on my phone. The other 2% goes mostly to Facebook and other social sharing sites. It is likely your sweetie also has a phone full of photos that they only rarely look at. Grab some current photos and print them off. I am a fan of Costco’s printing for the combination of decent prices and good quality. Frame one or two for a simple and quick thoughtful gift. If you are ambitious and have a little more time, consider putting together a photo book or busting out the scissors and tape to make an old-fashioned collage. Whatever you choose, your Valentine will be thrilled at your thoughtfulness.

Clean The Car

This one is a bit more practical but very thoughtful. Steal your sweetie’s car and give it the full clean treatment. Wash the outside, clean the windows inside, wipe down the console and vacuum it. If it were me I would probably combine this gesture with something more romantic from above also, but a clean car is always appreciated. Leave a love note on the dash for an extra surprise when you are finished!

Top 10 List

Create a top 10 list of reasons why you love your sweetie and share it with them. This could include some of your favourite memories from over the course of your relationship. Also make sure to include qualities you love about your Valentine or nice things that they do to take care of you.” Need a place to start? Check out this list of “365 reasons why I love you” from Advicenators for inspiration.

For more great Valentine’s Day ideas check out this great post from Eva: 6 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special Without Spending A Cent.

Bargainmoosers what is your favourite way to treat your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?

Photo credit: Reno Tahoe

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January 27

Bench: BH Shia PU Jacket Was $159 | Now $39.99 & Shipping

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Bench: BH Shia PU Jacket Was $159 | Now $39.99 & Shipping

Bench Canada has just dropped a bunch of new products in their sale section with an extra 50% off all sale and clearance items. The men’s BH Shia PU Jacket immediately caught my eye as it was $159 and is now discounted to $79.99. In your cart, an extra 50% comes off the jacket bringing it down to just $39.99.

I must have got rather lucky finding this jacket as most sizes are still in stock. Choose from sizes small through XXL right now. The Shia Jacket is made of leatherette in a motorcycle style – no riding experience necessary. The jacket comes with an extended neck flap, which I honestly could not see in the pictures. The quilted interior will help keep you warm on cooler days while you are zipping around looking cool. Zippers around the cuffs allow for expansion. There are also two front slit pockets and a zippered device pocket on the inside at chest level.  Slip your iPhone in there to keep it from sneaking out of your outer pockets.

Overall, you are saving 75% on this jacket after the initial sale price and the extra discount in cart. This jacket deal is one of the best discounts that I found in the sale section. However, if this jacket is not your stile then you may want to check out some of your other options.

The Fullin Zip-through hooded jacket is your ultimate rain jacket on the go. When not in use, it folds up into the hood with a handle. Never be caught in a downpour again without proper protection. Originally $149, the jacket is on sale for $89.99. After adding the jacket to your cart, it comes down to $44.99.

The QuadrupleJup Hoody is the sweetest hybrid sweater you will ever find. The jacket combines wool, a windproof mid-layer, and fleece to create your new best friend for nearly any season. Originally $249.99, the jacket is on sale for $169.99. After adding it to your cart, the jacket comes down to $84.99.

There are many other wonderful deals for men and women in the Bench clearance section now. Have a look and let us know what you end up purchasing.

Shipping is a flat $9.95 if you were to buy just the faux leather jacket. Orders over $99 will ship for free from Bench Canada.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 27

Get Ready For Tax Season With 15% Off @ TurboTax Canada

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Get Ready For Tax Season With 15% Off @ TurboTax Canada

I hate to say it but tax season is coming up and if you’re not ready yet, then here’s a great opportunity to save some money on tax software. To help you do just that, we have secured a 15% discount for you to save on online editions of TurboTax by Intuit.

Every year, I tell myself that this year will be the year that I do my own taxes and every year, I end up waiting until the last second, thus falling into panic mode and then submitting all of my tax papers to an accountant.

This year, however, I really am considering cracking down on learning how to do it, especially since I have heard extremely positive feedback about TurboTax’s software. Heck, just the fact that their personal tax software over 17,000 reviews with a general consensus of 4.5/5 stars is reassuring enough. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about Turbo Tax:

This is the first time I have filed online and I found Turbo Tax easy to use. I did returns for me, my wife and three students in an afternoon.

It’s accurate and up to date with the most recent law changes but the biggest reason as to why I’m thinking of filing them myself this year is because of the new Family Tax Cut.

