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Save Money Ditching Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

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Save Money Ditching Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

I know right from the beginning of this blog post many of you are going to think I am crazy. Why in the world would anyone consider cutting off their smartphone bill? Your cell phone can do so many things including text, connect you to your bank, play your music and much more. According to an article at CBC.ca, Canadians are paying some of the highest cell phone bills in the industrialized world. In the same article, they detail that basic plans can cost $37.92 per month, but depending on where you live can cost $62 to $92. Taking the lowest number of $37.92, you are spending $910 over the course of a two-year plan. If we take the higher rate of $92, your two-year plan can cost you $2,208. Those numbers just include the plan and do not include the device. That is a large chunk of change to spend when you look at those cold numbers.

You may look at me a little sideways to discover I do not have a regular functioning cell phone and most of the time no one is the wiser. That does not mean I avoid Facebook or miss the latest games. Being smartphone free just means I am not connected online all of the time. Below I have detailed the measures I have put into place so most of the time I can enjoy being smartphone free without feeling much impact.

Use Another A Portable Device

My device of choice is an iPod Touch. This device retails for about $250 on the lower end and does not require a data plan. The real secret is the iPod Touch when connected to wireless can do almost everything an iPhone can do. In fact my iPod is so versatile I often call it my phone without thinking. Free wireless is available at more restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and even shopping malls. I regularly hop onto hot spots to check in with my messages. While I highly recommend the iPod Touch, a small tablet could also perform most of the same functions a smartphone can perform.

Sending Messages

Save Money Ditching Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

Many of my friends and I chat through Facebook. When we are making plans, we use the messenger program, Facebook events or email to discuss our plans. Before I head out, I check my messages one last time to make sure there were no last-minute changes. Much of the time, everything runs smoothly.

If I am meeting someone and they do not arrive, I eventually find somewhere with Wi-Fi to check my messages. Every Tim Hortons and McDonald’s comes fully equipped with free Wi-Fi. Sometimes I can access it simply by parking near the building to check a quick message. There has been a few times where I needed to connect with someone quickly and had no access to the internet. Each time I politely borrowed a phone and called. If you are at a Wi-Fi spot, you can also send an e-mail as a text message by typing in the person’s number and their carrier’s specific e-mail format. Check out the e-mails for most of the Canadian cell phone companies at Techwyse.


Emergencies are always one place where I have had others look at me strangely. What would happen if you were not connected and your family cannot reach you? The reality is I spend much of my time around the internet. Whether it is at work or at home, I am often connected to the Wi-Fi, and thus can connect to family and friends.

If you are concerned about driving, you can pick-up an inexpensive prepaid phone for as little as $45 at Best Buy Canada. A little phone like this can ensure you can make an emergency call or text if needed. I am fortunate that I can use my old phone as a pay as you go when I need it for longer distance travel. Some phones charge a small charge monthly to keep the phone activated, so research your options thoroughly to best fit your needs.


Save Money Ditching Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

I realize some people also use GPS on their phone so they feel like they are saving money not purchasing a separate device. I thought the same before I ditched my smartphone, but I figured out a few ways to work around it. GPS devices for your car generally range from $150 to $250. I am lucky as I currently have a GPS that was gifted to me. Despite being directionally challenged, I survived a year and a half without that portable GPS and did not have a smartphone. Before I left for somewhere new, I would map my directions on my iPod and take screen shots of the turn-by-turn directions. Then as I drove, I would simply flip through the photos. A few shots of the map around the final destination also helped me a few times when I was confused. If I get lost, I swing into a Tim Horton’s and hop on the Wi-Fi to sort it out. You can do the same, or simply purchase an inexpensive GPS for your needs.

So if we add up the devices I mentioned:

  • IPod Touch: $250
  • Prepaid Cell: $45
  • GPS: $150

The grand total is $445 invested to function similarly to having a smartphone.

The average low smartphone contract for two years (not including the device), as quoted from above, is $910.

