July 7

Totally Free Home & Garden Workshops for July @ Home Depot Canada

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Totally Free Home & Garden Workshops for July @ Home Depot Canada

Renovating your home can be intimidating – whether you are looking at it cost wise or task wise. You can either pay someone big money to get the job done, or risk being on that TV show where they feature horribly done home renovations. If you are wanting to learn some tricks of the trade and walk away with a free sample or two, then you should check out the free home & garden workshops that are offered at Home Depot Canada stores. Each month there are different workshops available for men, women and children.

Build A Minions Scooter Kids Workshop (Saturday, July 11th @ 10 AM)

This one is so popular that online registration is already closed. You will have to contact your local Home Depot Canada store to secure your spot for you and your kiddo. This workshop is best for kids ages 4-12. Kids will learn how to build their very own Minions Scooter using a safe hammer and glue.

Build An Address Display Do-It-Herself Workshop (Wednesday, July 15th @ 7 PM)

Ladies! Here is some fun for you. This Do-It-Herself Workshop at Home Depot Canada will teach you how to create planters from simple materials like wood and fake plants. You will learn what materials and tools are needed to build an adorable address display, as well as how to prep the wood properly and assemble it by using the plans. This particular workshop is not available at a few locations.

Install Laminate Flooring Workshop (Sunday, July 26th @ 1 PM)

In this workshop you will learn to cut and lay laminate flooring within one hour. You will also learn how to undercut door jambs to make your job look professional.

Maintain A Deck Workshop (Saturday, July 18th @ 10 AM)

One of my biggest chores this summer is keeping the deck clean! I just want it to look new again, is that too much to ask? If you are in the same boat, attend this Maintain A Deck Workshop at Home Depot Canada and learn how to freshen up your deck in an hour. You will learn how to apply a finish remover, how to battle mold and mildew as well as how to brighten and refinish your deck.

These workshops will give you a list of all items needed to get the job done, so you won’t end up returning to the hardware store multiple times to get your job done. So Moosers, which free workshops will you attend?

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July 6

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

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Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

With Canada Day (and Independence Day) already behind us, if you spent more money than you should have to celebrate, then here are a couple of great contests for you to enter and potentially score some sweet prizes.

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


$100 gift card + new SPC card

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Shoppers Drug Mart

$5000 shopping spree for 3

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


Simmons Beautyrest

sleep set + 1 Comfort Mark

($2,300 total value)

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

David’s Tea

Ultimate tea travel kit

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


$200 Best Buy gift card

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Mega Bloks

Daily Minions prizes

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


Trip to 2015 US Open in NY

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Honeymoon prize package
(must have wedding registry)

Contest Round Up: Honeymoon Prize Package, $5000 Shopping Spree, Trip To 2015 US Open, & More!


1/5 $100 prepaid Visas

Best of luck Moosers!

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July 6

Hipstreet Bluetooth Selfie Camera Extension Was $40 | Now $25 & Free Shipping @ Dell.ca

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Hipstreet Bluetooth Selfie Camera Extension Was $40 | Now $25 & Free Shipping @ Dell.ca

Today’s deal is in tribute to the selfie culture we are currently cultivating in North America. At Dell Canada, the Hip Street Selfie Camera Extension is on sale from $39.99 down to $24.99 with free shipping!

This accessory is pretty self-explanatory. The ‘camera extension’ is actually a support system for your smartphone connected to a handle. As your phone is now an additional distance away, you can capture better selfies and selfies with more people (or body parts) in them. The device simply movies your phone away from you while still giving you that selfie ‘picture taken from slightly above’ look.

This device will work with most smart phone. You simply put your smart phone in the holder and use the handle to hold the phone farther away from you. This device comes equipped with Bluetooth: that means you do not need to set the timer on your phone before holding away. Instead, you can control the photo taking via the Bluetooth controls in the handle. The software is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

This little device is great for self-portraits or photos with a group of friends. The handle is fully adjustable for the perfect angle.

I price compared this device with a few other online retailers. Hipstreet Canada lists the manufacturer’s retail price as $49.99. Grand & Toy (US) lists a price of $32.72 plus a $5 ‘minimum order fee’ for not reaching a $50 order plus whatever shipping charges you would incur. Direct Dial Canada offers the same device for $31 but shipping is also extra. PC Canada did have this selfie extension rod on sale for $26.55 but shipping was extra and they are now sold out. Based on my research, Dell Canada’s price is quite good and the free shipping is a lovely bonus.