Back at the end of October 2014, Stephen Harper announced a “family tax cut” as he labelled it, which is essentially a non-refundable tax cut that allows one spouse to transfer up to $50,000 of taxable income to a spouse within a lower tax bracket for a tax credit of up to $2,000. With it, also come the following changes:

  • Child care deduction limit under age of 7: from $7,000 to $8,000
  • Child care deduction limit from 7-16 year old: from $4,000 to $5,000
  • Disability tax credit for eligible children: from $10,000 to $11,000
  • Universal Child Care benefit for a child under 6: from $100 to $160 per month
  • Universal Child Care Benefit for a child between 6-17 years old: from $0 to $60

Of course, the family tax cut doesn’t apply to all Canadian families but it’s still a nice relief for those who do qualify. For more information, check out Simple Tax’s article “Making sense of the family cut“, which lists a couple of scenarios and the kind of tax credit parents could expect to receive.

With this in mind, it’s definitely reassuring that TurboTax is up-to-date with regards to the new Family Tax Cut. Not only that, but it is also designed to optimize RRSP contributions and reduce tax owed by splitting the pension income with a partner.

With regards to TurboTax’s personal tax software, here is a breakdown of the prices that you can expect to see with the 15% discount:

  • Standard: reg. $17.99/ now $15.29
  • Premier with guidance: reg. $34.99/ now $29.74
  • Home & business: reg. $49.99/ now $42.49

TurboTax software is also available for businesses, family (with 20 returns) or CRA Audit Defence.

(Image Credit: Canadian Pacific)

(Expiry: 31st January 2015)


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January 27

B1G2 On All Sale Items @ Thyme Maternity Canada Right Now (4 Days Only)

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 6:45 PM

B1G2 On All Sale Items @ Thyme Maternity Canada Right Now (4 Days Only)

Will you be on the verge of popping soon? Then maternity clothes are in order, especially since Thyme Maternity has a fantastic offer right: buy one item and get 2 more for free but only in the sale section.

BOGO (buy one get one) offers are great and all but this one definitely takes the cake, especially since you get two items for free as opposed to just one. Just last week, Thyme Matenrity ran a “BOGO 40% off” offer, so this one definitely isn’t one you want to let slip through you’re fingers if you’re expecting of if you’re shopping for someone who is.

Speaking of which, when I was pregnant, a friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of maternity clothes for Christmas. I know Christmas is long over but the point is that if you’re shopping for a soon-to-be mama’s birthday or even baby shower, then a couple of new clothing options is a great idea, especially if she has been reluctant to shop for herself for fear of only wearing the clothes for a short while.

Nine months of pregnancy may not seem like much but boy, was I grateful to have my maternity jeans instead of regular pants! With this in mind, there are maternity pants on sale from $19.99 but the only drawback is that not all sizes are available. It seems that sizes in general in the sale section are selling like hot cakes, so definitely don’t delay in shopping as it will only get worse as the week draws to an end.

On top of maternity clothes, there are also a couple of nursing tops like the short sleeve striped top. It’s on sale for $29.99 (reg. $39) and features convenient access to the breasts.

If you’re not sure what to get, then the BellaBand is an absolute must-have. Although it doesn’t qualify for the B1G2 offer, it does, however, come with a “BOGO 40% off” promotion, which that if you buy one, then you can get the second one at a 40% discount. It’s available in either black or white, so you can pick one up in either colour. It’s also already on sale for $24 (reg. $30).

Shipping is free on orders over $99, otherwise a $7.50 shipping fee will apply.

(Image Credit: L. Andrew Bell)

(Expiry: 30th January 2015)

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January 27

Marvel Black Women’s Jacket Was $148 | Now $72 & Free Shipping @ Buffalo David Bitton Canada

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Marvel Black Womens Jacket Was $148 | Now $72 & Free Shipping @ Buffalo David Bitton Canada

Right now Buffalo David Bitton Canada Online has an additional 40% off already reduced merchandise. I took a browse through their selection and noticed lots of great deals, but the Marvel Jacket for women really stood out to me. This Black Marvel Jacket was originally $148 and is now on sale for $118.99, but while quantities last you can pay just $71.39. The additional 40% savings will be deducted at the check out process. You will even get free shipping.