I realize this idea is not for everyone. Smartphones have so many amazing features. Some of us end up places for long stretches of time without Wi-Fi and need the mobile connectivity. Besides being a frugal choice, I find that being disconnected for short bursts of time can be liberating. Instead of checking Facebook during my daughter’s dance lesson, I read a book or get to know other parents who are waiting also.

Bargainmoosers, would you ever consider getting rid of your smartphone?

(Image Credit: Tarkan Rosenberg, kimubert, Jimmy_Joe)

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July 7

Amazon Canada: The Counting Kingdom Educational Child App For Free!

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Amazon Canada: The Counting Kingdom Educational Child App For Free!

Amazon Canada keeps impressing me with their free downloads of apps and comics lately. Right now you can download The Counting Kingdom for absolutely free through Amazon.ca.

If you have a child between the ages of 6 and 8, then you may appreciate this new app available for free through Amazon.ca. The Counting Kingdom is an educational app for boys and girls and is all about math. Make math a little more fun with 30 different levels of game play. This educational app would have normally cost you $3.67, but now it is available to download for free.

If you are a parent that is looking to strengthen your kiddo’s math skills, then let this app help you with adorable monsters, exciting games and more. Add the cute monsters together to cast spells that will defend the Math Kingdom. There are 5 different regions of the kingdom with 30 levels to complete. Each level is distinct and colourful to keep your child’s interest. The game starts off with simple math so that it is easy for your child to catch on and get into the game. Soon your child will be making bigger sums and longer equations. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it? In my opinion, I would much rather that my kid plays a game like this than a game like Flappy Birds or Angry Birds. Reviews say that the music, sound effects and graphics are all pretty good.

Just a heads up, the game will ask for Internet Access and Precise Location Permissions, but it doesn’t actually use them. You will need to download the Amazon Appstore to benefit from this free download. The catch is that if you delete the Amazon Appstore, you will lose this app and any others you download from the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore is only available to Androids with a minimum operating system of 2.3.

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July 7

Breck’s Bulbs: FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs (Pay Shipping) – $24 Value

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Brecks Bulbs: FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs (Pay Shipping)   $24 Value

Breck’s Bulbs is offering FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs in packs of five. These bulbs are valued at $23.99. You can either purchase them alone – and pay $7.95 shipping – or combine them with your next order.

These bulbs will ship in fall as the months of July and August are too hot to ship plants. However, you can place your order now. While I like the idea of just paying shipping and getting the bulbs for free, I highly recommend combining this freebie with your next order at Breck’s Canada.

Breck’s Canada gives out $35 off $75 coupons to new newsletter subscribers. This means, you can save a bundle on your order and you can also get a set of Daffodil bulbs free. I think this is the better combination of deals. The $35 off $75 coupon you receive will be valid on sale items as well.

Speaking of sales, you can save on plenty of items including, but not limited to, bulbs. In the Christmas in July sale, you can pick up Christmas themed accessories and trinkets up to 80% off their original price. This Corkcicle Wine Chiller was $24.99 and is now $4.99. That could be useful all year around – especially in the heat of summer.

There are also some extraordinary flower deals as well. Jan Bos Hyacinth is on sale from $17.99 down to $10.99 for five bulbs.

This stunning Mariposa Skies Reblooming Iris is on sale from $23.99 down to $15.99. This may be one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. The deep blue to a sky white looks just gorgeous. I have always admired the iris.

For a fun flower, pick up the Ice Cream Tulip. Originally $24.99 for three, these bulbs are now on sale for $16.99 (3). The flower gets its name because it looks like an ice cream cone.

You can check out these and more amazing flowers deals in the Best Sellers section at Breck’s. Stack your cart full of discounted bulbs, add on the free Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs, and then use that $35 off $75 promo code from the newsletter to stack your garden savings. Your flower bed will never know what it did to deserve such beautiful new flowers.

