May 23

Double Interest Rate & $50 in Bonuses @ Tangerine Canada

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Double Interest Rate & $50 in Bonuses @ Tangerine Canada

Tangerine Canada is now offering double interest2.10% – for six months on all new savings accounts PLUS you can earn up to $50 as well.

This promotion is fairly simple. Open a Tangerine Savings Account, Tax-Free Savings Account, or RSP Savings Account to receive 2.10% interest for six months (double 1.05% regular interest). Now, if you are near retirement, then you need to open an RIF Savings Account because you will receive 3.00% interest for six months.

On top of this double-interest promotion, you can qualify for up to $50 in bonuses. When you sign up, use orange key “Orange25″ for a $25 bonus to be deposited in your account. I highly recommend getting an orange key from a friend instead, as you will receive $50 instead of $25. (Note: no personal advertising is allowed on this blog so please don’t comment with your orange codes. I would like nothing more than to share my code, but those are the rules).

The second part of this promotion takes a bit of time. Set up an Automatic Savings Program (ASP) of $100 or more per month. That means money from your chequing account will automatically transfer to your savings account. All deposits will earn double interest of course. When you keep your ASP deposit going for the full six continuous months, then you will receive an additional $25 cash bonus.

Now, you will want to open a Chequing Account as well – and the $120 Payday bonus has been extended for new chequing accounts. If you are opening both a new chequing account and a new savings account (as a new customer), then you have the potential to earn up to $195 between the two (when you get a friend’s orange key).

Last time I posted about a Tangerine deal, Mooser Sandy had this to say:

I’ve had a Tangerine account for a few years now. Its where I have my TFSA and our vacation account. I set up regular transfers to both and its great because its not part of my regular bank account, therefore I don’t see the money growing and risk taking it out for something else. I have had one referral and its great, free money for both.

This promotion just started on May 11, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of it yet. For the savings account double interest promotion and $50 – $75 in bonuses, you must enrol by the 31st of July 2015.

(Expiry: 31st July 2015)

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May 22

How to Save Money Cleaning your Home

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How to Save Money Cleaning your Home

There are certain aspects of cleaning my home that I like, and there are some that I really dislike (like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen for example).  I must admit that I am guilty of buying different cleaners for different areas of my home.  I have an arsenal of cleaning supplies from CLR cleaner spray that I just bought, to Scrubbing Bubbles, to VIM to clean my stove.  I have even contemplated hiring a cleaner to help clean my home for me just because I feel like I can’t get it to be as clean as I would like it myself, however, thankfully it has not come to this stage yet because that would be serious lifestyle inflation.

Even though most of us probably do not enjoy cleaning our homes, it is something that just has to be done.  So it makes sense to save money doing it because it’s a need not a want!  Here are some ways to save money cleaning your home.

When Cleaning Your Home, Stick to the Basics

Like I mentioned above, I am guilty of buying new-fangled cleaning supplies in hopes that it cleans better than the rest (when usually that is not the case).  Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can get you through most of your cleaning. Check out the post on three household must haves that will save you money.  Not only will it be better for the environment (less packaging, less toxic chemicals in our water system) but it will be better for your pocketbook.  Vinegar (less than $2 for a container) sure beats buying $7.99 CLR spray that is on sale!

Here are 8 more frugal and fabulous uses for vinegar if you’re interested.  In addition, if you are interested in being a frugal and organic cleaner, check out this post.

Clean Out the Stuff that You Tend to Ignore

Sometimes it’s hard to remember regular maintenance on certain things.  However, neglecting to do these regular checks can cause your energy bill to be higher than is necessary.  For example, Wisebread recommends that you clean the dust off the refrigerator coils on the back of your refrigerator.  If you let the dust accumulate, it acts as an insulator and causes your fridge to work harder than is necessary (meaning your energy bills will be higher than is necessary).  All it takes is for you to unplug your refrigerator, move it so you have access to the coils, and dust the coils off.  If your fridge is in an area where it is hard to accumulate dust, even better… but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out once in a while.

