October 19

Hudson’s Bay: Simmons BeautySleep Muirfield EuroTop Set Up to 75% Off

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Hudsons Bay: Simmons BeautySleep Muirfield EuroTop Set Up to 75% Off

Hudson’s Bay Canada has a phenomenal deal on this Simmons BeautySleep Muirfield EuroTop Set. Receive up to 75% off this mattress and regular or low profile box spring set. This set cannot be ordered online; it must be phoned in or bought in store.

I find it super inconvenient that you cannot order the set online. I hate that you must phone in to place your order, as I hate phoning companies. You can also pop into your local store if you are in the neighborhood and place the order there. I suggest bringing a copy of the sale page or having your smartphone along so you can show them the price.

Speaking of prices, here is how the discount tier looks:

  • Twin Was $1,198 | Now $398
  • Double Was $1,398 | Now $468
  • Queen Was $1,498 | Now $498
  • King Was $1,998 | Now $668

This is a firm support mattress with a memory foam layer to support your back and provide contouring, pressure-relieving comfort. The queen size mattress has 768 pocket coils with a 360-degree wrap around foam. The wrap around foam provides comfort for those who tend to sleep on the end of their bed, just clinging to the mattress for safety.

The mattress is Euro top style and they recommend a low profile base to make it easier to climb in and out of bed. These mattresses tend to be very thick so it can be quite the jump to get into bed if you have a higher base.

With a 10-year warranty, your bed is sure to last.

I checked with their chat line to see if I could order the mattress online, but it was a no go. For ordering, you can contact the main Hudson’s bay line:

Im so sorry you had to call in to purchase that from our Major home Fashions that department closed at 9pm EST on Sunday they will reopen tomorrow morning at 7am EST mattresses can only be ordered through them at 1-888-257-6784

I got that response from their customer service. You can also contact your nearest store and go through them.

Overall, I think this mattress is a fantastic buy for anyone that is on a budget and needs to replace his or her old bed. A queen set for $500 is just fantastic! A better sleep leads to a happier and more productive you.

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October 19

Under Armour Canada: Men’s ColdGear Infrared Snocone Pants $105 (Was $185)

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Under Armour Canada: Men’s ColdGear Infrared Snocone Pants $105 (Was $185)

Snow is coming. Prepare for winter with the Men’s ColdGear Infrared Snocone Pants from Under Armour. Originally $184.99, these snow pants are now on sale for $104.99, thus saving you $80.

There are so many reasons to like this deal. First of all, you save 43% on the original price of these snow pants. As we are just entering the winter season, that is a pretty steep discount to see this far into October. Not only do you save $80, you also have a full selection of sizes. Small through extra-large is still in stock at Under Armour Canada.

The ColdGear pants are 100% waterproof and breathable. They are filled with Primaloft insulation, which is lightweight, water-resistant, breathable, and you can compress it without losing warmth. Insulation inside the pants is strategically places at places where you need it more. The main body has 40g with the seat and knees at 60g for extra warmth.

Frankly, I had no clue what infrared pants would be but the description says it is a print technology used on the interior to retain heat without adding weight to your pants. These sound great for anyone who works outside in the cold. Speaking of working in your snow pants, they come with a built-in boot gaiter (6″ zip gusset) to secure around your boots and prevent heat loss. The waistband is adjustable and has belt loops so you can secure it yourself. There are also several pockets for stuffing hand warmers, snack bars, and other goodies.

All pants appear to have a 32″ inseam that will work for many men but not all, unfortunately. It is a shame they do not have a couple different lengths so that the tall and the short have better options. There is nothing like poor fitting snow pants to dampen your mood.

There are two matching jackets for these ColdGear Infrared Snocone Pants and both are on sale. Pick up the Men’s ColdGear Infrared Tripper 3-in-1 Jacket for $206.99 (Was $344.99) or get the Men’s ColdGear Infrared Alpinlite Max Jacket for $138 (Was $229.99). Sizes are limited in both the coats with medium, large, XL, and 3XL represented.

Under Armour offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more so any one of these three items will ship for free. Get yours now before the weather turns cold and you are knee deep in snow.

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October 19

Amazon Canada: More $5 Blu Rays

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Amazon Canada: More $5 Blu Rays

While shopping for new movies, I ran across a selection of Blu Ray movies for just $5 or less. You seriously cannot get a better deal on a Blu Ray movie unless someone gives one to you, so I thought I would share this awesome little find with my Moosers!