This Marvel Jacket for women for just $71.39 from BuffaloJeans.ca is a trendy style that will go perfect with any outfit. Black is the only colour option available, but it looks like all sizes are still available for purchase. This jacket would look great with skinny jeans or your favourite pair of leather pants. I love the ribbing detail. The front and back panels are even quilted for extra style and warmth. I think this jacket is excellent for our coming spring weather.

This Marvel Buffalo David Bitton jacket looks like it can be dressed up or worn casually. To give you an idea of size, the model pictures is 5’10 with a 24″ waist and is wearing a size small. I am shorter but my waist is a few inches bigger, so I would probably go with a size medium for myself.

I am sure you can find some other items to complete your outfit during this Buffalo Jeans Canada sale. Just keep in mind that you won’t see the final discounted price until you are at the check out process. Not many items have all sizes available, so you may have to do some digging to get your perfect combination. Personally, I have way too much clothing thanks to Bargainmoose so I will stick with purchasing just the jacket.

You can even get free shipping, thanks to a coupon code found in our forum. Just enter the coupon code at the check out on BuffaloJeans.ca and you will see that your shipping charge will be discounted to free – with no minimum purchase.

  • Coupon code: FREESHIPJAN
  • Discount: free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Expiry: 31st January 2015

Free shipping from BuffaloJeans.ca is great, they would normally charge $9.99 for standard shipping, or you would not get free shipping unless you were to spend $99 after discounts.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 27

Take 50% Off Women’s Timberland Marcelin Boots for Just $70 @ Little Burgundy Canada

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Take 50% Off Womens Timberland Marcelin Boots for Just $70 @ Little Burgundy Canada

Yesterday Avigayil wrote about a great selection of Dr. Martens boots that are on sale for 50% off at LittleBurgundy.ca. If those boots were not your style,  you may prefer these Timberland Marcelin Boots which are also on sale for 50% off at Little Burgundy Canada. These Timberland Marcelin Boots were $140, but while supplies last you can pay just $70.

For some odd reason, Little Burgundy Canada always has their own name for footwear. These Timberland Marcelin Boots are otherwise known as Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof Boots. I thought perhaps these were the Earthkeepers boots, but I was wrong. There are four colours available, but the most popular “camel” colour is not on sale. The three colours available for $70 are brown, dark brown and midnight black. There are still many sizes available.

I looked at many other retailers to ensure that this is the lowest price around for these Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof Boots. Here is a quick look at the prices for these boots at other Canadian retailers:

These classic lace up boots will be worth the $70 you spend, that’s for sure. These boots will help you tackle all of the elements that come along with Canadian winters. These Timberland boots are lace up which might be a bit of a pain, but the fleece lining will keep you warm and the wonderful tread will keep your butt from hitting the cold hard ground. These boots can also fold down to show off the fleece if you are wanting to change up your style a little bit. I adore the look of these Timberland Teddy Fleece Waterproof boots paired with skinny jeans and the edge folded down.

Here is one of the customer reviews from the Little Burgundy Canada website:

I bought my Timberland Marcelin boots in grey with off-white fleece lining a few months ago for this winter season in Canada. So far, I love them. They are most definitely leak proof. They’re a great option for people with bigger calves or a high instep, because Sorel’s simply do not work for women with these requirements. I also have wide feet with high arches and Timberland boots are always true to size for me, and so comfortable. 

These shoes almost hit the total amount required to receive free shipping at LittleBurgundy.ca. If you spend $75 or more, you will get free shippingSo take a look for something else small to add to your cart, otherwise you will end up paying $5 for standard shipping costs. All Little Burgundy orders are shipped within 3 business days of completing your order.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 27

Nudy Patooty Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Discount

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Nudy Patooty Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Discount

I have introduced Nudy Patooty once before, where I mentioned they make bamboo undershirts for women with reinforced underarms. The reinforcement acts as a sweat barrier between you and your clothing to prevent staining and unsightly sweat marks on your clothing. Nudy Patooty has graced us with an exclusive coupon code for 15% off their entire website.

