September 21

Babies R Us Canada: $100 Off Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller – Now $230

Posted by on September 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Babies R Us Canada: $100 Off Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller   Now $230

Boy am I jealous of this stroller, not only because of the price but because of all the perks! The Contours Options LT tandem stroller is currently on sale for just $229.97 at Toys R Us, which is a $100 discount from its original price of $329.99 (30% off).

Although I currently only have one baby, I’m definitely super jealous of this stroller deal because it certainly looks like a really great stroller. Available in either black or crimson red, it folds away easily and can accommodate children up to 80 lbs (up to 40 lbs per seat).

The Contours Options LT tandem stroller doesn’t have the word “options” in its name for nothing as it actually has the following 6 seating options: with both children facing you, facing each other, facing forward, used with almost any cart seat or with just the front seat. Certainly very impressive, especially when you consider the fact that at its discounted price, this nifty stroller is actually the cheapest tandem stroller available at Toys R Us right now. The Baby Trend sit n stand eclipse double stroller is $269.99 but despite being a popular choice, doesn’t boast nearly as many seating options as the Contours Options one. In fact, it really only feature two options: the standard one of both children facing forward or the possibility to add a car seat.

Comparing prices with other major retailers also showed me that $230 is definitely the cheapest price you can expect to pay for it right now. has it in a valencia colour for $309.99, while Sears has the red one for $280.49.

Looking at Toys R Us’ pictures of this stroller, I didn’t expect it to have as much storage space as it does, especially with how easily it folds away but if you look at the picture above, it actually has a considerable amount of space, even with a car seat and infant seat attached. That’s definitely a major bonus for grocery shopping as you can’t exactly wield a shopping cart at the same time as the stroller, especially if you decide to take a stroll to the grocery store.

Another major plus that you’re sure to not regret are the two cup holders. My stroller has cup holders as well and given that I’m a coffee addict, I’m extremely relieved each time that I can simply pop my Tim Hortons cup or home-brewed coffee filled tumbler directly into one of the holders. And since there are two of them just like on this stroller, hubby also gets to use one for his own drink!

Shipping is at a flat rate of $30 for this stroller but a $10 discount will automatically be deduced at checkout, which means that you will only be faced with a $20 shipping charge.

(Expiry: Abigail Batchelder)

(Expiry: 25th September 2014)

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September 20

Coupon Codes for Dell, Lancome, Dominos Cheap O Air & Many More

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Coupon Codes for Dell, Lancome, Dominos Cheap O Air & Many More


Using promo codes at stores while shopping is one of the best ways you save money while you are shopping online.  For this reason, it is best to always check which coupons will give you that little extra cash in your pocket before making purchases online.

This week, we have a great variety of Canadian coupon codes that will save you money for clothing, entertainment, electronics and much more.

Here is a look at just a few of the coupons you will see this week:

Dell Canada - In total, we have 12 different coupons posted this week that will save you between $10 and $100 on products for a limited time only. - Save 20% on sweaters & hoodies with this coupon 20HS.  There is no expiry date listed so it could end at any time.

Olive Garden - Get a free kids meal with purchase of an adult meal with this coupon KEF1 until September 25th.

CheapOair - Any of the 21 coupons posted will save you up to $100 on flights for a limited time only.

Teleflora - Save the $14.99 service fee with the coupon EMP0917B until September 30th.

Nail Polish Canada - Save 10% on all makeup products with this coupon MAKEUP10 until September 23rd.

Baby Joy - Use the coupon LEGWARMERS10 and save 10% on all leg warmers until September 28th.

Pangea Organics - Get a free full sized bottle of Italian White Sage body wash on $50+ with this coupon 3bodywash for a limited time only.

Lancome Canada - Free Bright Expert gift set on orders over $50 and the coupon SKINCARE for a limited time only.

Dominos - Use any of the 14 coupons to save money on your pizza take out orders for a limited time only.

As you can see, there is a pretty huge range of the type of coupon codes you will find on the Bargainmoose coupon forum for online shopping.  The closer to the holidays we get, the more coupons you will see available for shopping.