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July 7

Walmart: The Monster High Monster Maker Was $150 | Now $50 & Free Shipping

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Walmart: The Monster High Monster Maker Was $150 | Now $50 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada has discounted the amazing Monster High Monster Maker factory from $149.97 down to $50! While Walmart Canada states ‘free shipping on orders over $50′, orders OF $50 actually qualify as well. Thus, the Monster high Monster Maker will ship out to you free of charge.

This is like the coolest machine ever in the history of dolls. Here you are given blank doll parts that you stick in the monster maker machine. Then, you can choose pre-designed icons from the software included and print those designs on to your doll. You can also make your own designs and print those on to the doll as well. The software is compatible with your computer or works off of an iOS or Android app. The software is downloadable off the internet or the nearest app store.

Your set comes with the Monster Maker machine, body part adapters, downloadable software or App, nine coloured markers, three blank fashions and shoes, one rooted wig, two moulded wigs, three “blank” bodies, three doll stands, one tool stand, and 1 eraser sponge. Yes, your creations can be erased and then you can print all over the dolls again! With three dolls to create, this Monster Maker is really quite the little factory and is such great value for the price.

I price compared this unit with other online retailers. The Monster High Monster Maker retails for $99.97 at Amazon Canada. The cheapest I could find it in the USA was $59.99 USD at Amazon.com. Toys R US.com was selling the same set for $129.99 USD.

Thank you to my wonderful co-writer Brooke who pointed this deal out to me. She knows I am a fan of Monster High Dolls (seriously, I only own four) and would probably be interested! I love these dolls and want to add a couple more to my collection. I would really like to get my hands on a Frankie Stein and a Draculara doll… preferably the originals.

However, I could always just make my own dolls! This set is so cool that I just had to show you a video of how it works.

I can’t believe how far toys have come that you can design and then make your own dolls. I would have gone nutz over this as a kid; not that I am too far from that state now.

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July 7

Hunter Mohair Boot Socks Were $55 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

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Hunter Mohair Boot Socks Were $55 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

If you own Hunter boots, then you have probably invested in a pair of Hunter brand boot socks. These women’s Mohair Boot Socks are on sale from $55 down to $25. They are the best deal in the Hunter sock section of the sale. As per usual, all orders come with free shipping.

While I often find sales on the tall boot socks – as they seem more prevalent – it is rare to find such a steep discount. Hunter is a well-respected brand name and their products are well loved. Especially when it comes to accessories for their most popular product: the tall Hunter wellie rain boot.

These socks come in three different colours: bright lavender, bright watermelon, and sky blue. These tall boot socks are made from microfleece that is extremely comfortable and warm. While they are designed to be worn in the Hunter rain boots for a better fit, they can also be worn like over-sized slipper-socks around the house. The floor in my place gets really cold during the winter and these socks are a dream. There is a honeycomb-knit cuff in a textured mohair blend. You can either wear these socks high or they can be worn folded over to add a contrasting detail to your Hunter wellies.

There are only two sizes for boot socks: medium and large. You can consult the Hunter size chart to figure out which size you take. I wear a size UK5 / US7 Hunter rain boot, and my current socks are a size medium. Anything larger than a size 7 US, and you will probably need the large socks.

I find it difficult to find a good sale on the short boot socks as I own the short wellies. In the Hunter Canada sale, I also found both traditional short boot socks and fitted short boot socks on sale from $30 down to $21 per pair. I own a pair of the original boot socks in red as it was the only colour I could find on sale at the time. I much prefer this Dusty Petrol, which is kind of like a muted blue. At only $21 with free shipping, I might just pick up another pair.

Now, the fitted boot socks are a bit of a different kettle of fish. These are a fitted sock made of soft polyfleece. The top of the sock features a ribbed, elasticated band to keep your socks up. While these are also designed for use with the Hunter short rain boots, these will fit snugly to your leg for additional warmth and comfort. There are two colour options available: dusty lavender and dusty petrol.