Click here to shop @ Nudy Patooty Canada now

  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE-15%
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: 14th February 2015

I own four of these shirts now, and every time I decide to wear my favourite dress shirt without one of these lovely bamboo shirts under it, I really regret it. Just this last Sunday, I went traipsing around Victoria in a blue and white stripped cotton dress shirt with no undershirt and now the underarms have that horrible yellowish tinge. It is going to take me ages to get that out. It is my fault really. The Cap Sleeve Undershirt is perfect for wearing under dress shirts. The light colour of the ‘nude’ does not stand out and the delicate lace trim at the top even looks cute if you have a few buttons open on your shirt. I own one of these and the fabric feels amazing against my skin. The material breathes and keeps me feeling dry and cool. One shirt costs about $48 US right now, but will come down to $40.80 US after coupon.

I own Nudy Patooty shirts in black and in nude, so I was excited to see a new colour option: white. As I mentioned before, I am eager to add the new Cropped Short Sleeve to my own collection and I would purchase it in white and maybe in black too. I love to wear my Nudy Patooty shirts to bed because they keep me comfortable all night. However, I do not like my stomach covered. I think the cropped shirt sleeve will be the perfect top for me to sleep in at night as it will still give me the coverage I desire over my chest and the sweat protection I need, yet it will not ride up on my stomach. The shirt retails for $44 US, but comes down to $37.40 US after coupon.

All Nudy Patooty shirts are made in Canada so you are supporting local manufacturing. Orders of $100 US or more will ship free but orders under that minimum cost $12 US to ship. All billing is, unfortunately, in USD.

For this and future Nudy Patooty coupon codes, visit our forum.

Nudy Patooty Coupon Code: Exclusive 15% Discount

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January 27

Walmart Canada: Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll Only $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 3:18 PM

Walmart Canada: Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll Only $15 & Free Shipping

Whenever I see a Monster High Doll for under $20, I start to drool. I just ran into this Monster High Scaris Werecat Doll on sale for $15 at Walmart. As with all items at Walmart Canada, the doll qualifies for free shipping.

While the original price for this doll is not listed on Walmart, it is near impossible to find her reasonably priced anywhere else. I found the doll for $56 at aliexpress.com. On eBay.ca, the cheapest price I could find was $24.86 plus $21.83 shipping. Secondary sellers on Amazon Canada start at $40.82 plus shipping costs. None of the usual retailers has the doll in stock, and it is quickly becoming a very expensive piece to acquire.

For a more reasonable price comparison, I looked at Amazon.com. They sell the doll for $21.47 US though you cannot import it into Canada. Many of the commenters mention buying this doll through ‘scalpers’ – essentially people who buy up these dolls and sell them at exorbitant prices. As this doll was exclusive to the Scaris collection, she was highly sought after and many people paid mark up prices to purchase her. One commenter said:

Please do not pay scalper prices for these dolls unless they aren’t sold anymore. I bought this doll for $19.97 at Walmart this morning. I am so excited, I will be giving this to my daughter for Valentine’s day.

This may be your last chance to purchase this doll at a great price, so do not miss out! I might just have to pick her up as a companion to my Elissabat.

The Monster High Scaris Werecat doll is Catrine DeMew and she comes with a fashionable outfit, jewellery, what looks to be a purse, travel journal, stand, and hairbrush. Catrine DeMew is the daughter of a Werecat and she is a fun new addition to the Monster high universe. Many reviewers love her makeup, her hair, and her adorable ears. i think her outfit is just precious with how it matches her hair so well.

If you are in the mood for more great Monster high deals, check out the Monster High 13 Wishes Party Room and Doll on sale from $54.94 down to $30. In addition, the Colour Me Creepy Design Chamber is still available. Both make lovely gifts for yourself or your monster loving kids.

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January 27

50% Off All Women’s Clothing @ Mango.com

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM

50% Off All Women’s Clothing @ Mango.com

Mango is having a site wide sale with 50% off everything for women. This sale includes jackets from $50- $100, purses, jeans, pants and much more. The only exclusion is new arrivals in this sale. Spend $100 and you will qualify for free shipping.

The weather is still wicked cold here and my old trusty jacket does not seem to cut the wind these days. I always seem to wait a long time before purchasing a new jacket, as I am fussy about style. Your jacket gets a lot of use in Canada so I want to make sure any jackets I purchase has style for all different occasions, as well as durability for the weather. My friend pointed me in the direction of Mango, a mostly Europe based boutique that has one Canadian location in Quebec. Luckily they ship all over Canada so you can get the style and deals too.