I think anyone with a smart phone takes selfies these days. Take a picture of your new haircut, your favourite outfit, your makeup, and more. Selfies are a great way to keep family and friends updated on how you are and what you look like! They can also be a great way to express your artistic side through photo composition, filters, and more. Take better selfies now with the Hipstreet Bluetooth Selfie Camera Extension.

(Expiry: 10th July 2015)

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July 6

Newegg.ca: 3x ADATA Premier 32GB microSDHC Class 10 Only $30 & Free Shipping

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Newegg.ca: 3x ADATA Premier 32GB microSDHC Class 10 Only $30 & Free Shipping

Are you looking to expand the memory in your tablet or smart phone? Perhaps you use a DSLR camera that needs a new SD card. Newegg.ca has discounted a bundle of three (3) ADATA Premier 32GB microSDHC cards (class 10) with adapters. Originally $38.97, the bundle is on sale for $29.99 with free shipping.

Most places do not sell these cards in bundles, thus I calculated out the cost per card and compared that price. These cards cost roughly $9.99 each at Newegg Canada. Here is what other online retailers are selling these cards for:

  • $12.99 @ Newegg Canada (individual)
  • $11.99 @ NCIX.com
  • $16.99 @ Canada Computers
  • $16.99 @ Tiger Direct Canada (OOS)
  • $11.05 @ Direct Canada
  • $12.50 @ Amazon Marketplace

The other key difference between Newegg’s price and all the other vendors is shipping. Only Newegg.ca offers free shipping. So while the discount might not seem as substantial given just the cost per microSD card, the lack of free shipping options really makes this a very good deal from Newegg.

These microSD cards are class 10. They offer up to 30MB/s read and 10MB/s write speed. There is a newer version of these cards but the price, as can be expected, is substantially higher.

You might wonder why you need three microSD cards. First of all, many cell phones accept only a microSD card for expanding memory. I know that the Samsung Galaxy III and the Samsung Galaxy IV both use microSD cards for expandable memory. Tablets also tend to use SD cards or microSD cards to expand their memory. My partner has a Dell tablet that can accept only microSD cards to expand the memory to about 4x what the tablet actually comes with.

While I am not aware of any cameras that just take microSD cards, the DSLR cameras usually use standard size SD cards. Happily, this bundle comes with the adapters that allow you to use your microSD card as a standard size SD card. This is useful not only for cameras, but you can also use the adapter in your computer’s SD slot for transferring photos and more. This kind of tech is just standard fair in today’s technological households.

There is a limit of five per customer.

Note: there is an error in the product description. At the very bottom it mentions 16GB cards, but this listing is for 32GB cards. Someone made a mistake!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 6

Hush Puppies: Up to 62% off Shoes & Extra 60% Off Coupon + Free Shipping

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Hush Puppies: Up to 62% off Shoes & Extra 60% Off Coupon + Free Shipping

Hush Puppies Canada has come out with a wonderful coupon that you can combine with sale items. Receive an extra 60% off your purchase and free shipping (no minimum) on top of the up to 62% off sale section. It really is time for some shoe deals.

Click here to shop @ Hush Puppies Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 070215
  • Discount: 60% off & free shipping
  • Expiry: Unknown

The best deal for women is on the Elfie Shoe. This adorable little heel comes in blue leather or pink leather. Sizes are in European, but most of us are used to converting over to our US size by now. There are four sizes left in stock: 35, 36, 40, and 41. Originally $130, these Elfie shoes are on sale for $49.99. After you apply this coupon code, the shoes will only cost you $20 (plus tax). You can see a pair of the blue ones in my cart at checkout:

Hush Puppies: Up to 62% off Shoes & Extra 60% Off Coupon + Free Shipping

You can see how steeply these shoes are discounted and how shipping is also free.

For men, I highly recommend the Zack in tan leather or black leather. This basic dress shoe has a distressed look to give the shoe the appearance of age and ‘vintage’. The tan almost takes on a natural patina due to the distressing. Choose from four sizes. Originally $130, these shoes are also on sale for $49.99. Pay just $20 per pair and receive free shipping. If they have your size in stock, then I recommend buying one of each colour!