Check out these and other great Hunter sock deals on their website.

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July 7

Chapters Indigo Coupon: Double Discount on Books – 10% Off

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Chapters Indigo Coupon: Double Discount on Books   10% Off

Chapters Indigo Canada is offering double the Plum discount on books. Usually, Plum Rewards give you an additional 5% off the retail price. With this promo code, you will save 10% on the online book price.

Click here to shop books @ Chapters Indigo Canada now

  • Coupon Code: JULYDD
  • Discount: 10% off books
  • Expiry: 9th July 2015

This is like my favourite promo ever because I love books, collect books, and don’t want to spend as much as I do on books. I recently received The Sculptor from my local library. It is about a guy who makes a deal with the devil to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands. The cost? He only has 200 days to live. Of course, he has to fail, fall in love, and lots more before the tale is over! I highly recommend this book, it is brilliant. This giant hardcover graphic novel (nearly 500 pages) currently costs $21.85 for Plum members. After promo code, pay $20.70.

Recently, I have been interested in adult colouring books as a way to relax. This Splendid Cities: Color Your Way To Calm is an affordable relaxation tool. Originally $18, the book only costs $13 for Plum members. After promo code, pay just $12.31. One reviewer said:

This is a great avenue to relieve stress and relax. Love all the lovely pics and look forward to coloring!!

My dream book is the glorious Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book. This is one of the pricier adult colouring books, but I think the designs and the detail within those designs is well worth the price. After promo code, pay just $17.87. As I have mentioned before, it is coupons like this that drop Chapters’ prices below those of Amazon Canada. This same colouring book would cost you $18.86 at Amazon.

While I want to get into colouring books, I am not sure that I want to pay nearly $18 for my first colouring book. I think I would rather stick with the ones I can score for just under $13, like the Splendid Cities book above.

There are so many fantastic books to purchase with this promo code. I just blogged about China, which is already 92% off the original price of $250. After promo code, you save an extra dollar bringing this book down to $18. Really, I would snap one of these up quickly and then gift it to your nearest friend who loves photography.

Receive free shipping on $25 or more.

For this and future Chapters Indigo coupons, visit our forum.

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July 7

Shop.ca: Bench Beanie Was $25 | Now $3.99 & Free Shipping

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Shop.ca: Bench Beanie Was $25 | Now $3.99 & Free Shipping

The extra 50% off sale Bench items deal is back at Shop.ca. While rummaging the sale, I came across this lovely little winter toque: the Bench Kudoo Turn Up Booble Beanie – Chilli Pepper in colour. Originally $25, the beanie is on sale for $7.99. After the extra 50% off in your cart, this beanie comes down to $3.99. Receive free shipping on any size order at Shop.ca.

There is really not much to say about this Bench Beanie. It features a primarily red (and variations therein) multi-coloured pattern with large square checks. In contrast to the various reds, there are also black checks. The front part of the beanie folds over for additional warmth on your forehead. The Bench logo is knit around the head. For additional kitsch, there is a giant red pom-pom on the top of the head.

Now, this beanie is the same price at Bench Canada ($4 – so a one cent difference), but the big difference is Shop.ca’s free shipping policy. At Bench, you would have to pay nearly $10 just to get this toque shipped. The deal is just far superior at Shop.ca.

Do note, when adding this beanie to your cart, you need to click the ‘1 sz’ square or you will sit there wondering why the product is not adding to your cart – like I did. Shop.ca has changed their cart layout for checkout so the discount does not show on the product line. Rather, the discount shows up in the order summary.

With the extra 50% off Bench items at checkout, now is a fantastic time to stock up on one of your favourite brands. This Purna Zip Thru – Griffin Marl is on sale from $99 down to $49.99. In your cart, this sweet jacket comes down to just $24.99. Sizes large and extra-large are still available. You can also buy the jacket in Jet Black Marl for the same price. Size medium is still in stock.