Declutter Your Home

AARP highly recommends that you declutter your home and get rid of junk.  The less stuff you have the less you’ll need to clean.  For me, that may mean decluttering my desk.  I have a lot of things that I am too lazy to move off the shelf and dust, so one idea might be to remove all those things and get rid of them so I won’t have to move them to dust the shelf!  The best part is that you can sell these things at a garage sale.  Here’s a post on 4 tips to make money at your next garage sale to get you started.  At the last garage sale I was at, we made over $800.  I’ll definitely be trying to arrange a garage sale again this year.

Prevent Those Water Spots from Building Up

MoneyNing recommends that you wipe down your faucets and fixtures with WD40 and then polish the faucets and shower doors with wax paper to repel water longer.  Personally I use a squeegee after I shower to prevent those water spots from sticking around and it has worked wonders for me.  It saves me from having to clean the bathroom shower doors.

Don’t Buy Brand Name

Instead of buying a Swiffer container of wet Swiffer wipes for $20 (or however much it costs), I go to Dollarama to stock up on my cleaning supplies.  I buy a package of wet wipes for their “Swiffer” for $1.25, bought their Swiffer type broom stick ($2 for the stick and $1-2 for the actual piece that touches the floor) and use that instead of an actual Swiffer to clean my apartment.

Bargainmoosers, are there other ways you  like to save money on cleaning your home?

Photo credit: Jaymie Koroluk

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May 22

Get Two Free $10 Gift Cards For Tim Hortons & Shoppers Drug Mart When You Spend $75 @ Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

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Get Two Free $10 Gift Cards For Tim Hortons & Shoppers Drug Mart When You Spend $75 @ Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

This weekend is the perfect time to do some shopping at your local Shopper’s Drug Mart Canada. During Shoppers Drug Mart’s The Perfect Pair Event, you will get a $10 Shoppers Drug Mart Card as well as a $10 Tim Horton’s Card when you spend $75 on almost anything in the store. This offer is going to be valid on Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24 only.

Whether you are shopping for makeup or grocery items, you won’t want to miss shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart this weekend. When you spend $75 or more you will receive a $10 Tim Hortons gift card as well as a $10 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to use on a future purchase. Take a look in the weekly flyer before hand and see what deals you can combine with these one to reap the best benefits.

There are quite a few items that cannot be included in the $75 to get these freebies, so shop wisely. The items include lottery tickets, stamps, event tickets, transit tickets, gift cards, phone cards, prescriptions, codeine products. The $10 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card does expire on June 14th, but you can use it on any purchase that exceeds $10. The Tims card does not have an expiry date listed, but I wouldn’t imagine that it expires.

So what’s on sale this week that you can spend $75 on? Good question. Shoppers Drug Mart Canada has Aveeno and Neutrogena sun and shave care products on sale for 30% off. These are both important for having fun in the sun. If you prefer not to shave, Veet Hair Removal products are on sale for 20% off as well. When it comes to household products, I would definitely take a look at Air Wick Air Fresheners, Finish Dishwasher or Lysol household cleaning products which have select types and sizes on sale for 30% off the regular price. Don’t forget, if you are a Shoppers Optimum Member, you will also earn Optimum Rewards on your purchase, to save even more money in the future.

Funny, this Shoppers Drug Mart promotion used to be called the “Double Double Event”, I wonder why that changed. Either way, I can’t complain about a free $10 Tim Hortons card, as I happen to be fueled by their beverages it seems.

(Expiry: 24th May 2015)

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May 22

David’s Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

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Davids Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

David’s Tea has the most interesting summer promotion. Purchase either a steeper or a pitcher to receive 15% off loose-leaf tea all summer long.

Click here to shop steepers and pitchers @ David’s Tea now

  • Coupon Code: SUMMERSTEEPER
  • Discount: 15% off loose-leaf tea all summer
  • Expiry: 25th August 2015

Pitchers start at just $28 and steepers cost $30. A few fancier pitchers cost $35. While I really like the design of the pitchers, I just do not drink my tea cold unless I forget about it. However, the steeper is totally on my wish list. You simply dump the tea leaves into the steeper and add water. The two float around together for a bit and then the water is strained from the tea leaves when you fill your cup. They are brilliant, and i would totally pick up the The Steeper Clear for $30 (36 oz).

This coupon does not stack on top of sale teas. To take advantage of the loose-leaf tea offer, I added 100g of Chocolate Macaroon tea to my cart. This tea is currently rivalling my previous favourite (Birthday Cake) as it just tastes so delicious. 100g retails for $15.50 but the 100g of tea comes down to $13.17 with this deal. You also receive a free tin with tea purchases of 100g or more.