You can buy fourteen movies on Blu Ray for $5 apiece. I did a list like this back in May, so I thought I would point out the new additions to the section instead of going back over the ones that have been there for a while.  Without further ado, here they are:

As you can see, there is a nice new crop of $5 Blu Ray movies up for grabs along with seven others previously mentioned that are still available.

Your best savings is on the new Robocop, which is a cult classic movie about a dystopian society. It foretold the demise of Detroit (haha!). It is also quite famous for its commercials. I have never seen this movie, but upon asking my husband if Robocop was worth $5, he said it certainly was and probably was worth even more.

I recommend The Transporter as it is a fantastic action based movie and my father quite enjoys it. I love this reviewer’s comment:

So much action, in fact, that the story doesn’t matter. It plays like a young man’s fantasy – fast cars, things that blow up, and a pretty girl to decorate the scene. The English actor, Jason Statham, is cast as the cooler than cool hero.

I would be remiss if I did not mention House of the Dead right before Halloween. It is probably the worst horror movie you will ever watch judging by the reviews on Amazon. However, if you are a fan of the horror genre then you will probably watch it anyway and cringe all the way at the bad acting and the plot that makes absolutely no sense.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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October 19

Pizza Pizza: $2 Smile Pizzas on October 21st For Charity

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Pizza Pizza: $2 Smile Pizzas on October 21st For Charity

For just one day only, Tuesday October 21st, you will be able to grab something very delicious to eat, and not only will it be a great price, but the money will also go to charity.  Pizza Pizza is having a promotion on Tuesday and offering 10″ half smile pizzas for just $2 each all day.

This pizza is half of a 10″ pizza with pepperonis in the shape of a smile.  Essentially, you will be getting half of a medium pepperoni pizza for just $2 each.  That is an awesome deal as a medium peperoni pizza retails for a lot more than that on an average day.

This deal will be in effect from open until close and you can get as many as you would like for just $2 each. Each pizza is packed with lots of pepperoni slices in the shape of a smile but you will not be able to get extra toppings on them, as this is a specialty pizza for this day only.  You can grab a few of them for barely any money at all and treat your coworkers for lunch. I wish there was a location near me to take advantage of this awesome deal. Unfortunately, Alberta just has Pizza 73 locations.

This great cause has been happening every single year since 2007 at Pizza Pizza. A portion of the proceeds from these smile pizzas will be donated to the 14 different hospitals that are a part of The Children’s Miracle Network. Additionally, if you are unable to take advantage of this deal, Pizza Pizza will be donating the proceeds of any medium plain cheese or pepperoni pizza to The Children’s Miracle Network.  This will happen throughout the rest of the month of October.

Since they have started this charity deal, they have raised over $1,300,000 for children´s charities across the country. That is a pretty impressive number.

Not only is this a great cause, this is a great deal as well.  You can grab a $2 lunch or grab a couple of them for inner for your family.

It does not actually say whether this is dine-in only or if you can order takeout so you may want to check with your local store to get the details.

(Valid October 21st, 2014 only)

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October 19

Snapfish Canada Promo Code: 60% Off Canvas Prints

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Snapfish Canada Promo Code: 60% Off Canvas Prints

It’s not too late! If you hurry, you can save 60% off canvas prints at Snapfish Canada right now, but only when you enter the code below at checkout!

Click here to customize your own canvas print @ Snapfish.ca now

  • Coupon Code: CANVASOCTCA
  • Discount: 60% off canvas prints
  • Expiry: 20th October 2014

Every day, I take dozens of pictures on my phone and I’m certain that many of you Moosers are the exact same way because of how much smart phones have simplified this task. But have you even printed any of your pictures? I haven’t. They’re all still in my phone, with the exception of the odd couple of times that I have had to transfer them onto my computer in order to make room for even more picture taking.