I am excited to use the Olive Garden one for take out next week! What coupons are you excited about Moosers?

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September 20

Monkey Island “Talk Like A Pirate Deals” 75% off @ Steam (PC Games)

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Monkey Island “Talk Like A Pirate Deals” 75% off @ Steam (PC Games)

One of my all-time favourite point and click gaming adventures is the Monkey Island series. AAAAAAAArrrrrrrr! And just now, there’s a special deal happening to celebrate “talk like a pirate day” (which was yesterday), in which Steam are offering a 75% discount on some of the individual Monkey Island games or bundles.  Here’s the info:

If you’ve never played Monkey Island before, then you might want to start your foray into the gaming world with some of the individual games:

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for $2.50: This is the first game in the series and it’s just fantastic. I still remember how many days I lost just clicking around trying to solve the puzzles therein. There were also plenty of puns and chuckles peppered throughout, which make the game such fun. In watching the screenshots on the above Steam page, I’m instantly reminded of playing through those scenes in the game.

Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge for $2.50: I played this one a long time ago, as well. The spitting contest really stands out in my mind as I found it a very difficult puzzle to get through.

But Steam also have some discounted prices on the bundles too:

The Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle is priced at only $3.75: The special edition bundle includes the two games mentioned above, so it’s a discounted price if you are interested in trying out both games.

The Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack is $8.75 (was $34.99): the complete pack is a later-released version of the game series, from 2009. I believe I have this one in my Steam account too, but I haven’t yet gotten round to completing the series. This set contains the 5 chapters of this game.

My opinion: if you’ve got a PC, some free time on your hands, and you like humour and puzzles, grab the Monkey Island games. Even if you’ve played them before, they’re a blast from the past and a great way to spend some retro gaming time.

(Expires: 21st September 2014)

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September 20

EvyMama Canada: M Coat Now Just $425

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 4:30 PM

EvyMama Canada: M Coat Now Just $425

Winter is fast approaching but if you’re pregnant or have a baby, then you’re going to need a coat! The M Coat is currently on sale for $425 at EvyMama, down from the original retail price of $480.

All of you mommies and mommy-to-be’s are probably thinking: “why the heck would I buy this M coat, especially since the sale on it isn’t even the biggest”. Granted, the discount only amounts to about 12% off the original price but given that there is no other coat like it and almost everywhere else, it’s available for its $480 full price, I figured it was worth a mention here. The cheapest I found it anywhere else is at Ella Bella for $450 but their sizes are currently very limited.

When I was pregnant last winter, I wore my Canada Goose jacket for as long as I could but eventually, my belly got to be so big, that I had to improvise something because I obviously needed to stay warm but I didn’t want to shell out useless bucks on a coat that I would never wear again due to it being too big the following winter. I definitely wish I would have known about the M Coat because it can be used during pregnancy, as a baby carrier and even as a normal coat.

I purchased this jacket before my daughter was born & used it while pregnant. After she was born (in freezing cold January), I carried her everywhere in a sling inside my jacket. Even on the coldest day this winter, we went for a walk in it together…and she’s now over 2 years old! I wear it without her in it now too as an everyday winter jacket with the tie around the waist. Totally worth the money!

I definitely love that this coat can also be used as a baby carrier. I can’t speak from experience just yet but I can just imagine having to trek around in the snow with a stroller and I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Plus, you can use this coat to take your baby on plenty of winter activities (as long as the weather permits of course), like walking outside, visiting the sugar shack, etc.

Since EvyMama ships orders over $300 for free, you’re also sure to get this coat shipped free.

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September 20

Get a Shop.Ca Coupon: $20 off $50 (Facebook)

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Get a Shop.Ca Coupon: $20 off $50 (Facebook)

As many of you will have noticed lately, there seem to be more and more special offers happening through the Facebook platform… where companies are using their Facebook pages to grow their social following and to distribute offers to their audiences. That’s just what is happening on the Facebook page right now, where they are offering a free coupon code for a $20 discount on a $50 spend – that’s a pretty decent discount amount!

