October 31

Lowes Canada: Snow Joe 12-in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel | Was $100 Now $50 + Extra $10 Off With Email Signup

Posted by on October 31, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Lowes Canada: Snow Joe 12 in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel | Was $100 Now $50 + Extra $10 Off With Email Signup

If you want to start preparing for the impending snow falls that we’ll be getting within the next month or so, then you should consider checking out today’s deal at Lowes. Their Snow Joe 12-in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel, which normally retails for $99.99, is now on sale for $49.99! Your order will also qualify for free shipping, which definitely makes this deal that much more appealing! Also, if you sign up for their emails (you can input your email in the link below near the top of the page, where it says “get savings & ideas by email”), you can also get an extra $10 off your order (they’ll send a coupon code to your address), so you can effectively pay $39.99 for this electric snow shovel!

This Snow Joe 12-in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel has some great features. According to the description on the Lowes website, this electric snow shovel requires effortless maintenance, it has a nice ergonomic design and an adjustable handle, it’s made of high-grade parts so it’s built to last, and it’s endured some rigorous quality control tests to ensure that it performs well. Best of all, it uses electricity instead of gas, so you can use this quickly and easily.

You can effectively remove snow from patios, decks, steps, and sidewalks with this Snow Joe 12-in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel. Personally, I’ve never used an electric snow shovel before (I’ve always used a basic shovel to clean my driveway, which can be tedious but it gets the job done). However, this product looks pretty sweet, and I’m going to recommend it to my parents, since it’s getting tougher for them to shovel the driveway at their age.

If you were to purchase this Snow Joe 12-in 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Shovel at WalMart, it would cost you $89. I’ve included a brief review of this electric snow shovel from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

It does exactly what we bought it for. [for half the price the previous one we had]  Does even the snowplough pile up at the end of the driveway. Great for walkways, porches, dog runs…Easy to handle and very light to move.

Happy Halloween, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 9th November 2014)

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October 31

Newegg Canada: TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker with Inner Pot | Was $210 Now $100 With Coupon Code

Posted by on October 31, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Newegg Canada: TATUNG TPC 5L 5L Pressure Cooker with Inner Pot | Was $210 Now $100 With Coupon Code

Have you been waiting to find a pressure cooker for your kitchen? Have you at least been intrigued enough to consider owning one? Perhaps you should think about it now, since Newegg currently has a great deal on their TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker – it normally retails for $209.99, but you can now purchase this stainless steel pressure cooker for $99.99 (plus $4.99 shipping) when you use the coupon code below. This is a great deal, since this exact pressure cooker currently sells on Amazon for $166.89, and it’s $179.99 at Cookware Canada.

Click here to check out this deal @ Newegg.ca now

  • Coupon Code: 1031FRANK38
  • Discount: $20 off
  • Expiry: 6th November 2014

This TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker has plenty of great features. Not only does it have a sleek stainless steel appearance, but it also has an LED display, 10 preset cooking functions, a 24-hour preset timer, and 70kPa of working pressure. You can easily cook a variety of different things with this pressure cooker, including meat (pulled pork would be great with this), cake, rice, beans, soup, and so much more.

It helps to have a versatile kitchen appliance like this TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker. If I had it, I feel like it would inspire me to cook a wider range of meals, since it can do so much. I feel like the same thing happened when I bought a Ninja blender. Since it was no ordinary blender, and can really chop down a wide variety of different ingredients, I didn’t just use it for smoothies – I also used it to help me make my very first key lime pie! It was thankfully a tasty pie, so my experiment was a resounding success!

I’ve included a snippet of a review of this TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

This cooker perfectly meets our needs. Now it’s easy for us to make delicious meals… we love this cooker.

I hope you all enjoy your day today, Bargainmoosers!