For my money, this Convexed Zip Thru Hoody is gold. Originally $129, the hoodie is on sale for $69.99. In my cart, the hoodie comes down to $34.99. All sizes are currently in stock but I do not think that will last for long! I find Bench hoodies fit small. If you want to layer, then I recommend sizing up. I always go for an XL in Bench women’s hoodies.

If you spend $100 or more, use our exclusive coupon codes for an addition $40+ off.

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July 7

WagJag Canada: Guess Sunglasses Were $135 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 12:36 PM

WagJag Canada: Guess Sunglasses Were $135 | Now $34 & Free Shipping

I found a sweet deal at WagJag today for those of you who need sunglasses (and who doesn’t?). Get a pair of Guess sunglasses for only $39, with a value of up to $135. Price comparing around the web, I think the regular price is a little inflated, but I didn’t find one pair as low as $40 out there. Shipping is also included on this deal. Add the coupon code MOOSE5 to get another $5 off this purchase, bringing your total down to $34!

My mom is a huge Guess shopper. She loves the styling of Guess clothing and accessories and even better for me, she hands them down to me when she decides to buy some new stuff! I love the style of most Guess clothing and I do love their sunglasses as well.

My husband is a notorious sunglasses loser and last year he was using mine when he couldn’t find his when he was using them for driving. This meant most of my pairs went missing too. So I shelled out a bit of money and bought myself a nice new pair of sunglasses (after buying him two new pairs so he wouldn’t steal mine again!), but within a week they broke. I desperately need a new pair and these Guess ones are lovely enough for me and such a hot deal.

There are four styles available – black, nude (with a leopard print), crystal clear and sort of brownish pattern. I like the black and the nude the best, but the clear also looks great. I guess I could get them all at this price.

Shopping around, I couldn’t find these exact styles in stock, but what I did find was that Guess Sunglasses typically sold for around the $90 mark at Guess, ranging from $83 to $98. The Sunglass Hut also sells Guess sunglasses from about $75 to $108. Both stores would also charge shipping. Less than fourty dollars sounds a lot better, now doesn’t it?

You can buy as many pairs as you’d like at this price and they will arrive within 1o-15 days of purchase. If you were about to get married at a destination wedding, these sunglasses would make fantastic bridesmaid gifts! Plus, they would look awesome all matching in the photos.

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July 7

Costco Canada: Canada’s Wonderland Day Pass Plus Unlimited Drinks Was $46 | Now $37

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Costco Canada: Canadas Wonderland Day Pass Plus Unlimited Drinks Was $46 | Now $37

Planning on hitting up Canada’s largest theme park this summer? I know I am! If you are, I’ve found a fabulous deal from Costco that will save you some cash before you go. Regularly $45.99, get your one day pass for ages 3 – 59 for only $36.99, plus you’ll get unlimited pop and I tell you that is worth quite a bit since drinks are not cheap at Canada’s Wonderland! The regular price of this deal beats out what you’ll pay on Canada’s Wonderland’s site, so the discounted price is that much better!

Living in Ontario, I know Canada’s Wonderland very well. I actually used to live a 10 minute drive from it and now it is more like 45 minutes, but we all have season passes since it is such a great way to spend a day. While I don’t really want to blog all the good deals that come out for CW because that means you’ll be making the lines longer, I can’t hold this back from my fellow Moosers.

Your tickets from this deal will come via email, so you can basically buy them the day before or even that day. It says the vouchers will come within an hour, but personally, I would give it a little extra time as you never know.

With this e-ticket, you’ll get admission to pretty much everything at Canada’s Wonderland. They do have a dinosaur exhibit that you have to pay extra, plus a movie, which my kids said is pretty awesome.