Davids Tea: Purchase Steeper & Get 15% Off Loose Leaf Tea All Summer

This offer is valid on all orders after May 6th until August 25th. You must be a ‘frequent steeper‘ (membership is free) in order to take advantage of this deal. I have linked to information on the frequent steeper program. With the program, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you reach 100 points, you can redeem it for 50g of tea. The only catch is that you must sign up in store.

I am not sure how you would get 15% off your loose-leaf tea on orders after the steeper… you may just use the same coupon code or they will send you one in your package. Alternatively, it may be linked to your frequent steeper card so you will automatically receive the discount for the rest of the summer. Only loose-leaf tea is included in this deal: gift packs are not included.

This offer is available both in stores and online. If you are in store, you may want to ask how this works for the rest of the summer after you have made your initial purchase.

Receive free shipping on $50 and three free samples with every order.

(Expiry: 25th August 2015)

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May 22

(73% Off!) Home Depot Canada: $2436 Off Playstar Great Escape Ready To Assemble Gold Play Set – Now $929 + $199 Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 4:00 PM

(73% Off!) Home Depot Canada: $2436 Off Playstar Great Escape Ready To Assemble Gold Play Set   Now $929 + $199 Shipping

Have you been looking for the ultimate play thing for your kids? At Home Depot, the Playstar Great Escape Ready To Assemble Gold Play Set was originally priced as high as $3365 but is now on sale for just $929, which is a nearly 73% discount. Shipping is $199.

Oh man, if I had the budget and the yard space for this play set, I would totally get it right now! You won’t find it at your local Home Depot store as it’s only sold online and though it’s on backorder, you can still purchase it right now and the estimated ship time is 10-16 days.

The Playstar Great Escape play set features all of the following activities:

  • spiral tube slide
  • adventure tunnel
  • climbing wall
  • monkey bars
  • finished lowered deck
  • rock wall
  • climbing robe
  • telescope
  • play handles
  • bronco rider
  • swing
  • gym rings

Plus, it even has a clubhouse and a picnic table! So, even though shipping is $199, I say it’s worth it because it will be delivered straight to your door and you won’t have to worry about lugging all the pieces around. Chances are that if you were to buy it in-stores, you would need to rent truck, so at least it saves that headache!

Even though the initial “regular” price has probably been upped to make it seem like a more shocking deal than it is, there’s no debating that it’s still an awesome offer from Home Depot. I had a look around and found the Playstar Super Star build it yourself silver play set on sale for $899 (reg. $2100). Yes, it’s slightly cheaper and shipping is only $99 but, and here’s the real kicker, you need to supply all of your own lumber, whereas for the gold one, all the pieces come pre-cut and ready to assemble.

What’s funny is that for the build it yourself one, it even says: “build yourself and save”, which could perhaps hold true if we compare the regular prices of the play set but when you think about its current sale price vis-a-vis the built one but it just goes to prove even more just how awesome of a deal the gold one is and this, even with the shipping fee.

It will probably take a couple of days to assemble but at least you won’t have to worry about buying all the lumber and cutting it yourself. The boards on this set are all marked for easy identification and assembly.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 22

Roots Canada: Kids Full Zip Hoody Was $36 | Now $21.50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 3:14 PM

Roots Canada: Kids Full Zip Hoody Was $36 | Now $21.50 & Free Shipping

Roots has got a hot coupon code out right now that will give you an extra 20% off all sale items. Use PSSTSALE20 to get your discount. On top of this, they’ve got free shipping with no minimum too! I found this kid’s full zip hoody that was originally $36, on sale for $26.88, but I added the coupon code to it and got it for only $21.50.

Usually I try not to spent a large amount on my kid’s clothes, but when it comes to staples like jackets, pants, hoodies and shoes and boots, I will pay for quality. Roots is well-known for their sweaters. No doubt about, Roots sweaters are classic, comfortable and durable on top of looking good. With the cool summer nights ahead, hopefully roasting marshmallows by the fire, my kids are going to need a warm hoody to throw on and this one from Roots will do just perfectly. The one I linked to above is actually the toddler size, with sizes 3T, 4T and 5T. What’s also great about getting brand name clothing like this at a discount is that if you keep it in good condition, used kid’s clothing stores will give you quite a bit for it when you decide to sell it.