I love everything about this Foldable Feather Down Jacket, which was $109.95 now only $54.95. If you are a traveler, this is a great jacket to keep with you. Lightweight and durable, this jacket folds into a small pouch that easily slides into your carry on as you travel between different climates. I also love that it has an asymmetrical zipper, is water repellant and has those cool notched lapels. This one unfortunately only comes in a size small, which will not fit me. You may be able to hear my tears through the computer, as I really like this jacket. If it fits you, it may be your lucky day. You can also check out this Foldable Water Repellent Jacket, which was $129.95 now $59.95, if you are a traveler looking for a packable coat. It comes with a hood and has larger size range available.

I like this Feather Long Down Coat, which was $209.95 now $99.95. This three-toggle button jacket filled with soft fluffy down to keep you warm as it also has zips and snaps to ensure that coat stays closed. It includes a detachable hood with a faux fur edge. I prefer a coat with a hood so if I get stuck on a windy day without a hat, I can pull it up. This coat seems durable and stylish. It should also slip easily between casual and dressier events.

Grab a little more edge for your style with this Faux Shearling Biker Jacket,  which was $129.95 now $59.95. This jacket has spotty sizing also coming in size extra small or large. This jacket has lots of style and includes a faux fur neck with snap buttons. I love the asymmetrical zipper on this coat also. It gives this jacket a little something extra. This jacket is made of synthetic materials but looks very high quality. I would have assumed it was leather without reading the description.

There are lots of other items on sale at Mango, so make sure you poke around. I see some great handbags for $50 that could do double duty for spring, as well as slim cut jeans for around $25 if you are looking for other items to top off your cart. Kids, men’s and curve items are also on sale 30% off throughout the site except new arrivals.

Free shipping is available for a $100 purchase or more. If you purchase a few items, you should easily achieve free shipping. Mango also offers free returns if you are debating whether to take the plunge with this company. My friend also assures me she has never been charged duty with this company even though most of the retail locations are out of Europe.

I was skeptical so I called to verify and the customer service rep said there is no additional duty taxes upon arrival. There is still a chance there could be additional fees at the door as they are shipping from their warehouses in the US and Barcelona, Spain. I would take my chances after confirming for these fab jackets, but the choice is yours to make.  The rep also said that their is a flat rate $10 shipping fee for most orders under $100 within Canada, with the exclusions being remote locations. I tested it out in my cart with a fab pair of pants and had success with receiving $10 shipping all the way up to purchase point.

Bargainmoosers what kind of style are you looking for in your jackets?

(Expiry: unknown)

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January 27

NCIX Canada Promo Code: JBL Sound Bar With Wireless SubWoofer Was $700 | Now $400

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 1:55 PM

NCIX Canada Promo Code: JBL Sound Bar With Wireless SubWoofer Was $700 | Now $400

NCIX has a hot deal on today with the JBL SB400 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. Regularly $699.99, use the coupon code to get $300 off and pay only $399.99.

Click here to shop @ NCIX.com now

  • Coupon Code: JBLSAVE300
  • Discount: $300 off
  • Expiry: Unknown

With pretty much everything you’d want from a sound system, the Cinema SB400 lets you watch movies and listen to music with gorgeous sound quality. I’ll let you read all about the specs – from full bass control to dual-position equalization, because I honestly have no idea what all of this means. I’ll let the audiophiles figure it out!

What I will tell you is that this is a fantastic deal, as I could only find this priced at $699 at every other store. So, when I say you save $300, you really do save $300 on the regular price of this unit at all online retailers in Canada.

Best Buy sells it for $699.99. Amazon has it on sale for $704.98. Electronics For Less sells it for $749.99. I even did a little research on sales on this item previously and it was on for a Boxing Day sale for $500, so this price is seriously good!

While NCIX doesn’t have any reviews listed, I found a few tidbits on Amazon that I will share with you:

From an aesthetic view, the bar and sub combo is simply gorgeous. The bar features a design gently curving back on its ends. The top adorned quite minimalistly with a few buttons for things such as power, volume, inputs and bluetooth pairing.

Considering there are no options to adjust the levels, you are at the mercy of what the engineers at JBL designed for the system. Let me tell you: wow. The sound is incredible. At low volume (20%), the sound is loud, powerful, clear and vibrant.

I was giggling a bit about a reviewer who said that a neighbour had somehow paired to this device through Bluetooth and he woke up to blaring rap music. Do your research about how to not have this happen to you, unless you want to discover your neighbour’s favourites!