There are plenty of incredible shoe deals with this combination: a sale and a 60% off promo code. For women, the ballard line of shoes is a gold mine of good deals. The Winnie Ballard, Winter Ballard, and Wren Ballard were all $140 originally, and are now on sale for $99.99. After coupon code, pay just $39.99 per pair of new sandals.

For a pricier find, these Labarre T-Strap and Labarre Slide_TA are a great buy. Quality shoes like these will last you a long time. While the aesthetic is a bit more ‘out there’, I really like my shoes to represent my personality. Originally $250 each, they are now on sale for $139.99. After coupon code, they come down to $55.99 each.

As I mentioned, there is no shortage of amazing shoe deals in this sale. Find some shoes in your size and start buying! With free shipping, the only additional charge with be taxes.

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July 6

Amazon.ca: Xbox One LEGO Marvel Super Heroes & LEGO Hobbit Was $20 | Now $15

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Amazon.ca: Xbox One LEGO Marvel Super Heroes & LEGO Hobbit Was $20 | Now $15

We are all big fans of LEGO, and there are few things better than making your childhood game come alive on the television screen. Kids love LEGO movies, and they enjoy LEGO video games as well: small kids and big kids alike. Right now, Amazon Canada has discounted LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for Xbox One from $19.99 down to $14.99. I am excited about your second option for the Xbox One: LEGO The Hobbit. I adore that trilogy of movies and this game is now on sale from $19.99 down to $14.99 as well. Pick up both games and receive free shipping as shipping is free on $25 or more.

Here is a thorough price comparison for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on the Xbox One:

  • $19.99 @ Toys R Us Canada
  • $19.99 @ EB Games Canada
  • $39.99 @ Microsoft Canada
  • $19.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $44.95 @ Chapters Indigo Canada

The game is also the SAME price for the PS4 version. I checked out the PS4 version while price comparing and it cost the same as the Xbox One version at Toys R Us, EB Games, Best Buy Canada, and more. It is well worth purchasing if you own a PS4.

Next, I conducted a price comparison for LEGO The Hobbit for the Xbox One. The game is $19.97 at Best Buy Canada and $19.99 at Toys R Us Canada. EB Games no longer has the new version in stock, but they charge $14.99 for the previously played version (which is also out of stock). Nowhere else could I find this game for less than that $20 range.

Both games are a lot of fun for you and your kids. You get to solve puzzles, build stuff, and be your favourite hero from each universe. While I love the Marvel superhero stuff, I would buy The Hobbit version myself. I love the world that Tolkien created and I would love to explore it with my LEGO men. Thorin is all mine.

As with most Amazon Canada deals, we have no idea how long this one will last. In the past, good deals tend to go quickly (sometimes in hours), thus I always encourage Moosers to not wait if they see something they like.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 6

Costco Canada: Sunjoy 75 Litre Stainless Steel Cooler Cart Was $230 | Now $180 & Free Shipping

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Costco Canada: Sunjoy 75 Litre Stainless Steel Cooler Cart Was $230 | Now $180 & Free Shipping

When I was at Costco last week, I saw this Sunjoy 75.7 litre (80 quart) stainless steel cooler cart and I fell in love. I believe it was actually priced higher in store too! What a perfect thing to have by the pool or on the back deck so you don’t have to have people stomping through your house and going through your stale leftovers to get a drink. Not just practical, this is a showpiece to have on your deck with its sleek stainless steel styling. Regularly $229.99, it is $50 off and selling for $179.99 with free shipping too.

This isn’t just a cooler either. The cart itself has caster wheels, a bottle opener with cap catcher and a towel bar. The bottom shelf allows you to store extra things like more beer. It can be used outside or inside as well as it is rust resistant.

I looked online to find out if this was the best price available and found that it definitely was. While it has a different look, this antique look 80 quart cooler cart sells for $219 at Home Depot. This Outsunny unit from Amazon is made from wicker and not as nice if you ask me and sells for $239. Shop.ca also sells that cooler cart for $289.

Other than those ones, I didn’t really see the SunJoy model except in the U.S., where it does sell for over $200. I also couldn’t find any reviews for this product, but I think it has pretty straightforward usage.