As such, I’ll be taking advantage of Snapfish Canada’s promotion to create a small collage of my baby’s pictures. I plan on creating a couple of canvases of varying sizes to then either hang in my own hallway or perhaps even give as gifts to the grandparents! Snapfish Canada Promo Code: 60% Off Canvas Prints

Here are the prices that you can expect to see once you apply the code at checkout:

  • 8″ x 10″: reg. $59/ now $23.60
  • 11″ x 14″: reg. $79/ now $31.60
  • 16″ x 20″: reg. $99/ now $39.60
  • 20″ x 24″: reg. $119/ now $47.60

The canvases at Snapfish Canada are professionally printed onto conservation-grade canvases and are finished with a satin top coat. The great part about them is that they portray a gallery-feel as the fact that they’re 1.5″ in depth helps the picture to really stand out. Each canvas is also wrapped around the edges for an even more professional look.

Canvases are great and all, but if you don’t have enough room on your walls for those and would prefer to get any other photo item, then make sure to use our Bargainmoose exclusive Snapfish Canada promo code that Eva recently blogged about instead as it will allow you to save 30% off everything. At Snapfish Canada, you can customize your own photo mugs, books, cards, posters, calendars, puzzle and even hockey pucks, along with a whole slew of other cool items.

Shipping is at a flat rate of $9.99 per canvas and $2.99 for each additional one that you add to your cart. Keep in mind that it will take a couple of days for your order to be processed and printed, but it should be shipped within 7-10 days.

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October 19

Knock-Off vs. Real Deal: How to Spot the Not

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Knock Off vs. Real Deal: How to Spot the Not

Last week, I went to Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, Cirque du Soleil’s newest production, and while the show was fantastic – well worth the price of admission – the food and the souvenirs were way overpriced (typical of a show of that caliber).

The prices would tempt anyone to try and find cheaper alternatives, which is why sometimes if you exit an event like Cirque du Soleil or (more typically) a concert, you’ll be quickly and immediately accosted by a bunch of guys selling t-shirts at a deep discount.

Has this happened to you? You’d know by how insistent these men were that you close the sale in minutes right on the spot. If you’d been there before, maybe you had a chance to take a close look at those shirts as well. No matter what event this happens at, they all come with the same M.O. From a distance those shirts look like the genuine article, basically identical to the ones you could get inside the venue. But if you look closely, the shirts are anything but — there are a few subtle changes that indicate they’re not exactly official merchandise.

So was that hasty purchase worth it to save a few dollars? Some Bargainmoosers (or is it Bargainmeeses?) may think so, but that purchase was counterfeit, which is why it happened so fast. The sellers were trying to get out of dodge before the cops caught wind. Hey, it’s a nice deal if you can get it, but counterfeit goods come at a cost.

You may not care that the sale of counterfeit goods increases the price of the real product or that you don’t know where the money you spent is going and counterfeit goods are often linked to terrorism, but you may care that counterfeit goods are of questionable quality and that money you saved may go right back into fixing the merchandise when it falls apart.

Whatever you think of counterfeit products, (good or bad) no Bargainmooser is worth their fake antlers if they can’t tell the difference between an artificial product and the genuine article.

So, below you’ll find a number of ways you can spot the not.

Look for Inconsistencies in the Packaging

The easiest way to spot a fake product is to look for differences in the packaging. Grammatical and spelling errors are common and rather obvious. We’re not talking about the occasional missing comma here. Instead, you’ll find random letters or typos in words they have no place in. Think “SOUTH AFRLCA” and “Assoxiation” for example. All of it is usually extremely obvious.

Even if there are no spelling mistakes, the printing quality would be rather shoddy. Look for colours that run or are different than those on the actual packaging you may have seen elsewhere. Look for warped or blurry text along with company logos that don’t quite look the same as the brand you think you’re buying.

Sometimes you’ll notice shoddy workmanship on the package itself. Sometimes counterfeit packages are partially or completely open before they even leave the seller’s hands. They might even be taped closed in a cheap and unprofessional way. If you see any of these many inconsistencies, they’re an absolute dead giveaway that what you’re getting isn’t exactly the real thing.

Look for Deals that Seem Too Good to be True

It’s not that counterfeit goods are always cheaper than the real products they are impersonating, but many of the deals you may be offered for them are generally ridiculously out of touch with the reality of the market. I mean, for crying out loud, who can afford to sell a brand new Louis Vuitton for $50 when the average price starts at $1,000 unless you are a counterfeiter? Exactly, nobody.

If you’re still in doubt, perhaps you should compare previous versions of the product you bought with this more suspect edition or, if this is your first time buying this product, go to the company website and compare what you have to what you see online.