Shipping depends on where you live and to me it was about $18, which is pretty steep, but still worth it for the savings you get. Be sure to check out the other coupon codes now available for NCIX.

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January 27

Shop.ca: Monster Superstar Speaker Only $89.99

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Shop.ca: Monster Superstar Speaker Only $89.99

Shop.ca has the lowest price on these well-loved Monster Superstar Speakers. Currently $99.99 at Shop.ca, the speakers come down to $89.99 after our exclusive $10 off coupon code BARGAINMOOSE10OFF50. You will also receive free shipping on all orders at Shop.ca.

I actually found this deal when price comparing at Future Shop. This same speaker retails for $139.99 at Future Shop and Best Buy, but is currently on sale for $99.99 at both those retailers. I thought that was a very nice deal, especially with the rave reviews this speaker receives, thus I started price comparing. While Shop.ca matches the sale price, our exclusive coupon makes the deal better at Shop.ca than at the retail twins. I also found this speaker for the following prices at other retailers:

  • $117.99 + $8.39 shipping @ Newegg.ca
  • $139.95 @ Chapters Indigo Canada
  • $139.99 @ The Source Canada
  • $139.95 @ Staples Canada

This little unit is an ultra-compact speaker with a built-in mic with noise cancellation for hands free calling and conferencing. The superstar is compatible not only for streaming music but also for handling pairing with your smart phone for calls. If your device is not Bluetooth compatible, there is the option to plug in using the 3.5mm aux line out. However, these days most laptops, tablets, and phones come with Bluetooth so pairing is simple. The body is splash resistant so you can take it near the pool but do not let it go for a swim.

The reviews are very positive for the unit. The positives focus on huge sound from a very small unit. They like how you can stick the speaker in your pocket and go anywhere with it. Some reviewers mention slight distortion at the higher volume levels and some static if you have other devices around that are interfering. One reviewer says:

I’ve had this speaker for over six months and I love it! It pairs easily with my laptop or phone, and fits into my pocket. I have a party in my pocket! Fills up a room or even a sidewalk, especially if it’s positioned a few inches in front of a wall or some other backing, to reflect the sound.

I like the idea of using your environment to help boost the sound – it is smart. I think this is a great buy and a solid unit, with free shipping too!

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January 27

Best Buy Canada: Baby Bjorn Active Front Carrier Was $180 | Now $70

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 9:41 AM

Best Buy Canada: Baby Bjorn Active Front Carrier Was $180 | Now $70

If you are looking for a hot deal that is going to sell out quickly and you’ve got a new parent to buy for or are a new parent, check out this deal at Best Buy. Get the Baby Bjorn Active front carrier for $69.99, with a regular price of $179.99, and you’ll also get free shipping.

I’ve blogged about Baby Bjorn a few times when it has gone on sale at Best Buy, but the price has never been this low.

Baby Bjorn carriers are life-savers. When you have a newborn, you feel like all you do is sit on the couch and hold the baby, or walk the room while holding the baby. The baby loves to be held. You probably wonder how anyone gets anything done while holding a baby. Simple answer – they don’t. This is where the carrier comes in to play. You can do your dishes, make your dinner, do your grocery shopping, even vacuum your house with your baby in the carrier. It will be quite a workout, but think about all the post-baby weight you’ll lose lugging around an extra 10-20 pounds on your body each day.

I loved taking my toddlers for walks in the stroller, while carrying the baby in the carrier. I also liked to do groceries with him in the carrier as he got to see so much more than he would have in his car seat. I remember him kicking his pudgy legs when I’d hand him an orange to hold.

This carrier is a bit different from the basic one I had, as it includes lumbar support. I would have loved that as I have a weak back and it would have helped a lot.

It says there are limited quantities so I wouldn’t wait to get this as it could sell out quickly. The sale is also today only. Because it is over $25, it will ship to you for free.

Photo credit: Jlaceda

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January 27

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Was $146 | Now $52 + Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 9:15 AM

Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Was $146 | Now $52 + Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Cleaning can be a drag with a heavy vacuum. Check out the Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum and get the job done quickly and painlessly. This bagless vacuum was $145.59 but is now only $52.21 @Amazon.ca. To sweeten the deal, this item qualifies for free shipping.