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October 31

Future Shop Canada: Sharp 42″ 1080p 120Hz LED TV | Was $500 Now $400

Posted by on October 31, 2014 at 8:05 AM

Future Shop Canada: Sharp 42 1080p 120Hz LED TV | Was $500 Now $400

Good morning, Bargainmoosers! I hope you’re all pumped for Halloween today! Whether you’re accompanying your children or friends, or if you’re going to be handing out treats at your door later on today, it’s bound to be an interesting evening! For 3 days only, Future Shop is having a sale on some of their televisions, and I found this particular model to be a great selection for those that want an affordable flat-screen TV from a reputable brand. You can now purchase this Sharp 42″ 1080p 120Hz LED TV for only $399.99 – that’s $100 off the retail price of $499.99! You’ll also qualify for free shipping, which is always a nice bonus!

This Sharp 42″ 1080p 120Hz LED TV has the right size to please anyone that’s looking for a great LED TV for their living room. Heck, for this price you can even spruce up your basement or bedroom by bringing home this 42-inch LED television! I currently have a 51″ TV in my living room, so I would definitely consider getting this for my bedroom. However, I’m going to send this article to my father, since his current living room television is a projection TV, and he would love to get an affordable flat-screen to watch his favourite shows on – does soccer count as a favourite show?

With 120Hz and a 1080p resolution, this is one great TV for the price! It currently costs $499.99 at Best Buy as well. I’ve included a brief review of this Sharp 42″ 1080p 120Hz LED TV from a satisfied Future Shop customer below:

Very impressed with this TV and how slim and light it is, was a breeze to set it up to my wall mount. Would definitely recommend this TV to anyone , best deal at this price range due to the fact it has 120Hz.

This deal expires on November 2nd. Let’s hope that they remain in-stock throughout this sale! I hope you all enjoy your Halloween today!

(Expiry: 2nd November 2014)

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October 31

Best Buy Canada: PS4 500GB Destiny Bundle + Free Game Of Your Choice | Was $540 Now $480

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Best Buy Canada: PS4 500GB Destiny Bundle + Free Game Of Your Choice | Was $540 Now $480

Hey there, Bargainmoosers! Best Buy is currently having a really sweet sale on their Sony PS4 systems – you can now purchase a White PS4 500GB Destiny Bundle and get a free $49.99 to $69.99 game of your choice! This is a $539.99 value, but you’ll be getting all this for $479.99! You’ll also qualify for free shipping – whooo!

Now that we’re gearing up for the holiday season, the deals for video game systems like the Sony PS4 will be spicy, and this is certainly one of those enticing bargains. You’re essentially getting a free PS4 game (you just pay an extra $10 on top of the typical PS4 Destiny bundle price of $469.99), and I’m not talking about older, outdated games from last year – you can choose any PS4 game that you want that’s from $49.99 to $69.99! Plus, you’ll also be getting the much-hyped Destiny game with your PS4 system, which was just released back in September!

All you need to do to enjoy this discount is add the PS4 500GB Destiny Bundle to your cart, then choose a PS4 game that’s priced between $49.99 and $69.99. The discount will then be automatically applied when you’re checking out.

This is a cool deal. There are many great newer games that you can choose from, like Diablo III ($54.99) and NHL 15 ($69.99). You can check out some other great PS4 games that you can choose from by clicking here.

If you wanted to buy the PS4 500GB Destiny Bundle at The Source or Amazon, you’d be paying $469.99, and you wouldn’t be getting any extra games to choose from. Here’s a brief review of this PS4 system from a satisfied Best Buy customer:

Good value in this bundle. Destiny is awesome. My PS4 is awesome.

Get this while they’re still in stock! Happy gaming, my fellow deal hunters!

(Expiry: 6th November 2014)

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October 30

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 8:00 PM

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Tomorrow is Halloween and if you are like me, you have a busy life and may have waited until the last minute to get your Halloween things together.  You may need a last minute costume, or some last minute decorations, or even some last minute party ideas.  I am sure there a lot of people that are in this boat so I have put together a few last minute easy to do Halloween ideas for trick or treating, parties or for decorations in general.

1. Party Prop

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

This is a very simple and fast thing to do the day of your party.  Just put  rubber spider, worm, or any creepy crawler in you ice cube trays to have some festive ice for your guests drinks! I found this idea at Buzzfeed and I know I will be using it this year for my kids.

2. House Decoration

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

This last minute easy decoration is also from Buzzfeed.  Just take any plastic cup you may have, draw a jack-o-lantern face on them and use the flame-less candles underneath. You can make fun ghosts, pumpkins, Frankenstein faces and more and it will just take you minutes.