There is lodge red pepper or cascade blue pepper and both are quite nice. I do like the blue as it looks like it pairs well nicely with most other clothing. I also like the pockets at the front, as often my kids will get upset that they have cold hands and now they won’t!

This coupon is valid on all sale items, including women’s and men’s as well, not just on kids.

When I shop for my kids, I try not to forget that I like new clothing too and these Wyldewood cropped pants are so perfect for me. I love a cropped style and these look mega comfortable. Regularly $50 and on sale for $39.99, add the coupon code and watch the price drop down to $31.99.

While they do have free shipping, no minimum, I feel like filling up my cart anyway, as there are so many good deals. You can stop at one item or shop to your heart’s content and not have to worry about extra charges on top.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 22

Take 45% Off Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker For $130 + Free Shipping @

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 1:08 PM

Take 45% Off Instant Pot 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker For $130 + Free Shipping @

Everyone seems to have these Instant Pots lately, have you tried one yet? Today Amazon Canada has the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker on sale for 45% off the regular price. This Instant Pot Pressure Cooker was $234.95 but is now just $129.99. Shipping is included too.

These savings on the Instant Pot 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker are part of today’s Kitchen Day Sale at This is a great deal on this pressure cooker, and instead of paying $234.95 you will pay just $129.99. This Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker has the latest 3rd generation technology. The cooking pot and exterior are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and design.

So what exactly does 7-in-1 mean? You could probably guess a few of the features, but I honestly didn’t think this handy little machine could do all of this. I pictured this Instant Pot appliance to be able to pressure cook, slow cook and steam. I can’t believe the reviews on this product, they are 90% 5 star reviews, and I am sure the amount of features are the reason. This multi-functional pressure cooker can do the following 7 options:

  • pressure cooker
  • slow cooker
  • rice cooker
  • saute/browning
  • yogurt maker
  • steamer
  • warmer

This small appliance can replace your slow cooker with so many more features. It also has a large and easy to use control panel with 14 built-in programs as well as dual pressure and a setting to keep things warm when the timer is done. You can even delay the cooking time, so set your dinner up before you go to work and come home to a cooked meal. If you have used a stove-top pressure cooker and have blown the safety pressure plug, you won’t have to worry about that with this Instant Pot. There are actually cooking blogs that use this handy small appliance to make delicious meals like baby back ribs *drool*. The pot is also designed to be non-stick, which is awesome. I hate scrubbing dried food off of surfaces.

So, potato salad, chicken, beans… what’s for dinner when you get your new Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker? I use my slow cooker to make pulled pork, and I honestly cannot wait to try my step dad’s famous recipe in a pressure cooker. Since offers free shipping on all orders over $25, you won’t have to worry about any additional fees in that department.

(Expiry: 22nd May 2015)

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May 22

Roxy, DC Shoes & Quiksilver Coupon Code: 40% Off Sale Styles & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Roxy, DC Shoes & Quiksilver Coupon Code: 40% Off Sale Styles & Free Shipping

It has been quite a while since these three stores have had a coupon code for this high of a discount. Get 40% off at Roxy, DC Shoes and Quiksilver with the coupon code below, on all sale styles. Roxy is only applicable to women’s styles and DC Shoes is applicable to men’s shoes, while Quiksilver are only applicable to men’s items.

Click here to shop @ Roxy now

Click here to shop @ DC Shoes now

Click here to shop @ Quiksilver now

  • Coupon Code: SAVE40
  • Discount: 40% off sale styles
  • Expiry: 25th May 2015

The women’s sale section at Roxy has 676 items in it, so before you balk that the coupon is only applicable to sale items, I thought you’d like to know that little fact. With summer coming, there is nothing like a short pair of jean shorts to look hot in. These lovin med blue shorts are stylish and casual all at the same time. Regularly $44.50 and on sale for $30.99, add them to your cart with the coupon code to watch the price drop down to $18.59. Note that once you’ve added the coupon to your cart, all of the sale items on the site will show up with the sale price as regular price and the sale price as the after coupon price, so there won’t be an additional discount at checkout. I think that’s a neat feature because you’ll know the total price without having to add to your cart first or do any difficult math.