I am not a vacuum expert. I do however know a thing or two about cleaning up messes. My preschooler keeps me well on my toes making sure there are plenty of crumbs and dirt to clean. Please do not look under my kitchen table. Yesterday I think I saw a half-eaten snow pea trying to attack my cat.

I try to avoid the problem for the poor cat by running the vacuum regularly, especially on the main floor. I have a Dyson vacuum at my house. The vacuum does the job however rarely does it make it up to the second floor. The stairs only see the vacuum around four to six times a year. Part of my reluctance bringing my vacuum upstairs is the weight. Imagine lugging a big clunky vacuum up the stairs while the preschooler and the cat attempt to run circles around you. Sounds like a fun afternoon at the hospital.

I have been intending to buy a vacuum that is lighter in weight. One of the main complaints lightweight and stick vacuums have is often inadequate suction. This Dirt Devil vacuum seems to provide the suction necessary for small spaces and quick cleaning. It has a HEPA filter, which is always on my list for a good vacuum. Several consumers have mentioned they use their vacuum on multiple surfaces such as hard wood and vinyl in the Q&A. Having a vacuum that works on multiple surfaces is also important to me for under my kitchen table.

I did a little price snooping and only found this particular model @ Staples.ca for $89.94. My guess is that because this model is light and somewhat compact, it is a great vacuum for an office environment also. I also found a similar model, the Dirt Devil Dynamite Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum at Homedepot.ca for $79.99. The Home Depot model is similar though it does not include a hepa filter. The Home Depot model also specifically mentions a mode for cleaning hard wood.

Reviews seem to be pretty good overall with most reviewers on Amazon giving it four or five stars.

Surprisingly a good little “sucker”.

Another happy reviewer liked this vacuum for small cleaning jobs.

Easy to assemble, and store away because it is smaller. It is also pretty powerful suction wise for the small jobs I need so it is good very so far!

One or two reviewers have complained about the loudness or the length of the cord. Most reviewers overall seem happy with this vacuum for taking care of small jobs. I would say if you are looking for a quick cleanup vacuum for little messes, this Dirt Devil is a good pick. I would use this Dirt Devil as part of my daily cleaning routine. I might pull out a bigger vacuum to clean up that container of rice my preschooler just spilled on the floor.

Bargainmoosers what cleaning item is essential to your household?

(Image Credit: Nicole Albertini)

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January 27

WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Playset Only $20 @ Toys R Us Canada

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 7:00 AM

WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Playset Only $20 @ Toys R Us Canada

I grew up with two brothers who were obsessed with WWE and wrestling. I couldn’t tell you how annoying it was to be wrestled to the floor constantly or to hear them wrestling all the time. I wish they had some sort of WWE playset back then. Right now, Toys R Us Canada has a great deal online on the WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Playset. Instead of paying the regular price which was $40, you will pay just $19.98. 

The WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Playset for just $19.98 at ToysRUs.ca is sure to occupy any little boy between the ages of 5 and 10. This playset includes the wrestling ring, super-structure, movable match start module, ladder, Money in the Bank briefcase and a Power Slammer figure. Unfortunately you will need to purchase another Power Slammer figure or wrestler to really make it a wrestling match. WWW Superstar Action Figure Triple H is just $12.98.

I wanted to make sure that this was the absolute lowest price you could find on this toy, so I took a look at what other retailers are selling this WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Playset for. This playset was $50 but is now on sale for $23 Amazon.caEven at the price of $22 at Amazon, stock is already low and you won’t get free shipping either (unless you spend $25). You can also find this WWE playset for $30 Walmart.ca.

There are a few excellent reviews on the Walmart website for this product, but no reviews on ToysRUs.ca yet. So far it looks like this toy is a great way to contain the excitement of wrestling. Teach your boys to wrestle with the playset instead of each other to save things from breaking within the house. I know it is hard to find things to occupy the children during these cold, Winter months.

You could also get free shipping if you spend $25 or more at Toys R Us Canada online, so add something small to your cart to benefit from that. Free shipping from Toys R Us is great considering their regular shipping charge is $7.73. So really, it makes sense to add another wrestler for $12 rather than pay the shipping fees. If you can’t find anything else to add to your Toys R Us shopping cart, you can always opt for free in-store pickup.

Did any of you Moosers have to tolerate wrestling obsessed siblings?

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