3. Party Game

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

This game from Daycare Answers is perfect for a kids party.  Basically, you get foods like spaghetti, grapes, a banana and put them in holes in a box and get the kids to guess what everything is.  They think that the items are guts, eyeballs and brains instead.  The complete instructions are listed through the link.

4. Halloween Food

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

I would have never thought of this myself.  Add some white icing and chocolate chips to a cupcake and you have a cupcake ghost.  This idea from Buzzfeed is perfect for a Halloween party this weekend!

5. Costume

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

This simple skeleton costume that I found at Coolest Homemade Costumes would work for a man, woman, or child.  You just need a black shirt and a white shirt and you make some cuts into the material.  You can add some face paint to make the costume even better but all of the directions are listed online.

6. Party Prop

6 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

This prop would be more for an adult party.  Print off a scary picture and put it in a jar with coloured juice to make it look like a body part in a jar.  I have to admit, this looks pretty cool even though it is morbid. This idea came from Morbid. They have it as an April Fool’s joke but it would make a great Halloween prop for any party.

Have a very fun and safe Halloween tomorrow night Moosers!

Photo credit: Aftab Uzzaman

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October 30

Consiglio’s Kitchenware: Sale on Cookware & More

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Consiglios Kitchenware: Sale on Cookware & More

Consiglio’s Kitchenware Canada is a hidden gem for cooks and bakers everywhere. They have some of the best prices on kitchenware you can find and they just started a sale with discounts on everything sitewide!

Now, this sale in and of itself makes for some good prices when compared with the competition. However, you can also use coupon code 5OFF for an additional 5% off your order as well!

I have been waiting for a sale from Consiglio’s for a while now as I have a certain frying pan on my wish list that matches the rest of my blooming kitchen set. This beautiful Le Creuset Caribbean Round Skillet 26cm was $135 for weeks on end as I have it on my Amazon wishlist, and it is now $130.94. After coupon code, the skillet comes down to just $124.39.

Allow me to show you what the competition is charging these days:

  • $175 @ The Bay Canada
  • $191.91 @ Amazon Canada
  • $169.99 @ Kitchen Niche Canada
  • $189.99 @ Gourmet Warehouse Canada

The pan also qualifies for free shipping as Consiglio’s offers free shipping on orders of $69.99 or more.

There are also some excellent deals you can find here that you will not find anywhere else. Check out Consiglio’s Premium Moka 9 Cup Espresso Maker for just $14.54, originally $29.10. You save 50% on this premium stovetop espresso maker for a low tech but great flavour alternative to pod espressos. This would make a nice gift for your unfriendly coffee addict and looks durable to survive a camping trip or two.

Back to my love affair with Le Creuset, this Flame Orange Kettle is a classic whistling kettle that lets you know exactly when your water is boiling. Unlike the silent electric kettles that let you forget that your water has boiled until hours later (and then you reboil the same water three times before making tea), this kettle will have you out of your seat in a second. It holds 1.6 L of water and is on sale for $72.74, which comes down to $69.10 after coupon.

I price compared the above kettle with a couple places. I found the white version for $150.50 at Hudson’s Bay and the orange version for $100 at Amazon Canada.

There are plenty of marvelous deals at Consiglio’s Kitchenware Canada. I cannot wait to order and get in my new skillet as our current frying pan is actually bent. I have no idea how you can flatten the side of a frying pan… but it happened!

(Expiry: 1st November 2014)

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October 30

Suasion Canada: $50 Dresses (Up to 76% Off) & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Suasion Canada: $50 Dresses (Up to 76% Off) & Free Shipping

Suasion Canada, a small boutique out of Victoria, has severely discounted a bunch of dresses. Originally well above $100 (and a few above $200), these dresses are now on sale for just $50 apiece. Sizes are limited but you will save up to 76% on these beauties.

Suasion also offers free shipping across Canada so your dress(es) will ship to your door free of charge.

Here is a list of most the dresses on sale and then I have concentrated on a couple of the ones with a larger size range at the bottom.