Over at DC Shoes, there again, are quite a few styles of on sale shoes that you can get for pretty cheap once you add on an additional 40% discount. Check out these men’s council DMG shoes. Regularly $70, on sale for $49.99, you’ll get them for $29.99 after the coupon is added. That’s $40 off!

Heading to Quiksilver, I see these hot electric 21″ boardshorts that could make a fantastic Father’s Day gift for dad this year. Super stylish and dare I say sexy, these shorts were $45, on sale for $27.99, but after the coupon code they come down to $16.79. I may just have to get a pair for my man to go with the Puma hat Kristy just blogged.

You can get all of these hot coupons from each store’s coupon page – Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes and did you know that if you subscribe to each, you’ll be informed when a new coupon comes available? While these stores all ship from the U.S., all duties are added right at checkout and shipping is free with no minimum from each store.

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May 22

Walmart Canada: $100 Off Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer For Just $129 + Free Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Walmart Canada: $100 Off Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer For Just $129 + Free Shipping

Baking can be fun and rewarding. If you happen to love baking, then you may be in the market for a new stand mixer. currently has the Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer on sale for $100 off the regular price. That leaves you paying just $129 instead of the regular price of $229.97. You’ll get free shipping too.

This Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer is designed to tackle any and all household baking jobs that you can possibly imagine. When you save $100 on this product, it brings you down to the low price of just $129 which can’t be beat anywhere else. Why, is still selling this product for a whopping $300. Not to mention that competitor’s products of the same quality are almost double the price. For example, the KitchenAid Artisan sells at over $500 and the motor only has 350 watts. This Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer has a motor with 400 watts and is hundreds of dollars less. The Hamilton Beach mixer has all of the same features and attachments too. It even operates quieter than most other mixers, including the KitchenAid.

The Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer boasts two-way rotating and high powered mixing action. This electric stand mixer has 12 speed settings which allow you to whip, mix or blend your ingredients into perfection. Since this mixer is 4.5 quarts in size, it is perfect for your day-to-day baking needs. The stainless steel mixing hook will lock into place for safety too. If you are running short on recipe ideas, just take a glance at the included sample recipe booklet.

Walmart Canada’s website has 7 reviews on this product, which leaves it with a 5 star rating. This Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixers has review titles like “Exceptional Value”, and “Lots of Power To Spare”. Just take a look at one of the customer reviews from

I purchased one of these about 5 years ago and I will have to admit that it is the best kitchen appliance that I have ever purchased. It has all the power you will ever need and it is not overly noisy when I’m using it. I would have to say that it is right on par with the KitchenAid mixer except you will save a couple hundred dollars to buy all the baking supplies for the next little while.

You won’t even have to complain that doesn’t offer free shipping with no minimum purchase anymore. Their new minimum spend threshold is $50, and this item surpasses that. You can get free shipping right to your door if you purchase this Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 22

Save 65%! Cat Leap Stretch Hat Was $34 | Now $11.90 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Puma Canada

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Save 65%! Cat Leap Stretch Hat Was $34 | Now $11.90 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Puma Canada

Puma Canada is trying to get our attention with a sitewide coupon code this weekend. This stretch hat with the Puma cat emblem on it was $34 and is on sale for $17. Use a coupon code to take the price down to only $11.90. Puma Canada is also offering free shipping with no minimum for a limited amount of time.

Puma Canada has a nice little deal this weekend meaning you can get this fantastic hat on the cheap. Use the coupon code SUMMER15 to take 30% off your entire order, including sale items. There are some limitations to this coupon including a few specialty or classic items, but overall the coupon code is sitewide.

My husband has recently begun wearing hats all the time. I think of this kind of hat as a baseball cap, but I suppose not everyone is playing baseball when wearing the hat. What I like most about this hat is the versatility. On sale are both the white hat with a grey Puma cat emblem and the grey hat with a green Puma cat emblem.  These hats are fitted to the head, so you will not have that trucker hat look with the extra structured poof at the top.  The brim is pre-curved, so you will not have to spend time with rubber bands to have the perfect fit. This hat can be worn by girls or guys, and is perfect for those upcoming sunny summer days.