Look for Shoddy Workmanship and Missing Pieces

Most companies take pride in their products, so seeing torn, frayed or broken merchandise should send up red flags immediately. If you see missing tags, decals or parts that are present on genuine versions of what you purchased, then you probably have a fake in your midst. All genuine products come with everything needed for their operation, including a user’s manual, product registration documents and accessories.

Therefore, if any of these are missing or different from what you’d typically expect, then you’ve likely been had by the seller. Again, it may not matter if something isn’t quite the same as the original, but can you think of anyone who wants a crappy product, even if they’re going for a deal?

Look for Safety Certification and Safety Standards Marks

If you’re buying electronics, you’d usually find a Canadian Standards Association mark if it’s a Canadian product and an Underwriter’s Laboratory or ETL mark if it’s an American product. All three marks certify that the product has been tested and meets North American safety standards In Europe, you’re looking for a CE mark to tell you that the merchandise is certified for safe use on that continent.

Counterfeit goods either don’t have these marks or have fake and generic versions of them. We recommend familiarizing yourself with what these marks really look like, so you know what to look for. Often, fake products will have the certification on the packaging, but not on the product itself and although the mark is of varying sizes on all products, they always look the same in terms of font and design. So, if these marks look different in any way, or they’re just nowhere to be found, then you probably have a fake product and a huge fire hazard on your hands.

Okay BargainMoosers, have any of you ever bought a fake product? If you have, tell us your story.

Photo credit: Ben

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October 19

Garage Clothing: BOGO 50% Off Jeans & Free Shipping

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Garage Clothing: BOGO 50% Off Jeans & Free Shipping

Garage Clothing is offering free shipping with no minimum required this week. You can also capitalize upon their BOGO 50% off jeans offer at the same time or scavenge the sale section for cheap buys.

All qualifying denim will say “Denim-Buy one, get one 50% off” underneath the price. I picked out the Velvet Burgundy High Waist Colored Jegging for $44.90 as my first pair. That over-saturated deep red is such a beautiful colour and jeggings are a trend that just keeps being popular. They cost $44.90. For my second pair, I chose the Medium Dark Marble Retro High Waist Jeggings that also cost $44.90. I will get 50% off these, bringing them down to $22.45. These are very retro and remind me so much of my mother. I think they would look cute with crop tops during the summer or look cozy paired with over-sized chunky sweaters for the winter.

The free shipping deal does not really shine with the jeans offer as, if you buy two pairs of jeans, you would get free shipping anyway. You really need to invade the sale section to understand truly how great free shipping can be. Let us do some shopping on a budget.

Score this Striped V-Neck Tee for only $5 (originally $14.90) in the sale section. All sizes except XL are in stock. The shirt sports nice colours – I like purple – and seems to be a decent length for my liking.

If you are an extra-small, then you can score one of the last sizes available in the Floral Open Back Halter Tank for just $5. The shirt originally retailed for $24.90 so you are saving a bundle of money. The shirt is meant to be overt but it can be easily layered for a bit more warmth during the winter.

Layering is a great way to turn summer clothes into practical autumn wardrobe choices. This “Reppin It” Side Slit Muscle Tank can peak out from under your cardigan for just $5, originally $19.90.

I also found a great little deal on no-show socks. Pick up one or several pairs with free shipping:

Buy any or all of these sweet deals and receive free shipping on your order. I am not sure when any of the individual clothing deals end.

(Expiry: 27th October 2014 for free shipping)

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October 19

Dynamite Canada: 50% off Blazers & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Dynamite Canada: 50% off Blazers & Free Shipping

Dynamite Canada is offer free shipping with no minimum for this week. Take this time to indulge in a piece of clothing you have been eying up or haunt the sales section. They also have a whopping 50% off select blazers right now.

Both these deals are equally worthy of merit, so combined they make a stellar combo. The Basic Boyfriend Blazer was $59.90 and is reduced to $29.95 in your cart. Wear it to the office, for a job interview, or throw it over jeans and a tee for lunch out with your friends or your boyfriend’s parents. Usually, Dynamite has a free shipping minimum of $50 or more, so you would not get free shipping on the blazer alone. This time you can just purchase the blazer and get it shipped to you free. All the blazers are priced at $59.90, so they will each only cost $29.95 in your cart. I do not know when the 50% off blazers offer ends, so shop soon.