On top of all the rides and shows, you’ll get free fountain drinks all day, using a wristband. I usually buy the souvenir cup that is about $16 and I get $0.99 refills, as the regular price of drinks is probably around the $5 mark and can get ridiculously expensive. You don’t have to just get pop, I think they have some fountain juices as well. If you are going on a very hot day, this will be a godsend.

If you look at the Canada’s Wonderland site, you’ll see that the 3 day advance ticket is $40.99 and the at the gate price is $61.99! This means you are saving about half off the gate price. If you decide that morning to go and buy from the CW site, your ticket price is $47.99.

Moosers, what is your favourite ride? Ours is the Ghoster Coaster!

Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson

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July 7

Groupon Canada: Apple EarPods With Remote & Microphone Were $30 | Now $18 + Shipping

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Groupon Canada: Apple EarPods With Remote & Microphone Were $30 | Now $18 + Shipping

Groupon has an Apple event going on right now where you can get up to 75% off select Apple items. The best deal I found was on the Apple EarPods with remote and microphone that were $29.99 and are now $17.99. The regular price for these are higher I found at other Canadian online retailers.

I actually have these earpods and it was a revelation getting them. I used to put my phone on speaker when I was talking while driving to keep my calls hands-free, but no one could ever hear me. Getting these headphones with microphone made the phone calls crystal clear and kept me safe while driving, or doing anything really.

I also use the headphones with my iPod for running and walking. It says you can also use them on non-Apple devices. You don’t have to worry about using them while working out and sweating as they are resistant to wetness.

These are new headphones, not a refurb with a one year warranty directly from Apple. Shipping is $4.99, which is a bummer, but still makes this deal sweet. Searching for the product number, I found that these are the older set of headphones and stores like Newegg were sold out. The newer version, which looks exactly the same to me sells for $35 at Apple, $39.99 at Best Buy and $35 at Walmart. I can imagine the difference between the older and the newer set would be negligible.

There are a few other Apple items that could pique your interest during this sale from Groupon. There is a refurbished 16GB iPad Air on sale for $399.99. Some of the other items on that page are not Apple products, so don’t be fooled, but I do see some nice deals that are worth taking advantage of. The selfie stick with remote button seems like a sweet deal, with a regular price of $39 and now only $9.99. Over 1,000 have been sold so I think others agree with me!

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July 7

Graco Fastaction Stroller In Purple Was $229 | Now $83.33 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 9:52 AM

Graco Fastaction Stroller In Purple Was $229 | Now $83.33 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca

Roll down the street in style with the Graco Fastaction Stroller. This is an adorable stroller with a purple design, but has the quality you expect from the name Graco. This stroller originally retailed for $229, and is on sale for $133.33. Use our coupon code MOOSE50OFF125JULY to take off another $50 the total, bringing the price down to $83.33. Free shipping with no minimum finishes off this deal.

When you are shopping for a stroller, it can be overwhelming. There are a million choices and you never know which one is going to work well, fit in your car and go the long haul. The stroller I found today is not an elite stroller, but the price is amazing. If you are on a slim budget or need an extra stroller, such as for Grandma’s house, this is a solid deal. Check out the adorable black and purple design on this stroller. They call the design Minnie Mouse, but it seems unrelated to the famous mouse with the polka dot bow.

The seat back is fully adjustable and there is an extra-large basket underneath for stowing extra baby supplies. The tray in front of the baby has two separate cup holders perfect for sippy cups and snacks that will pivot to let the child in and out. This stroller will also connect with any of the Graco Classic Connect infant car seats, such as the famous Snugride.

The best price I could find on this stroller was at Canada’s Baby store where this stroller is also selling for $133.33, but there is no amazing coupon code to knock the price down further. I found this exact stroller selling at Newegg.ca for $199. Amazon.ca has this stroller selling from a secondary seller for $229. I also looked over at Toys R Us Canada just to make sure I knew how much Graco strollers are retailing for right now. The least expensive Graco brand stroller I could find is $199.99, and it has a generic design.