If you are looking for another good buy with this sale, ladies may want to check out the Cell Riaze Foil Women’s Running Shoes. Originally $104, they are on sale for $73 but you can now pick them up for $51.10 with the coupon code. There are five different colour combos to choose between, and lots of sizings options are still available for these shoes. These shoes are breathable, come with plenty of shock absorption and are stylish enough to wear on the weekend.

You may want something to hold your gear. Check out the No. 1 Logo Backpack. This backpack was $58.50 but is on sale for $41. Use the coupon code and you can snag it for only $28.70. This backpack has a blue puma logo on a black base, which looks sleek and stylish. This pack has a main compartment with internal compartments, and a front zippered pouch. It also includes a mesh holder on the side for a water bottle. This would be perfect for the trip to the amusement park you have planned.

The only downside is Puma does put everything is USD. All fees are included at checkout though, and the completely free shipping helps to offset costs.

(Expiry: 25th May 2015)

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May 22

Get a Free Medium Hot Beverage Today @ 7-Eleven Canada

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Get a Free Medium Hot Beverage Today @ 7 Eleven Canada

Happy Free Day Friday! 7-Eleven Canada usually has a freebie offer available through their mobile app every Friday. This week is something different for once. You won’t get a free brownie or a free Big Gulp,  but you will get a free medium hot beverage. Just download the 7-Eleven Canada app to get started.

Today is a little cooler outside than it has been over the past few days. Instead of my cool Iced Cappuccino or other preferred cold drink, I might go for an actual coffee to keep me awake today. If you’re feeling the same way, then you may appreciate the free medium hot beverage from 7-Eleven Canada. Today only, redeem a free medium hot drink of your choice at your local 7-Eleven Canada store. All you have to do is download the app and click on the offer.

This offer doesn’t have to be used for a free cup of coffee. You can redeem this 7-Eleven Canada freebie with any hot beverage. While 7-Eleven does have a great variety of coffees, and I actually like most of them – they also have other specialty drinks. If you are more in the mood for cappuccino, latte, cocoa or hot tea, then you will be impressed with the choices available at 7-Eleven.

The 7-Eleven app even includes their 7Rewards program now. After you buy 6 cups of any size hot beverage, you will get the 7th cup of any size free. This free medium hot beverage will even count towards that. Here are some of the other 7-Eleven Canada offers available via their app right now:

  • buy 1 Starbucks bottled coffee, get 1 free
  • buy 1 Nachos, get 1 free
  • exclusive Lemon Ice Gatorade 2 for $4

So Moosers, what hot beverage are you going to claim for free from 7-Eleven today?

(Expiry: 22nd May 2015)

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May 22

Hudson’s Bay Canada: MiracleSuit Ashbury One-Piece Was $190 | Now $127.50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: MiracleSuit Ashbury One Piece Was $190 | Now $127.50 & Free Shipping

A friend on Facebook remarked the other day that she was looking for a swimsuit for her mom body. I knew exactly what to tell her and that was the Miracle Suit, which you can get at Hudson’s Bay. The Miracle Suit slims and tightens and makes you feel like you aren’t a mom for that day. That is, until your kid comes up and wipes their snotty nose on your backside. Hudson’s Bay has got the Miracle Suit on sale and one in particular that I found that could be billed as your little black swimsuit (LBS) is this Ashbury one piece. Regularly $190, it is on sale for $142.50. Add to that the coupon code SAVE04 and you’ll get another $15 off, bringing your suit down to $127.50. It will also now get free shipping being over the $99 threshold.

The friend to which I refer above has the same problem as me – having had three kids we frequently gets asked when the next is due. This is an important public service announcement: don’t ask a woman when she is due unless you see the head crowning or you are the ultrasound technician! What our problem really is I believe, is that with a somewhat slim body, our stomach didn’t take the cue to slim back down. This is really where the Miracle Suit can help. It has Miratex shaping fabric that is said to make you look 10 pounds lighter. On top of that, I see that there are style details that would take attention off of the stomach, like the criss-cross pattern on the belly. I also find that some swimsuits are too what I would call “breast-full”. The neckline comes down too far, which makes for a giant heap of cleavage that is not always attractive. This suit has a higher neckline, plus a push-up underwire, so your breasts look tasteful and don’t protrude out of your suit.