Firstly, you’ll need to click “like” on the Facebook page, add your details to the form, and they will then show you a unique 18 digit promo code once you have clicked “get promo code.” You can use this promo code as you are going through the checkout at and you will see your discount appear. My code was in the form of “SPC1234567C1234567” and it expires on the 31st December 2014, so a good length of time left to make use of the code. Claim it now, then save it for your next purchase.

The Facebook page above states that the $20 off $50 is for new accounts only. However, when I tried the coupon code on my existing account from which I have already made a number of purchases, the coupon code worked a treat. Everything on has free shipping too!

Yesterday, Eva wrote about the current deal on girl’s EMU boots here, that’s something you might wish to consider using your coupon code upon.

I recently made a few purchases on One of the items I treated myself to was this pair of women’s canvas sneakers with ghost pattern, for $47.99 – aren’t they cute!? They’re super comfy as long as I am wearing those teeny tiny ankle socks underneath. I found that if I try and wear these without socks, the shoes cut in to the back of my ankles. But I think they look fab with a pair of jeans.

(Expiry 31st December 2014)

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September 20

Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Samkove Tall Boots + Extra 10% Off

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Samkove Tall Boots + Extra 10% OffGet ready for the fall season with a brand spankin’ new pair of boots! The Samkove tall boots are currently on sale at Globo Shoes for $40 (reg. $79.99) and you can save an additional 10% off with the Globo Shoes coupon code: GLOBAL2014. and get them for just $36.

These are definitely my kind of boots. I’m not the biggest of fan of fall boots that are uncomfortable to wear but heels like this one are typically very easy to rock. I love wearing skinny jeans and an oversized sweater in the fall, so these boots would fit right into my style. They’re available in sizes 8 through 11. Although I typically prefer my boots to be made of leather, but at just $36, I’m definitely not complaining that these aren’t. Personally, I would total rock these when taking public transportation and keep my good leather ones for more special occasions! Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Samkove Tall Boots + Extra 10% Off

If you want an UGG-looking boots without shelling out big money for that brand, then check out the Sebor boots. Very similar in appearance to UGGs, they come down to just $36 as well with the code above from a $40 sale price. Made of suede with a fully lined interior and a low heel, hey originally retailed for $79.99. They’re also available in either cognac or black but if you may want to go with the former if you are replicating the iconic UGG bots. Globo Shoes Canada: 50% Off Samkove Tall Boots + Extra 10% Off

Even better is that the Globo Shoes promo code mentioned above is also applicable site wide. There are plenty more boots, sandals, shoes and even purses to choose from in the sale and clearance sections if you want to save even more off the original price. By now, the school semester should already have started for most but if you’re still looking for a good backpack, then the Meina Jansport backpack is on clearance for just $20 (reg. $39.99). Only available in a fushia (pink) colour, it’s a regular-looking Jansport backpack with the exception that it’s slightly more rectangular in shape. Other than that, it does also have the typical frontal pocket that all Jansport bags have, but it doesn’t have any additional pockets on the inside. I do, however, like that the inside seems to be lined with a kind of felt material even though the description makes no mention of it.

Shipping is free on orders over $50.

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September 20

Sears Portrait Studio Printable Coupon: 6 Free Portraits

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Sears Portrait Studio Printable Coupon: 6 Free Portraits

With the holidays fast approaching, Sears Portrait Canada has offered us a new printable coupon to take advantage of. Get six free portraits and your session fee waived with no purchase necessary for a limited time only.

Here is what you will get with this printable coupon:

  • One 10×13 wall portrait print
  • One 5×7 print
  • Four wallet sized prints

Additionally, the session fee will be free. Normally you would need to spend $14.99 for the session fee alone. The total value of this package deal is $64.95 but it will be absolutely free with this printable coupon.  Of course they will try to get you to purchase more prints but there is zero obligation to do so.  You can set up your session for free, get your free prints and not buy anything else.

If you do want more prints than those provided, I suggest that you just go to a kiosk and copy the ones you want. It is much more affordable than getting them in a package.

The photographer will take multiple pictures with different set-ups and poses.  For all of them, you will be able to choose one pose for the total package.  You will also have your choice of photogenic effects which is a nice little bonus.