I think this stroller model is being discontinued. Reviews were tough to find online, though on Amazon.ca there were two positive reviews. Both people mentioned that this was a lightweight stroller and it is well constructed. Graco is known for making solid products that include the essentials. If you are looking for that stroller that glides with a single touch from your pinkie finger and folds up small enough to fit inside your wallet, then this stroller may not be for you. If you need a solid stroller at a low price that is cute and includes the basics, you should pick up this stroller.

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July 7

Men’s Teva Toachi 2 Sandals Were $110 | Now $55 & Free Shipping @ Lacordee

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Men’s Teva Toachi 2 Sandals Were $110 | Now $55 & Free Shipping @ Lacordee

For a quality pair of sandals that can keep up with all of your adventures, you need these Men’s Teva Toachi 2 sandals. This particular model of sandals does not have a bigger discount very often. They retail at $110 but you can score a pair now for only $55. Lacordee is also offering free shipping for a limited amount of time. Thanks to Mooser Martin for sharing this hot deal with us!

Lacordee is an outdoor supplier similar to MEC or Live Out There. We have never featured them on Bargainmoose before, but today they have a stellar deal on these Men’s Teva sandals. Normally their killer deals have a limited sizing available, but today we are in luck.

These Teva sandals are the sandals that will travel with you anywhere. The cushioned fully adjustable straps ensure you have a perfect fit, which make them an especially good choice for those who have trouble finding quality sandals that fit. The bottom of the shoe has lots of extra traction. Teva sandals are perfect if you like water adventures such as boating, kayaking and fishing. Included is a thick rubber sole that has Microban added to help reduce bacteria and smelly odors and makes them a good choice for light hiking and camping. That Microban stuff really works on cutting down on odors, I have owned several pair of Teva sandals and they are always less smelly then my other sporty sandals. Teva’s also wash down quickly and look good as new afterwards.

When you buy a pair of Teva sandals, you can expect them to last multiple years. My last pair lasted me well over eight years before a replacement was needed. This pair today is available in a black colour called Raven. You can pick them up in the following sizes:

  • 8.5
  • 9.
  • 9.5
  • 10
  • 10.5
  • 11
  • 11.5
  • 12
  • 13

Looking around the web, this price is about as low as you can get for these sandals. Teva has sold this model for multiple years. Live Out There has discounted these sandals down to $76.99. You could pick up these sandals at Mec.ca for $99. Shoeme.ca is selling these shoes for $110. Teva Canada is also charging full retail value at $110.

Reviews are looking great everywhere, everyone seems happy with these sandals. Most places have just a few positive reviews, but on Teva Canada’s website there are over 200 reviews and these sandals still maintain a four and a half out of five rating. Here is one reviewer who sums up just how fantastic these shoes are.

This is an all-around great sandal, with many uses very well built takes the trails, beach, lake and rivers and forest, Saturday fighting the crowds wherever you find yourself. I will be buying another pair the toachi 2. I am 6’7″ and my feet feel great at the end of the day while out for a little adventure.

These shoes are a solid buy. Normally shipping at Lacordee will cost you $6, so the free shipping today will save you that cash. There are a few locations not included in the free shipping promo including northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Labrador, Newfoundland and Nunavik. For the rest of us I would suggest grabbing a pair of these as a mainstay for the next few summers.

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July 7

Disney Sofia Royal Castle Was $60 | Now $20 @ Walmart.ca

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Disney Sofia Royal Castle Was $60 | Now $20 @ Walmart.ca

Is your child obsessed with princesses, or more particularly obsessed with Disney’s Princess Sofia? Right now Walmart.ca has their exclusive Disney Sofia Royal Castle on clearance sale from $59.94 down to just $20. You can get free shipping when you spend $50, but there are a couple other options to consider as well.

Disney Princess Sofia must adapt to her new lifestyle as a princess. That adventure included getting used to her lush living arrangements in her castle. Your child can play along with this Walmart Exclusive Disney Sofia Royal Castle. This castle was regularly $60, but is now on clearance for just $20. If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t hesitate to snag this offer. This castle even includes a Disney Sofia doll.