If I bought this cooler cart, I would keep it outside and fill it with freezies and juice boxes for my little ones when they have friends over. It drives me a little nuts when they jump on my trampoline then walk through my house with dirty feet looking for drinks and something to cool off with. I might as well set it up for them in advance. It is worth the money with the savings I’ll get on my time cleaning the floors.

(Expiry: 12th July 2015)

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July 6

Google Play Store: Family Movie Rentals Only 99¢

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Google Play Store: Family Movie Rentals Only 99¢

The Google Play store is offering family friendly movie rentals – commonly known as children’s movies – for only 99¢. This is often a $4- $5 discount on the regular price of the rental. In addition, these movies are also on sale if you end up wanting to buy a copy for your own digital movie library.

There are seven great family movies available to rent for only a dollar. First, the beloved kid’s creepy movie Coraline is discounted from $5.99 to rent down to $0.99. This is one of the few more recent movies that have been made with stop-motion animation. While I have yet to see the movie, I do love the author Neil Gaiman, who wrote the book that this movie was based on.

Next, enjoy a HD rental of Astro Boy. This is one movie I have been meaning to see as I love Japanese style animation and I have watched some of the original Astro Boy series from way back. I might even rent this for myself tonight and indulge in a little popcorn at the same time. Originally $4.99 for the rental, it is now only $0.99.

Next, you can rent Paranorman. Originally $4.99 for a rental, it is now only $0.99. I think of this as the perfect movie – along with Coraline – for a Halloween eve. For more sensitive children, watch it in the day light of summer! Norman’s town is under siege by zombies, and his is the only one that can speak to the dead!

Hoodwinked 2:  Hood vs. Evil is one of the few films I have actually seen from this list. This is a sequel to the brilliant movie Hoodwinked. While I think Hoodwinked 2 falls well short of the mark, it is a fun trip for kids into the land of fairy tales. Rent it now for only $0.99.

I had never heard of Sea Level before, but it is the adorable story of one bamboo shark’s attempt to save his family. Regularly $4.99 for a rental, watch it now for just $0.99.

Lastly, The Adventures of Mark Twain looks like a fun dive into literature including Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and more stowed away on an airship. Originally $6.99, pick up the rental for just $0.99.

With kids out of school for the summer break, these budget friendly movie rentals will come in handy.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 6

Amazon Canada: Buy a Select Movie & Get Up To $7.50 In Movie Cash

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Amazon Canada: Buy a Select Movie & Get Up To $7.50 In Movie Cash

Looking to see Ted 2 or Trainwreck? Buy a select movie at Amazon and you’ll be rewarded with $5 to $7.50 in movie cash to see either of those movies.

Basically, there are funny movies on sale at Amazon and when you buy one, with titles as low as $4.49, you’ll get a movie cash certificate emailed to you for either $5 or $7.50 to see the movies Ted 2 or Trainwreck, depending on the movie you buy. You’ll enter the certificate code when you buy your Cineplex ticket online to see those two movies and get a discounted or free price depending on which show you pick.

I don’t know how, but my kids saw a commercial about Ted 2 and think it is a movie they should see. Having seen the first one, I would have to say absolutely not. Don’t let this movie deceive you – while it is about a cute and cuddly teddy bear – he is also a drug-doing and prostitute-loving teddy bear. Your kids would get an education they might not want watching this movie. So, get your vulgarity-loving friends together and go see Ted 2 or Trainwreck for free after buying one of the select movies available at Amazon.

One of the movies on the list you could buy to get your free movie cash is The 40-Year-Old Virgin. That is probably one of my most favourite funny movies that cemented the career of Steve Carrell and I’m glad it did! It is regularly $14.99 and now only $4.49, which is quite a steal considering you’ll get more than that in movie cash just for buying it!

There are a few other funny ones on the list that I have seen and enjoyed like Identity Thief and A Million Ways to Die in the West. The original Ted is on there too if you hadn’t seen it.

As always, shipping is free when you spend $25. I’m not sure if it will let you buy several movies to get several codes and also save you the shipping fees, but that is definitely worth a try. You can build up your movie collection and take your friends to see a movie, while appearing as the hero!