There are several other deals on right now. For those cold winter nights ahead of you, get 30% off wraps and cardigans. This Open Cardigan With Faux Leather Pockets was $49.90 and comes down to $34.90 in your cart. There are three colours to choose from and the faux leather adds a little touch of sophistication while you are bundled up.

For true bundling up, receive 30% off select outerwear right now. While not all coats are included in this offer, most will be discounted so check out the selection. If you live in the cold northern climate, this Winter Parka With Faux Leather might just be the ticket you need to a warm torso. Originally $129.90, the coat comes down to $90.93. I find it hard to spend over $100 on a winter coat, as I will only use it a few months of the year now. With this sale, you really do not have to spend too much.

You can also check out the sale section as it is absolutely brimming with great deals. Try these deals on for size:

With free shipping, you can just buy that tunic tank for $5 and get it shipped to you without anything else.

(Expiry: 27th October 2014 for free shipping)

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October 19

Best Buy Canada: CorLiving Low Back Adjustable Bar Stools 2 Pack | Was $178 Now $100

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Best Buy Canada: CorLiving Low Back Adjustable Bar Stools 2 Pack | Was $178 Now $100

I hope you’re all enjoying your evening, my fellow Bargainmoosers! Best Buy is currently having a decent sale on their CorLiving Low Back Adjustable Bar Stools 2 Pack – normally retailing for $177.99, you can now buy these bar stools for $99.99! You’ll also get free shipping with your order, which makes this deal even better!

When you typically think about Best Buy, chances are that you don’t really think about their furniture selection. After all, they’re an electronics giant that’s known for always having the latest televisions, cell phones, movies, video games, and computers. However, they actually sell some great furniture online, and this CorLiving Low Back Adjustable Bar Stools 2 Pack is no exception.

These sleek, contemporary bar stools can be a great fit in your home. We currently have 2 black bar stools in our condo, and they look great next to the kitchen counter. These stools provide us with a comfortable place to have a quick meal, and they really look cool, too. My brother has several bar stools in his house, but he has some interesting uses for them – he has them in front of his arcade and pinball machines, so his guests that want to play these games can sit comfortably in front of these massive machines.

The best thing about bar stools is that they’re versatile. You can find many different uses for them, and they’re also easy to maneuver, so you can always move them around and change your set-up quickly and easily.

This CorLiving Low Back Adjustable Bar Stools 2 Pack currently sells for $134.99 on Amazon. I’ve listed a brief review of these bar stools from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

Quality and price are on point. Very elegant looking stools. Some assembly required, but very simple. You will be happy with these I am certain. They arrived in very well protected shipping package. 

If you’re looking for some high quality bar stools, all you need to do is check out this deal. Happy hunting, my fellow bargain hunters!

(Expiry: 30th October 2014)

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October 19

The Source Canada: Open-Box Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16 MP Camera | Was $200 Now $80

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM

The Source Canada: Open Box Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16 MP Camera | Was $200 Now $80

Good evening, my fellow deal hunters! The Source currently slashed the price on their open-box Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16MP Camera – normally selling for $199.99, you can now purchase this easy-to-use digital camera for $79.96! Your order will also qualify for free shipping! That’s always a nice bonus, right?

This Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16MP Camera is loaded with great features – it has a 16mp 1/2.3-inch ccd sensor with a primary colour filter, it can film 720p hd videos, has an hdmi (mini) port, accepts sd/sdhc cards, and has a 30x wide angle optical zoom. This is a great camera for this price!

I’m not entirely satisfied with the camera on my cell phone, so I think it’s important to still have a decent digital camera that you can use during special events. When you’re going to be at a memorable get together with friends or your family, a sports event, or a wedding, you’ll want to use a camera that you can rely on. Plus, you’ll want to be able to take high-quality pictures, and you can certainly do that with this Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16MP Camera.

On Amazon, this Fujifilm FinePix S4800 16MP Camera costs $169.99. If you were to purchase this camera from WalMart’s American website, it would cost you $199 US. I’ve listed an informative review of this camera from a customer of The Source below:

A little below in features of the newest cameras. Such as video quality at 720 not 1080. Zoom is not as powerful as newer models.
But it is below half the price of the current models out there and takes excellent quality pictures.

If you want to save some cash on a convenient 16MP camera that can also take videos, then you should definitely check out this deal before it’s gone. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 19

Gap Canada Sale: Up To 75% Off Styles For Men, Women & Kids

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Gap Canada Sale: Up To 75% Off Styles For Men, Women & Kids

Want to save big at The Gap? Now is the time to shop because until Wednesday, they’re offering up to 75% off plenty of styles for the whole family.