One of the best gifts we have given my parents were some beautiful family pictures.  They loved the pictures and started asking for them almost every single year for Christmas.  If we were to use this printable coupon, I could literally get pictures taken of my boys and give them to all of the grandparents for Christmas.  It would make a very personalized and meaningful Christmas gift for them and it would be absolutely free.  It is a perfect idea for a family on a budget. You could even buy a nice inexpensive frame and give it as a gift that way.

I have used coupons like this one for Sears Portrait Studio in the past and I was always very happy with the way the photographs turned out.  To guarantee your session, it is always best to call ahead and book an appointment as the closer to the holidays we get, the busier they are.

We will have all other Sears Portrait coupons posted on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)

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September 20

Old Navy Canada Baby Sale: 40% Off Onesies, Pyjamas, Bottoms, & More!

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Old Navy Canada Baby Sale: 40% Off Onesies, Pyjamas, Bottoms, & More!

Are you having a lazy Saturday afternoon? Even if you’re not, then have a look at Old Navy’s Baby Sale because there are plenty of super cute onesies, pyjamas, bottoms and much more for you to save 40% on!

Ever since having a baby, I have been on a crazy shopping spree for cute onesies but only problem is that they end up being quite pricey. As such, I plan on stocking up on cute onesies during Old Navy’s Baby Sale because they’re as long as $5.50 (reg. $9.94). My baby loves anything with hearts, or should I say, I love putting her into anything with hearts and I absolutely adore the long-sleeved bodysuit with tiny hearts. It’s pink with little brown hearts and let’s just say, it’s already in my shopping cart! Other cute ones include sayings like

  • One.
  • Très cute
  • If the crown fits
  • It’s okay to state, I know I’m cute

Arguably, boots for babies are somewhat impractical but in what they lack in actual usefulness, they make up in adorableness, especially when everyone “oohs” and “aahs” at how cute your little treasure looks. The cozy boots in either leopard, silver or basswood brown would definitely be a great compliment to any outfit, especially since they’re on sale for a meer $8.50 instead of their original price of $14.04, which actually puts them at a 43% discount.

For boys between the ages of 1 and 5 years, I also spotted the hooded canvas jacket down in price to just $29.50 (reg. $49.94). It would be absolutely perfect for this fall and even this winter as it’s 100% cotton and comes with a faux-fur hoodie. It also has a jersey lining to keep your little man extra warm and snuggly as the celsius begins to drop. As an added detail, the sleeve cuffs and the hem are also elasticized to make sure that no cold wind creeps in or even that no snow gets in when your little one decides to dive into a giant snow pile!

As usual, shipping is free on all orders over $50. If your order doesn’t meet that minimum, then you will be charged a flat $8 shipping fee, so I definitely suggest you avoid it by shopping for over $50.

There are plenty more baby items (and even some picks for toddlers) to choose from, so hurry and shop before this deal ends. There are bottoms and layettes from $5, tops and bodysuits from $5.50, one-pieces from $8.50, sleep sets from $10 and much more. Let us know in the comments section what you find!

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September 20

Logitech C615 HD Webcam Only $39.50 @ Henrys (+ Shipping or Free Collection)

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 2:26 PM

Logitech C615 HD Webcam Only $39.50 @ Henrys (+ Shipping or Free Collection)

Need a new webcam? There’s a deal happening at Henry’s now which you might want to take advantage of, it’s both online and in-store. You can pick up one of the Logitech C615 HD Webcams which were $90, they’re now down to only $39.50, that’s a saving of more than $50.

Quick Spec

  • Full HD 1080p Video
  • HD 720p video calls
  • 8 MP Snapshots

Shipping Facts

First of all, I need to explain the shipping versus collection aspect of this deal. If you click the link above and order this item on its own, for shipping to your home, you’re going to pay a $9.95 shipping fee which is a little steep. The final price of the webcam will be around $50 plus taxes. However, you can order it online and collect it for free at a store near you – this could be a handy feature and it saves you ten bucks in shipping fees. The third option is to make your order up to $99 or more – then you will get free shipping. Consider that!