(Expiry: 15th August 2015)

Photo credit: Alex

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July 6

Wicker Emporium Canada: Stonemill Reclaimed Pine Console Table Was $1200 | Now $600 & Free Shipping

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Wicker Emporium Canada: Stonemill Reclaimed Pine Console Table Was $1200 | Now $600 & Free Shipping

Buying nice furniture for your home should be easy and exorbitant shipping fees shouldn’t be part of the deal either. When you buy furniture from traditional furniture stores in-store, you are looking at a $75 delivery fee. Wicker Emporium’s shipping fees were also quite steep, always stopping me from ordering from them. Luckily, they’ve now added free shipping on any order over $500, which is a minimum saving of $50. I found this gorgeous Stonemill Console Table with drawers made from reclaimed pine that is originally $1199.99 and now only $599.99. Of course, you’ll get free shipping on this item while also saving $600 on the table itself.

I was at a garage sale this weekend and found a gorgeous console for such a great price. Too bad for me I was too late and it had sold. It needed quite a bit of work to get it up to my decor standards. Something like this Stonemill table requires no work and is a piece that can be handed down in years to come.

It has a rustic look that is incredibly hot right now and will look great in your kitchen, dining room, front hall or other living space even when this trend is longer. Not just for looks, it also has a functional use with two drawers for keeping paperwork, keys, electronics and random kitchen tools.

What’s so amazing about reclaimed pine is that it promotes responsible uses of wood for our forests. Rather than cutting down a new tree, they reuse the wood from something else. See this Wikipedia article for more information on reclaimed lumber.

Reclaimed pine furniture can be expensive and I found a few Canadian stores that sold reclaimed pine consoles similar to this one. Urban Barn has one very similar selling for $699, but you’d have to go and pick it up in-store. Nowhere did I find a table of this size with drawers selling for that low of a price and shipping for free.

Of course, you could also see what else piques your fancy at Wicker Emporium as any order over $500 is subject to free shipping. You could also pair together a few smaller items, as they have some beautiful decor items.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 6

Safety 1st Bath Time Bundle Was $45 | Now $24.99 (FS @ $25) @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Safety 1st Bath Time Bundle Was $45 | Now $24.99 (FS @ $25) @ Best Buy Canada

Here is a little bath set that every new mom needs. Check out the Safety 1st Bath Time Bundle that was $44.99 but is now only $24.99. This perfect little bundle is a greater starter set for a new mom, or for the experienced mom to have everything together in one place.

Babies need a lot of gear in the beginning, and this little set perfectly combines many of the basics you need for bath time. Check out this set I found that is a perfect baby gift for that upcoming shower you are attending. Included in this kit is:

  • Comfy bath centre tub made of molded plastic
  • Comfy bath infant cushion
  • Grooming kit
  • Zippered carrying bag for travel

The tub on this kit is a hard plastic tub, which I found more convenient as my daughter got a little bigger. Included is a foam cushion to make the tub more comfortable for your baby when they are in the newborn stage. This tub fits most standard sinks, so you can choose whether to bathe your kiddo in the tub or sink depending on what is available. The bath also has a temperature strip included that can help you ensure the water is at just the right temperature for your babies sensitive skin. The grooming kit includes nail clippers, a soft baby brush and comb, round tip scissors and several emery boards. That gives you several nail trimming options for a job that can sometimes be difficult. I still cut my daughter’s nails with the round tip scissors, though my husband prefers the clippers.

At Toys R Us Canada, a plastic tub for babies by itself costs $27.99 with no included extras such as the cushion for newborns or the grooming kit. At Shop.ca, a Safety First bathtub with an infant sling that functions similarly to the infant cushion is $44.99 and does not include the grooming kit. At Sears.ca, I found a Safety First Complete Care Bath kit that includes a newborn sling, bathtub, rinse cup and a sponge that clocks in at $54.99.

To qualify for free shipping at $25, you will need a small filler item. I would pick up the Munchkin Float and Stack Buddies that was $6.99 but is on sale for $1.99. A cute little toy like this in the bath will add a little fun to your bath time gift set. Otherwise shipping is $16.99, yikes! Spend the extra two bucks and pick up the bath toy for a much better deal.

(Expiry: 9th July 2015)

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July 6

Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket Was $52 | Now $19 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket Was $52 | Now $19 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Wagjag.ca

Picnics and spending time outside is a big part of summertime. Get ready for your next adventure with this fun insulated collapsible picnic basket. Valued at $52, this basket is on sale @ Wagjag for $24. Use our exclusive coupon code MOOSE5 to receive an extra $5 off your order. That brings your total to only $19 including free shipping!