Overall, sizes are going quick, so I suggest that you Moosers shop ASAP and not wait until the last minute. Since we’re smack dab in the fall season, I had a look at the selection of sweaters and found a couple of great choices for under $30. The turk-stich sweater, for instance, was originally $39.95, but is now on sale for just $9.97. It comes in either white, blue or pink and surprisingly, is still available in all sizes. It’s surprising because nearly all of the other sweaters reduced to close to $10 are for the most part, only available in either XS or XL. The tuck-stitch sweater is primarily made out of cotton and looks super comfy as it features an easy fit.

Although it’s only available in sizes XL and XXL, I also found the bomber jacket on sale for just $33.97, which is a 65% reduction from its original price of $98. It comes in white and I thought I would mention it anyways despite its lack of smaller sizes because it looks like it runs smaller. But don’t take my word for it as I’m only basing myself off the picture. To get a better estimate of the size, be sure to use Gap’s size chart, which you can click at the top of the “add to bag” button on any item. This jacket is 100% cotton, is machine washable and has a quilted lining.

If you click over to the tall section, then there is also a tall sized version of this coat available in sapphire blue, but only in the small size. I’m not tall by any means, but I would certainly consider getting the tall version anyways just to have a looser kind style. In fact, I also found a baby quilted jacket on sale for just $19.99 (reg. $34.95). Available in sizes from newborn to 12 months, it comes in grey and features a quilted jersey knit with full lining. It even has 2 reviews with a total of 4.5/5 stars! Here’s what someone had to say about it:

I purchased this jacket as a backup jacket for my son; I figured it’s neutral enough, and I was right. This jacket is simple and practical. If it wasn’t for the closet space, I would probably buy more in different sizes…

The only exclusion to this sale is on Gap Factory items and shipping is free on orders over $50.

(Image Credit: Lauren Hammond)

(Expiry: 22nd October 2014)

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October 19

Amazon Canada: Leprechaun Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set | Was $47 Now $13

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Leprechaun Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set | Was $47 Now $13

Looking to get into the right mood for Halloween? Well, today’s deal at Amazon just might be the spooky solution that you’re looking for! Remember the Leprechaun movies? Where the magical little person from Willow (Warwick Davis) played a scary Leprechaun? You can now purchase the Leprechaun: Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set, which contains 6 Leprechaun movies, for just $12.49 (plus $1.99 shipping). This set normally retails for $46.99, so you’re saving 73% on the regular price!

The Leprechaun: Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set contains all 6 movies in this popular horror series. That’s a lot of entertainment for a small price! This deal may not be around for very long, so click on the link above and check out this deal before it’s gone!

This would be a very entertaining DVD set to have, especially if you’re a horror fan, or want to entertain your friends before Halloween. I remember first hearing about this movie in the early nineties, and while they were pretty silly (I mean, come on – one of the later movie titles is Leprechaun 4: In Space), you can’t go wrong with some cheesy horror flicks! I’d love to check out some of these with my girlfriend, especially after having a few glasses of wine! That’s a fine night of entertainment right there.

The Leprechaun: Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set typically costs $37.59 on Shop.ca, and it’s currently $29.99 at Future Shop. I’ve included a brief review of this Leprechaun: Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

I have been waiting for this to be at a good price and finally, after a while of waiting it paid off. I am very happy to be the owner to them now – all 6 movies! Amazing, thank you Amazon Canada: Leprechaun Pot Of Gore Collection DVD Set | Was $47 Now $13

I hope you’re all enjoying the rest of your Sunday, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 19

Future Shop Canada: Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space | Was $380 Now $160 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on October 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Future Shop Canada: Monarch L Shape Desk With Built In Storage Space | Was $380 Now $160 (EXPIRED)

Future Shop is having another great limited-time sale, and today it’s for a Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space. Normally retailing for $379.99, you can now purchase this Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space for $159.99 – you’re saving $220 from the regular price! Plus, you’ll also qualify for free shipping!

This Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space has a nice white finish, is made with hollow-core material and tempered glass. It has a great contemporary design that can easily mesh with a wide range of different décors, and its shelving can be put on the left or right side – whatever works best for your workspace. Best of all, the L-shaped design of this desk provides owners with a large work area that they can use effectively.