Between all the dresses on sale for $50, there is quite the size range available. There is at least one dress available in sizes XS through large. That is not bad for such a steep sale price.

The Line & Dot Griffith Cut Out Dress features a really bold cube inspired print in pink and black. I like the side cut-outs and how the hem is longer in the back then in the front. It really helps offset a large bottom. My personal favourite is the Boundary & Co. Griffin Dress because of the sharp angles on the bottom of the front. In addition, the back of that dress with its cutouts is just killer. The dress is a bit short for me but I would love to wear it.

I don’t think we talk about, blog about, nor support small boutiques enough on Bargainmoose. If all we buy from are big box stores, then all we will see are big box stores in the future. Little boutiques, Mom and Pop shops, and small Canadian businesses are going to close up shop because we voted with our money. I know that affording boutique on a budget can be hard, but I make it a priority to shop boutiques and small businesses whenever I can.

Enjoy this great offer with free shipping!

(Expiry: unknown)

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October 30

Learning Toys Canada: Exclusive Extra 5% Off Mon Classique Corolle Bebe Doll + Free Outfit

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Learning Toys Canada: Exclusive Extra 5% Off Mon Classique Corolle Bebe Doll + Free Outfit

Give your little girl a best friend like no other: the Mon Classique Corolle bebe doll valentin from Learning Toys. Originally priced at $79.99, you can now get it for $75.99 with our Bargainmoose exclusive and also get a free outfit with it. Since shipping is free, you’re also sure to have it shipped for free as well.

Click here to get the Mon Classique Corolle bebe doll valentin @ LearningToys.ca now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE5
  • Discount: 5% off any order with select purchase
  • Expiry: 5th November 2014

Suitable for kids ages 2 years and up, the Mon Classique Corolle bebe doll valentin is sure to become a favourite right away. She weighs 531g, measures as high as 36cm (14″) and is a soft-bodied doll perfect for cuddling.

According to the Learning Toys’ skills list, this doll is meant to work “creaitivity & imagination” as well as “verbal & communication”. Interestingly enough, this doll can sit unassisted and even suck her own thumb just like a real baby. On Amazon Marketplace, this same doll is actually $169.59.

Once you enter the code at checkout, the “Corolle free fashion offer” will also automatically be added to your cart. The specific outfit that you will be getting is a bit of a mystery but judging by how all My Corolle outfits are upwards of $20, then you can be sure that it will be a good one, especially since you will already be saving on the doll itself and be getting free shipping with it as well.

There are a couple of other Mon Classique Corolle dolls or even Mon Premier Corolle dolls to save on as well, along with outfits for these. In fact, with purchase or any Mon Classique Corolle or Mon Premier Corolle dolls, the Bargainmoose exclusive Learning Toys coupon code above will also allow you to save 5% off anything else site wide. This would be a great opportunity to also get another outfit for either the doll mentioned above or any other. The Paris party dress, for instance, is super cute and fashion forward. It’s a gold dress and comes with a purple headband. Since it’s $26.99, it would come down to $25.64.

The line of Mon Premier Corolle dolls is designed for babies from 18 months and up and are smaller than the Classique dolls. Although she is nowhere near ready for it yet, the one I would get for my little one is the Mon Premier Corolle calin Paris party for $38 (reg. $39.99).

Learning Toys Canada: Exclusive Extra 5% Off Mon Classique Corolle Bebe Doll + Free Outfit

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October 30

Globo Shoes: Natural Soul Elle Boots $20 (Was $80) & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Globo Shoes: Natural Soul Elle Boots $20 (Was $80) & Free Shipping

Globo Shoes has an incredible deal on these beautiful Elle Boots by Natural Soul. Originally $79.99, the Elle Boots are on clearance for $19.98 with free shipping.

This pair of fantastic looking booties is currently in stock in the following sizes:

  • 6
  • 6 1/2
  • 7
  • 7 1/2
  • 9 1/2

First of all, you might notice that Globo calls these the Beckes. I have noticed that companies like Globo (Little Burgundy, Aldo, etc.) arbitrarily give names to shoes that are not their actual names. I do not know why… but I have found that happens quite often. I researched this shoe and found it on Shoes.com where they supply far more information about the shoe, the brand, and the name. So I am going by the name they call it: the Elle Boots.