Price Comparing

As for a price comparison with other Canadian online retailers, this is the best price I can find anywhere! Most stores such as Staples, Walmart and Canada computers have the Logitech C615 HD Webcam for around $80. The closest I can find in price to the Henrys price above is $57.38 and free shipping from DirectCanada. So, if you’re able to collect it at your local Henrys store or make your online order up to the $100 value for free shipping, then the $40 price tag on the C615 is really great, compared to these other stores. Don’t buy this camera from Office Depot… it’s $249 there!!


The glass on my webcam recently cracked and I needed to order a new one. I’ve always been a fan of Logitech devices anyway, so I switched from Microsoft over to a Logitech which is pretty similar to the one above, I have the C920. I believe it’s a slightly higher spec than the C615, but it’s quite similar. I’m very happy with mine! I found some consumer reviews of the C615 on, and it has 77% five star ratings. Here’s a quick example:

Small, easy to use, decent picture, does what I need it to do.

That sounds just about right!!

(Expiry unknown)

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September 20

Photolab Coupon Code: Buy 1 Photobook, Get 1 For 80% Off

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Photolab Coupon Code: Buy 1 Photobook, Get 1 For 80% Off

Here’s an ideal offer if you need a couple of photobooks sometime soon. If you buy any regular priced photobook from, you can use this coupon code to get another for 80% off!

Click here to use the Photolab coupon code online

  • Coupon Code: FALLBOGO
  • Discount: Buy 1 get 1 for 80% off
  • Expires: Unknown

NOTE: coupon code only applies to the base price of the book and does not apply to additional pages.

The last time I wrote about a deal similar to this, it was Buy 1 Get 1 For 50% off here, so we’ve gotten a slightly better offer this time. I’ve tested this coupon code in my shopping cart and you can see the results here:

Photolab Coupon Code: Buy 1 Photobook, Get 1 For 80% Off

As you can see, I’m buying one photo book for $46. The second book drops to only $9.20! Technically, this is working out at $27.60 per photobook.

In testing, I also noticed that the coupon code applies on ANY multiples of two. So, say you buy four photobooks, you’d be getting two of them at 80% discount, and so on. This deal is particularly handy if you want to make a larger order, perhaps making lots of gifts for friends and family members. For example last year, my sister ordered quite a few copies of a particular photobook which she’d made after her wedding, to go out to various family members. This type of offer would have been ideal, as it works out really well with the multiple book discount.

There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, I’ve just grabbed one example in the above screenshot so you can see what I mean. The coupon code should apply to all shapes and sizes.


If you want to get the photobooks shipped to your home, it’s only $5.99 which is very reasonable indeed. However, it’s free to ship your photo books to your local store and collect them there – that’s the best option for the budget conscious, as long as you have a store near you.

So, use this Photolab promo code to make some great savings when you are ordering your next set of photo books!

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September 20

OneDrive Freebie: 30GB Free Storage

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 1:30 PM

OneDrive Freebie: 30GB Free Storage

External hard drives, USBs… it’s all great but the cloud is even better as it’s no hassle, easy to use and best of all, free. Upon signing up for an account at OneDrive, you are automatically given 15GB of free storage but for a limited time, if you have an iPhone, then you will also get an additional 15GB absolutely free for a total of 30GB of free storage. No worries if you don’t have an iPhone as there is another way to get this freebie. Keep reading to find out how! OneDrive Freebie: 30GB Free Storage

Released yesterday, on the same day that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially made available to the public, OneDrive also announced this mega freebie for all iOS users. In his blog post about this cloud storage freebie, Douglas Pearce, OneDrive’s group program manager, stated that this extra storage should be well appreciated by iPhone users looking to upgrade to iOS 8. I updated by iPhone 5s yesterday and I was absolutely shocked to see that the new update would require close to 2GB of my storage. Luckily, I have the 64GB version of the phone but since I also have more than 30GB of photos, it doesn’t leave me with as much storage (the iPhone’s base operating system also takes considerable space).