If I had the space for this Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space in my condo, I would have quickly purchased this before I even wrote this article. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the room at this time, but it looks like a great desk that can fit plenty of things. Effective storage solutions are always important when you feel like you’re running out of room constantly, so that’s why I was interested in this desk. The Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space also looks like a comfortable desk to do your work on – something that’s very important for freelancers like myself.

Amazon’s American website is currently selling a similar desk for $298.33 US. Listed below is a brief review of this Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space from a satisfied Amazon customer:

This is not a high quality material, so if you’re looking for real wood, this is not for you. But if you’re like me and don’t care, you’ll love it. It’s easy to put together. I did it by myself (I’m a 30 year old female). It would be helpful if you had a drill or power screwdriver but I didn’t and it was fine. It did take a couple of hours but it wasn’t complicated at all.

This deal expires tonight before midnight, so if you want to take advantage of this deal and save a fair amount of money on this Monarch L-Shape Desk With Built-In Storage Space, then you should check this out before it’s too late. I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, Bargainmoosers!

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October 19

Game Access Canada: Thief For The Xbox One (Used) | Was $50 Now $20 (EXPIRED)

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Game Access Canada: Thief For The Xbox One (Used) | Was $50 Now $20 (EXPIRED)

Hey there, Bargainmoosers! Xbox One owners may find today’s deal particularly enticing – you can order a used copy of Thief for the Xbox One from Game Access for just $19.72 (plus $3 shipping). The regular price of this game is $49.99, and it’s currently on sale at Best Buy and Future Shop for $39.99.

Thief for the Xbox One is a game created by Eidos and Square Enix. It has some mixed reviews online, but I usually tend to take movie and video game based reviews with a grain of salt. After all, the experience that you have with a movie or a video game will typically be different from others. That’s why it’s great that we’re all different – if we all thought the same way about certain things, then planet Earth would be one boring place!

Personally, I know of plenty movies and games that I love that my friends don’t particularly like. For example, the game The Adventures Of Bayou Billy is one of my favourite classic Nintendo games, but most reviewers don’t think very highly of this game. Maybe it’s due to nostalgia, but I still think the game had some awesome graphics and music for its time. Thief for the Xbox One may have some detractors, but there are still people out there who enjoy the game.

I’ve included a brief review of Thief for the Xbox One from a satisfied Best Buy customer:

It is a great game, but it’s not for everyone, more of a niché thing. If you are buying this game, you know what you want and you will not be disappointed.

If you want to check out this game for the Xbox One, all you have to do is take advantage of this deal from Game Access! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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October 19

Walmart Canada: Tube Dresses Just $5 & Free Shipping

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Walmart Canada: Tube Dresses Just $5 & Free Shipping

The clearance sale at Walmart Canada continues and the deals seem to keep getting better.  I am always on the hunt for some great clothing pieces and I came across this awesome deal.  You can get their Smock Tube Dresses on clearance right now for just $5 each!

This smock tube dress was priced at $10 which is still a pretty great price but to get it at 50% off for just $5 is a steal.  In total, there are seven different prints to choose from in sizes XS to XXL.  There is also a solid black tube dress which still has all sizes available that you can get for the same price. Personally, I like the printed ones because of the bright colours.

This tube dress is perfect to wear in the summertime at the beach over your bathing suit, or on its own. You could wear it in the spring time or right into fall with a little cardigan over top of it.

It gets a 5/5 star rating and some really great reviews.

I ordered this dress online, so I didn’t have a chance to try it on, but it fits perfectly and is now my go-to summer dress. It’s perfect by itself or as a beach coverup, it’s snug but not too tight around the bust and the skirt part is very flowy and comfortable. You certainly can’t beat the price, either! – Selina4

I have bought nearly 10 of these dresses as I love them so much. They are such a great price I decided to stock up for next year as well. I am an XL and what I love about these dresses as they fit true to size and make me look very thin. Even my boyfriend tells me how good and thin I look in them. Absolutely LOVE them! – Beachgurl

My favourite has to be the last review because any dress that makes you look thinner is the perfect dress in my mind!

It is not very often that you find summer clothing for this low price in the winter and especially pieces that still have every single size available.  This is the perfect time of year to grab some fun dress for next summer while they are priced so low.

Every single one of these dresses will get free shipping which is a nice little bonus.
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