In addition, as a little price comparison, Shoes.com currently sells the Elle Boots for $92.71 not including shipping.

The Elle Boot features a faux leather upper with a rounded toe. This is a wedge style bootie with beautiful decorative strap overlays for wicked style. In the comfort department, there is a side zip enclosure and a hidden elastic goring panel. These shoes look awesome and I would pay $20 in a heartbeat for them if they were in my size. I adore the strap overlay – it matches my style!

These shoes have a ton of reviews on Shoes.com for a 4.5/5 rating. Here are a few of the more recent reviews:

This product went above my expectations! They are a comfortable, snug true to size shoe and the heel is very easy to walk in. I like that I can wear them to work and my feet and legs don’t ache at the days end.


These shoes have a super cushiony insole that keep feet comfortable all day long — even if you have to stand! They are super cute and match with so many outfits.

Naturalizer Canada makes Natural Soul so you know you are getting a comfortable shoe when you order these booties. What makes this deal really amazing is the free shipping offer. Right now Globo Shoes Canada is offering free shipping on any order with no minimum. Usually, they have a $50 minimum that these shoes would certainly not reach. Now is the best time to check out the clearance section and find a special pair of shoes at an amazing price.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 30

Billabong Canada: 50% Off Beanies & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Billabong Canada: 50% Off Beanies & Free Shipping

Billabong Canada is offering 50% off a selection of sweet little beanies to keep your head warm this fall. You will also receive free shipping on all orders.

It tis the season for keeping our ears warm if you are anywhere in the northern or western portion of Canada. I think the East is still getting some nice weather right now. I ran across some fun little beanies that are reasonably priced and qualify for free shipping so there is no reason you cannot afford to grab one or two for your front closet.

If you are just looking for a good ol’ beanie that does the job for a low price, then pick up the Classic Beanie for only $12.50 (was $25). Choose from black or jade with a cute little pompom on top.

Next up is the super slouchy Karibu beanie with a pom-pom and a couple tassels for extra fun. Pick this little number up in pumpkin spice – a colour combination that will make you dream of pumpkin spice lattes and pie. Originally $28, the beanie is on sale for $14. For the same price, you can purchase the Freedom Ringz Beanie that will certainly turn heads! It is a brightly coloured beanie with blues and purples for primary colours – reminiscent of space.

The Marble Tracks Beanie looks a lot like the Karibu beanie for style with a chunky knit and a slouchier design. The Marble Tracks also comes in two different colours: hot candy or pumpkin spice. Originally $30, the hat is on sale for $15.

My favourite hat of the collection is called Over Our Headz and features rainbow colours offset by a black and white band. I love the thick red braids coming down from the polar-fleece lined toque. For $15 (was $30), this is a very good purchase.

The Misty Moonrize Beanie is similar in style to my favourite beanie in that they are both earflap style toques. The Misty Moonrize is a little less colourful and features Sherpa lining instead of polar fleece. It also has thinner braids. Originally $30, this is a very good deal at only $15.

I really like this deal because all the beanies are $15 and under, which will suit almost any budget. In addition, this is a seasonally appropriate item as we are just heading into the cold season.

All beanies receive free shipping whether you purchase one or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 30

Weekly Grocery Cash Back Deals

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Weekly Grocery Cash Back Deals

Halloween is right around the corner but are you ready for the endless hordes of trick-or-treaters or will you be dressing up as scrooge and hiding in your basement? In either case, if you’re planning on grocery shopping this week, then you might as well get money back at no extra cost. Below are just some of the products that you can get cash back on from Checkout 51, Snap by Groupon, Save.ca and Zweet.

With a little over 30 offers in total, here are just some of the ones available:

  • Vector meal replacement cereal (400g), energy bars (220g) or protein bars (200g): $5 cash back
  • Lipton K-Cup packs: $3 cash back
  • Lavazza coffee blends: $2 cash back
  • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (1.42L): $1.25 cash back

All Checkout 51 offers expire on Wednesday, November 5th.