I don’t have a OneDrive account at the moment but I’ll definitely be signing up for this freebie because it can disappear at any moment and only takes a couple of minutes to redeem (the time it takes to type in your information). Once you have signed in, then you will always have this extra storage for free.

For all of you unlucky ones who don’t have an iPhone, you can still redeem this freebie if you use the OneDrive camera roll on a Windows phone, on an Android device or on a Windows computer. With these requirements, the only exclusion I can think of is an Apple computer or laptop but do make sure to leave a comment below if you can think of any others!

Even if you aren’t already using the OneDrive camera roll, you can easily just get it before redeeming this offer. If you already have a OneDrive account, we have gotten word that it will automatically be added to your account upon signing in.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 20

Woolovers Coupon Code: Free Shipping

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Woolovers Coupon Code: Free Shipping

If you’re interested in any of the fine cashmere cotton and wool items from, now would be a good time to make an order. They’ve released a coupon code for free Canadian shipping on any order, no minimum spend required!

Click here to use the Woolovers coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: FEAST
  • Discount: Free shipping
  • Expires: 26th September 2014

When you are going through the checkout, apply the above in the “offer code” section at checkout and you will see the “international standard” shipping cost of $10 drop down to zero – a $10 saving.

The coupon code above even applies to items in the special offers shopping section on their site. I’m going to focus on some of the dude’s bargains in this section, here are a few of my picks:

As some of the items above are unisex, I have a daring suggestion to make. If you are in a relationship, how about buying TWO of the same sweaters, getting one each? You could buy it in a different colour each… but I think matching sweaters would be very cute… no?

Customs & Duties Info

Usually you have to spend $150 for free delivery from Getting free shipping on any order is fantastic – it means you can have a browse of the site and buy anything you like without worrying about pesky shipping fees. However, even though Woolovers are operating on a Dot CA domain name, they are not a Canadian company. Their orders ship to you from outside Canada, but customs and duties are not covered at checkout. There’s a small chance that you may have to pay extra fees at your door to receive your items.

As you’re getting free shipping with no minimum spend using this coupon code, I would really recommend to only place orders of one item each. If you want multiple items, place multiple orders. I think that there’s less chance that you will get hit by customs if you do this. Plus, you’re not doing anything wrong… just placing individual orders, to minimise the risk of paying extra fees.

If you experience any issues, or make an order from Woolovers, let us know how you get on in the comments below please!

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September 20

Expedia Coupon Code: Get $100 Off $400 Hotel Bookings Today Only!

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Expedia Coupon Code: Get $100 Off $400 Hotel Bookings Today Only!

Here’s a deal which you can take advantage of TODAY only! It’s for making a hotel booking through the tablet app only – you can get $100 discount on a $400 spend. That’s a nice discount amount!

Click here to visit & browse on

Click here for info about the new tablet app

  • Coupon Code: MOBILETABLET100
  • Discount: $100 off $400
  • Expires: 20th September 2014

The full terms and conditions of this particular offer are listed here. I won’t paste them all in here, but you basically have to book today for travel by the end of the year 2014. There are a number of hotel exclusions too. You must make your booking through the new tablet app. $100 is a great saving just for downloading and making the booking through their app. It’s a good incentive for you to get the app on your device, and then perhaps use it again when making hotel bookings in the future.

Last week, we saw a very similar offer from rival travel site here, They are also offering an app-inspired coupon, it’s for $25 off $99. Obviously if you’re making a small booking, that might be a better one to make use of. But, if you are making a slightly larger booking, consider the price on along with the $100 discount code.

This Expedia coupon code is saved here on our coupon forum. We aim to have the best coupon pages in Canada, so always check there before you make any online purchase.

Over the last few years as Bargainmoose has been growing, I’m finding that I have to travel to various events and I’m getting to meet with many of the stores that we write about here on the site. A few weeks ago, the last place that Eva and I travelled was to sunny California! We visited Santa Barbara for a conference, and I can say this, the hotel was NOT cheap. In that case, I actually booked through the Orbitz platform and gained some account credit on there, to use towards my next purchase. However, I didn’t realise when booking – there was no free cancellation policy. I was disappointed in this as a few days later, we made a change to our itinerary and we could have done with cancelling that particular hotel. So… if you’re making a booking on any site, be it Expedia or Orbitz, or any of the myriad other travel portals out there, make sure you check the hotel’s cancellation policy before you finalise your purchase.