Everyone loves a picnic and with this bag, you can be ready on a moment’s notice. Check out this fully collapsible picnic basket over at Wagjag. This bag has an aluminium frame and is lined on the inside. That lining helps keep cold foods cold but also keeps hot foods hotter. While I am not thinking too much about hot food right now, a sleek little bag like this can be just as handy in the wintertime for a potluck as it is in summer for a picnic. The top seals with a zipper keeping either the cold or the warm food protected. Once you eat all of your delicious munchies, the bag folds down making it easy to store and much slimmer than your average bulky cooler bag. This bag is the perfect size for a family day out, and clocks in at the following dimensions: 35cm width x 30cm length x 15cm height.

You also have four different colour options including:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red

At Bed Bath and Beyond Canada, I found an insulated picnic tote for $29.99. At Amazon.ca I found several options, but the cheapest one that is fully insulated clocks in at $43.72. Newegg.ca is selling a similar insulated bag for $55. Most of the other places I found these bags are now out of stock. The season on these bags is coming to a close even though they still have plenty of uses in wintertime.

One of my teacher friends has a bag very similar to this that she received from a thoughtful parent. It so far has been the perfect size to hold lunch and snacks for a family enjoying a day at the beach or at an amusement park. This basket slides over your arm, making it much easier to tote along than your typical cooler. The frame always kept her food from ending up squished, unlike my watermelon that became juice in my bag. If you like to make gift baskets, this is an excellent way to throw together a nice little present. This would be lovely full of food for a new mom, or as a present for the hockey family who is always on the go.

Go ahead and pick out your favourite colour. If you are ordering more than one basket, I recommend placing separate orders so you can use the coupon code more than once since shipping is free.

Image Credit: Jessica Lucia

(Expiry: 8th July 2015)

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July 6

Photobook Canada Voucher Code for 60% off Everything!

Posted by on July 6, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Photobook Canada Voucher Code for 60% off Everything!

I love making photobooks as gifts for friends and family. I feel that they’re a really thoughtful and unique gift. However, I don’t like paying over the odds to make them. That’s why this coupon code for a 60% discount at Photobook Canada is a great little deal – you can save 60% on anything on their site, including photobooks. Photobook Canada Voucher Code for 60% off Everything!

Click here to use the Photobook Canada voucher code online now

  • Coupon Code: CDAY60
  • Discount: 60% off anything
  • Expires: 7th July 2015

Terms: 60% off all Photo Products. For Photobooks, discount only applies for all standard 40-page Softcover Photobooks and all standard 20+2 page Lay Flat Photobooks; not inclusive of paper upgrade, accessories and additional pages.

Remember, Photobook Canada don’t JUST sell photobooks, they sell other photo merchandise such as prints and wall décor. There are a ton of personalised items to choose from, each would make a cool gift. Why, you can even get your photos printed on metal!

Some rough ideas of the prices of select items after you applied the above coupon code:

  • 6” x 6” mini square book - $9.20
  • 8” x 11” medium book – $15.60
  • 11” x 11” large square book – $25.20
  • 5” x 12” XL book – $60
  • 12” x 12” calendar – $12
  • 2” x 6” bookmark (14pcs) – $5.20
  • 5” x 5 “ metal print – $16

Shipping Fees

One thing that’s a bit of a drawback with shopping from Photobook Canada is their shipping fees on lower value orders. Shipping is free if your order is $75 or more, so if you’re placing a high value order, there’s nothing to worry about. However, it’s a different story for lower orders. I did a test order for a poster which was $9, and the coupon code brought the poster down to only $3.20. But shipping was an extra $5+ on that item, that’s a rough shipping cost to an address in Ontario.

Shipping depends on what you are buying and where you live, but as you can see, it does add a bit on to the order total. Well, you could almost look at it in this fashion – on low value items, the above coupon code really helps offset those shipping fees. In the case of the poster I mentioned, the final price was about $8.59 including shipping… meaning that the coupon code totally covered the shipping fee. Or, in buying an $80 photobook, the final cost with the voucher and shipping was $50 – so it can work out OK in some cases.