Every day, you can take advantage of the following bonus offers:

Thursday, October 30th

  • Fresh cod: $0.25 cash back

Friday, October 31st

  • Chili peppers: $0.25 cash back

Saturday, November 1st

  • Mandarin oranges: $0.25 cash back

Sunday, November 2nd

  • Figs: $0.25 cash back

In total, there are 49 offers to take advantage of with anything from $10 cash back on Materna pre-natal vitamins to $1 cash back on Clorox bleach products. Here are some other ones:

  • Gerber Lil Crunchies apple sweet potato: $1 cash back
  • 1 Huggies diapers & 1 Huggies baby wipes: $4 cash back
  • Verano wine: $2 cash back
  • Blueberries: $0.25 cash back

Click here to see all offers for Save.ca now

With 9 cash back deals to take advantage of this week, here’s some of the top ones:

  • affresh coffee maker cleaner: $2 cash back
  • Janes products: $1 cash back
  • Any avocado: $0.50 cash back

Click here to see all offers for Zweet now

There are plenty more, but here are just some of the deals that you can get cash back on through Zweet:

  • Twinings of London tea: $0.50 cash back
  • Whiskas dry food for cats: $1 cash back
  • Cadelli pasta: $0.50 cash back
  • Healthy Choice gourmet steamers: $0.75 cash back
  • D’Italiano sliced bread: $0.50 cash back
  • Pumpkin: $0.25 cash back

Happy Halloween Moosers!

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October 30

eHarmony Canada Promo Code: 60% Off 6-Month Membership

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 2:30 PM

eHarmony Canada Promo Code: 60% Off 6 Month Membership

Don’t delay finding love any longer. eHarmony has just launched a fantastic Halloween promotion: during the next couple of days only, you can get 60% off a 6-month membership and get it for just $23.95 per month.

Find love @ eHarmony.ca now

  • Coupon Code: EHSALE60
  • Discount: 60% off 6-month membership
  • Expiry: 2nd November 2014

The 60% discount applies to the standard monthly price, which would ordinarily be of $60.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that eHarmony is an awesome dating website. Just the mere thought of online dating can send many running (in fact, I have been trying to convince a friend of mine for years to give it a try) but it’s 100% worth it. I tried it a couple of years ago and now have a beautiful baby daughter with the partner that I met through online dating… so yes, it does work!

Although we didn’t meet through eHarmony, at the time, I had given this renown site a try and it was definitely an interesting experience. Browsing around now, I see that their site has changed quite a bit since but only for the better as they have added a couple of cool features like secure calling and the ability to see who has viewed your profile.

The Premium Book Of You is also another interesting new addition. For $19.99, you can get in-depth insight into your personality and how it affects those around you.

For those of you who have never tried it, you first start off by answering a series of questions through the Relationship Questionnaire, which then matches you with a couple of people. The only downside to this process is that you don’t gain access to all of your matches at once and instead get matched on a regular basis, so there is a bit of a waiting game at times. All in all, however, the process is a highly efficient one and you get the chance to meet some really great people. Don’t get the discouraged if the connection isn’t there with the first couple, as you will surely meet someone with who you will and it will all be smooth sailing from there! eHarmony Canada Promo Code: 60% Off 6 Month Membership

As with anything, remember to always be safe. Online dating can be amazing and you can feel a true connection with someone while chatting with them, but always take precautions when meeting them for the first time.

(Image Credit: Psycho Delia)

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October 30

Book Depository (UK): Free Shipping No Minimum & Foreign Release Books

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Book Depository (UK): Free Shipping No Minimum & Foreign Release Books

Book Depository (UK) offers free shipping on any order with no minimum to Canada. For book lovers, this is a favourite website for finding older titles and new releases.

You can select Canadian currency at the top right so there is no confusion with currency conversion. Now, free shipping on any book order alone is fantastic. Books are heavy and Canada post most certainly does not deliver them to your door for free so Book Depository foots the bill.

Now, the second part of this ‘deal’ that should tickle any book-lovers fancy is access to foreign books not yet released in the USA or Canada. What we have access to on Chapters Indigo or Amazon.ca are books that have been released in North America. However, our release dates can be several years after the books have been released in other countries – like the UK.