The Disney Sofia Royal Castle is best suited for ages 3 and older but according to the reviews little girls of all ages have enjoyed this castle. If your child is on the  younger side, keep in mind that the castle comes with a few small pieces you may want to hold onto until your daughter is older. The small pieces include cups and that sort of item.

One con with this item is that it is big and will take up a lot of space. Reviews state that it can’t be folded down for more convenient storage either. The product is about 15 inches wide and 17 inches tall. The purple doors are awesome. I wish I had doors of that colour on my house, but my landlord would not be very pleased at all. The rest of the castle includes a lounge, dining area, dance ballroom, bedroom and more. Grab the rest of the Sofia family figures for more enjoyment too.

Now, Walmart.ca offers free shipping on orders over $50 (unless they are over sized). But if you don’t want to spend $50, you can always opt to have your parcel shipped to your closest Canada Post office instead. If you are in a participating area, some Walmart Canada locations have Grab & Go lockers as well. You could have your purchase shipped to your closest Grab & Go locker at Walmart for free too.

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July 7

Totally Free Home & Garden Workshops for July @ Home Depot Canada

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Totally Free Home & Garden Workshops for July @ Home Depot Canada

Renovating your home can be intimidating – whether you are looking at it cost wise or task wise. You can either pay someone big money to get the job done, or risk being on that TV show where they feature horribly done home renovations. If you are wanting to learn some tricks of the trade and walk away with a free sample or two, then you should check out the free home & garden workshops that are offered at Home Depot Canada stores. Each month there are different workshops available for men, women and children.

Build A Minions Scooter Kids Workshop (Saturday, July 11th @ 10 AM)

This one is so popular that online registration is already closed. You will have to contact your local Home Depot Canada store to secure your spot for you and your kiddo. This workshop is best for kids ages 4-12. Kids will learn how to build their very own Minions Scooter using a safe hammer and glue.

Build An Address Display Do-It-Herself Workshop (Wednesday, July 15th @ 7 PM)

Ladies! Here is some fun for you. This Do-It-Herself Workshop at Home Depot Canada will teach you how to create planters from simple materials like wood and fake plants. You will learn what materials and tools are needed to build an adorable address display, as well as how to prep the wood properly and assemble it by using the plans. This particular workshop is not available at a few locations.

Install Laminate Flooring Workshop (Sunday, July 26th @ 1 PM)

In this workshop you will learn to cut and lay laminate flooring within one hour. You will also learn how to undercut door jambs to make your job look professional.

Maintain A Deck Workshop (Saturday, July 18th @ 10 AM)

One of my biggest chores this summer is keeping the deck clean! I just want it to look new again, is that too much to ask? If you are in the same boat, attend this Maintain A Deck Workshop at Home Depot Canada and learn how to freshen up your deck in an hour. You will learn how to apply a finish remover, how to battle mold and mildew as well as how to brighten and refinish your deck.

These workshops will give you a list of all items needed to get the job done, so you won’t end up returning to the hardware store multiple times to get your job done. So Moosers, which free workshops will you attend?

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July 6

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

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Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

With Canada Day (and Independence Day) already behind us, if you spent more money than you should have to celebrate, then here are a couple of great contests for you to enter and potentially score some sweet prizes.

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


$100 gift card + new SPC card

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Shoppers Drug Mart

$5000 shopping spree for 3

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


Simmons Beautyrest

sleep set + 1 Comfort Mark

($2,300 total value)

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

David’s Tea

Ultimate tea travel kit

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


$200 Best Buy gift card

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Mega Bloks

Daily Minions prizes

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


Trip to 2015 US Open in NY

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Honeymoon prize package
(must have wedding registry)

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


1/5 $100 prepaid Visas

Best of luck Moosers!

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