But if you’re using Photobook Canada to buy a large item, say the XL photobooks, then you’re really saving a huge amount. If your order is just under the $75 free shipping threshold, it might be worth adding some smaller items to bring your cart up to the minimum for free shipping.

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July 5

60-Day Free Trial of Google Play Music

Posted by on July 5, 2015 at 6:30 PM

60 Day Free Trial of Google Play Music

As if in response to Apple Music finally moving to Canada, Google Play Music has doubled their 30 day trial to a 60 day trial. Receive two months of free music streaming and more from Google Play.

There are two different versions of Google Play Music. First is the ‘free’ version and the second is the ‘unlimited’ version. If I understand correctly, this promotion is for a 60-day free trial of Google Play Music Unlimited, which includes many lucrative features.

First, Google play Music allows you to store up to 50,000 of your iTunes songs and listen to them on any device: tablet, smart phone, or computer. You will also receive recommendations based upon your taste.

Secondly, Google unlimited offers you on-demand access to over 30 million songs for your listening pleasure. You can download songs to play when you are not connected to the internet. These songs will play add-free. Enjoy your own curated radio station with unlimited skipping songs. Receive recommendations based upon your specific music tastes as well. here is a quick info-graph on the difference between the free Google Play app you download and a Google Play Music Unlimited subscription:

60 Day Free Trial of Google Play Music

Now, your free trial lasts for 60-days at which point it will cost $9.99 per month to continue your subscription.

I think of Google Play Music Unlimited as sort of a cross between Apple Match ($27.99/yr) and Apple Music ($9.99/m)… I do think this promo is directly in response to Apple Canada’s recent offer for three months free trial of their music subscription service.

I think this offer is ideal for Android phone users as Apple has not yet created an iTunes for Android, yet! This is a great way to get music off the iTunes on your computer and playable on all your devices. With support for up to 50,000 songs plus plenty of access to online (and offline) streaming, you really cannot go wrong with a deal like this from Google Play.

If you have the Google Play Music Unlimited account, then let us know what you think of it! We are always eager to hear user views on tech and software.

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July 5

Amazon Canada: The Chronicles of Riddick & Pitch Black Blu-Ray Steelbooks – Under $5 Each

Posted by on July 5, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Amazon Canada: The Chronicles of Riddick & Pitch Black Blu Ray Steelbooks   Under $5 Each

Amazon Canada has two excellent prices on Riddick movies with the beloved Vin Diesel. These are the limited edition Steelbook covers in Blu-Ray. First, Pitch Black [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] is on sale from $22.99 down to $4.99. Second, The Chronicles of Riddick [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] is on sale from $22.99 down to $4.49.

Couple notes: Chronicles of Riddick is temporarily out of stock, but you can still buy the movie and it will just ship when it comes back into stock. Pitch Black is in stock but is shipping in about one to four weeks. I hope you are not in a rush.

Chronicles of Riddick

I already own the Chronicles of Riddick but I LOVE the steelbook format so much more than regular plastic. Therefore, I am ordering a copy for myself as we speak. I think it is worth $4.50 to replace my current version. The steelbook version has the most incredible cover that reminds me of a dark and gritty comic book. Now, the steelbook is not available anywhere else. Therefore, I just compared this title to other Blu-Ray versions. Amazon Canada sells the regular blu-ray version for $6.75 and Walmart Canada sells the regular version for $7.96. In the USA, I found the Steelbook version – this version – for $14.99 USD.

This is one of my favourite movies and I often watch it over and over again. Some of my favourite parts are when he is down in Crematorium and making friends with the resident four-legged creatures.

Pitch Black

This movie is like a cult favourite. If you like any of the Riddick series, then you are probably a fan of this movie. Oddly enough, I adore The Chronicles of Riddick but I do not like Pitch Black. Pitch Black is too ‘horror’ for me. However, each to their own. Like above, the steelbook is in short supply in Canada, thus I compared with the regular blu-ray version. Pitch Black costs $14.96 at Walmart Canada and other places. In the USA, the steelbook version costs $14.99 USD at Best Buy.

Just to give you an additional idea as to the value of the Steelbooks, we can look at Amazon.com. In the USA, Amazon.com sells these Blu-Ray steelbooks for $9.49 – $9.89 USD. It is WAY cheaper here.

Shipping is free on $25+.

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