The #1 best-selling book on Book Depository right now is The Sleeper and the Spindle (Hardback) by Neil Gaiman. It just was released by Bloomsbury in the UK but will not be released in the USA or Canada until late summer or early fall 2015. Rather than wait almost an entire year for a new book by one of our favourite authors, many Canadians (including me) have bought the book from Book Depository. The Sleeper and the Spindle is currently 27% off. If you are a Gaiman fan or a Chris Riddell fan (fantastic illustrations), then pick up the book for $16.95 (was $23.49). Sure, it is considered a children’s book, but Gaiman’s creations rarely disappoint adult readers.

Even if you could buy the book at Amazon or Chapters (which you cannot) you would never receive free shipping on a book for that price as both our companies have a $25 minimum.

This comes down to two important points:

  1. Free shipping on any book order – no matter how many/few or how expensive/cheap
  2. Access to books that our ‘usual’ book stores do not have access to

You may not even know that some of these books exist unless you follow your favourite authors. When I first found out about The Sleeper book, it was through Neil Gaiman’s twitter. The book is was not even showing up on Amazon or Chapters Indigo a week ago when I ordered as the North American release date was so far away.

As per usual, price compare any books if they are currently available in your normal book stores.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 30

Bargainmoose Halloween Costume Contest: Win an Apple iPad Mini!

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Bargainmoose Halloween Costume Contest: Win an Apple iPad Mini!

Halloween is probably the most fun time of the year! Here at Bargainmoose we celebrate this holiday with Halloween-themed coupons, deals and contests!

We recently posted 7 unique homemade Halloween costumes to get your creative juices flowing while saving money. Whether you get your ideas from that post, from Pinterest, or from your own ideas, we want to see your creative costumes! As a reward, we are going to award one lucky winner an Apple iPad Mini with 16GB and wi-fi.

We’ll pick one winner from all the entries based on our opinion and judgement of how cute, creative, scary, imaginative or just on the overall wow factor.

How to enter:

  • Get yourself, your kids or even friends, family or pets into costume
  • Make sure to include this image in your picture (print it out, or show it on your computer in the pic)
  • Take a photo to show us the creation
  • Email it to us

We will be posting your creative concoctions on the Bargainmoose flickr feed. When you email in, make sure to include all your relevant details like the names of the people in the photo, your own name and what the costume is. If you also have a story to share that relates to the costume, let us know.


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Must include the Halloween Contest image in your pic as proof of entry
  • New costumes only – we won’t accept last year’s piccies with the image photoshopped in!
  • Ends 1st November 2014
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October 30

Toys R Us Canada: Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Exclusive Gift Set | Was $40 Now $28

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Toys R Us Canada: Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Exclusive Gift Set | Was $40 Now $28

Now that Christmas isn’t too far from the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start nabbing some great deals! You can start getting the perfect gifts for your family and friends, while taking advantage of some great discounts. One decent deal that I found at Toys R Us is for a Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Gift Set, which is an exclusive set of dolls that you can only purchase from this reputable company that we all used to love at one time or another (yes, most of us were children at the time). This exclusive Barbie set usually retails for $39.99, but you can now buy it for $27.97! Plus, you’ll also qualify for free shipping when you order this gift set!

The Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Exclusive Gift Set is a tough-to-find item, since it’s only sold at Toys R Us locations. If you wanted to purchase these dolls from Amazon, it would cost you $79.85 (and only 20 are currently in-stock at this time – this shows you that these are actually selling at these inflated collector prices).

When it comes to buying gifts for a little girl, you can’t go wrong with a Barbie doll. In this case, you’re getting two Barbie dolls! This would also be a nice gift for any collectors out there, since it’s a Toys R Us exclusive set. These dolls have been so popular around the world for decades, and it still holds a strong value in the marketplace today.

I’ve included a brief review of this Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Exclusive Gift Set from a satisfied Toys R Us customer below:

My five year old picked this out at the store for a special present. She and her seven year old sister play with it constantly. They like the dolls together and play cheerleaders separately.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Thursday! Happy hunting!

(Expiry: 30th October 2014)

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