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September 20

Lovable Labels Coupon: $10 Off $25+

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Lovable Labels Coupon: $10 Off $25+

There are a few things that every single organized person will swear by and one of them is labels.  A great place to get labels is over at Lovable Labels and they have a spooktacular coupon on this weekend only for us to take advantage of. Save $10 on all orders of $25 or more for just a few short days.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: SPOOKY2014
  • Discount: $10 off $25+
  • Expiry: 21st September 2014

Don’t let the name of this coupon code fool you.  It is obviously in honour of Halloween which is fast approaching, but you will not be limited to just Halloween labels to purchase.  You can purchase anything and as long as the total is $25 or more, you will save $10 at the checkout.  This is a pretty high value coupon code that you do not see very often.

Additionally, know that Lovable Labels do not just sell labels. You will find stickers, safety products, bag tags, stationary and much more.

I have two small toddlers and they both want to be very independent right now but the main issue I am having is with their shoes.  It seems like every single time they get dressed, they end up putting their shoes, sandals or boots on the wrong feet.  How do kids not feel that they are on the wrong feet? I just don’t get it! One of the awesome products that Lovable Labels offers is Toddler Toes for $19.95 a pack. They make it easy for the kids to see which feet their shoes go on and they double as a label for lost items.  Each pack comes with 24 labels and they are dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof, UV resistant, sweat guard, and peel & stick.  It just doesn’t get better than that!

I think I might also stock up on some of their packs of clothing labels as well.  My son’s preschool insists on having all of his clothing and belongings labels to avoid lost clothes or clothes sent home to the wrong house.

For all of the latest Lovable Labels coupon codes, make sure to stop by the Bargainmoose coupon forum before shopping online. There are actually a few different coupons posted right now that you could use for Lovable Labels so make sure to try a few of them out to see which one gives you the best bang for your buck!

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September 20

Hudson’s Bay: Clinique 7 Piece Fall Favourites Gift with Purchase of $31+

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Hudsons Bay: Clinique 7 Piece Fall Favourites Gift with Purchase of $31+

A very popular free gift with purchase is being offered right now over at Hudson’s Bay Canada.  Get a free seven piece Clinique gift set with your purchase of just $31 or more in Clinique products.

This is the perfect time of year to get a free beauty gift set with your purchase, because as the seasons change, so should your beauty routine.  You will be able to try out some great “new to you” products, without having to buy them yourself.

Here is what is included with this free gift set:

  • Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream-gel, 15ml
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, 30ml
  • Rinse-off Eye Makeup solvent, 60ml
  • High Impact Mascara in black
  • Exclusive Clinique cosmetics bag
  • Colour Compact (choice of colour)
  • Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (choice of colour)

The total value of this free gift is $85, but is absolutely free when you spend just $31 or more in Clinique products.  If you have shopped Clinique products before, you will know how easy it is to spend just $31.

Now, to get this free gift, you don’t have to purchase just makeup.  You can purchase skin care items, makeup items, nail care items and perfume items and still get it.  I am a huge fan of the Clinique Happy perfume.  I get it almost every single year from my husband for Christmas because I go through so much of it.

I also really like to use the Clinique exfoliating scrub for my face and my neck.  It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and amazing.  I actually got it in one of these free gifts with purchase a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since!

As for the cost of shipping, there are a few different options you can choose from.  The best option that is available happens when you have an HBC credit card.  Use your HBC credit card to pay for your beauty purchase of just $29 or more and you will get free shipping.  That means since you are already spending $31 to get the free gifts set, you would also get free shipping.

If you do not have an HBC credit card, you can still get free shipping on your order.  When you spend $99 or more and use any other form of payment, you will get free shipping on your entire order.

(Expiry: 4th October 2014)

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