There are other types of Miracle Suits also on sale for which you can use this coupon. In fact, you can use this coupon on anything on the site once your spend is $100. I just chose to focus on the Miracle Suits since it is that time of year and all.

If you want something less little black swimsuit, then this Sienuse Escape one-piece is quite daring and flashy, but with those same great features that make you look slimmer and tighter. Regularly $176, once you’ve added the coupon code, your price will come down to $117.

Price comparing around the net I found other Miracle Suits at Nordstroms, where they sell for actually quite a bit more than Hudson’s Bay’s prices, plus you have that shipping cost on top.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 22

HMDX Jam Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Was $50 | Now $20 (FS @ $25+) @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 8:55 AM

HMDX Jam Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Was $50 | Now $20 (FS @ $25+) @ Best Buy Canada

Make sure your music travels with you with the HMDX Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This handy little speaker in blue or red was $49.99, but you can grab it on sale now for only $19.99. You will save 60% off the retail cost!

According to The Financial Post, in 2013 between 75% and 91% of Canadian households are reporting owning at least one cell phone. Depending on where you live that stat can change. Those numbers are high and have probably only climbed since then. I think it is a safe bet to say mobile devices are part of our daily lives. The stat does not include tablets and other portable devices that also have music, games and interactive video calling.

Get the most out of your device by picking up the HMDX Jam Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This powerful little speaker has a 30-foot connectivity radius allowing you to connect your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device with ease. You can listen to music with this speaker for  five hours of battery time. You can also use this for video chats, as it has an internal microphone. We are always hooking up our little speakers when we video call with friends and family. My speakers have a wire and it is a pain to try to juggle the speaker and the phone while keeping my daughter in the frame. This wireless speaker is available in colours red or blue.

When I started writing this post, both colours of speakers were showing savings of $30. For some reason, the red speaker is currently showing savings of $10 while the blue speaker is showing savings of $30 even though they are the same model. I think $50 is the original retail value of these speakers, with $30 being the “regular” sale price. Here are some comparable prices in the rest of the Canadian market to show you what I mean. Bed Bath and Beyond Canada has these speakers currently on sale for $37.49.  You will spend $59.99 at The Source Canada and your colour choices are blue, grey or purple. At Toys R Us Canada, I found a similar HMDX Jam portable speaker that is retailing for $49.99. The deal over at Best Buy Canada is looking sweet.

Best Buy Canada offers free shipping for all orders over $25. If you need a filler to qualify for free shipping, I would suggest heading over into the Viva shop through deals and shops at the top of your browser. I found a bottle of Desert Essence Organics Conditioner that was $9.99 but is now only $5.99 and would be a great filler to bring your total cost up to qualify for free shipping. Alternatively, you could also have this shipped to store free.

I did not find very many reviews on this speaker in Canada. I did find some reviews on this brand through some publications in the states, and most reviews were saying HMDX is a leader for the lower cost speakers. If you want a speaker with decent sound, but with a less expensive price tag than this speaker is a great pick. This would also make a great gift for Father’s Day, especially for the dad who is hard to buy for.

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May 21

Walmart Canada: iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases Were $15 | Now $3 + FS On $50

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Walmart Canada: iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases Were $15 | Now $3 + FS On $50

Looking for a new phone case for your iPhone or Samsung mobile device? currently has a variety of Fuse cases on clearance sale from $14.98 down to just $3. Snag a case for your phone quick, before supplies run out.

R.I.P. (rest in pieces) to many of the phone cases I had last summer. Patio parties, bike rides, and many other outdoor activities have proven to be the cause of death for many phone cases I have purchased. This year, I am stocking up now so I don’t have to spend $20 per phone case. happens to have quite a variety of phone cases on clearance sale for just $3. These Fuse phone cases would have previously cost $14.98, so those are some great savings. There is no telling how long these offers will last, so add some $3 phone cases to your shopping cart while you can. The only other place I have been able to find phone cases for this price would have to be Dollarama, but the quality always scares me. If you don’t want to invest in an Otterbox or Lifeproof case, then these $3 cases are a good choice. While the quality may not be the same as a $60 phone case, they are definitely enough to stop scuffs and scratches from happening.

Here is a list of the phone cases available for just $3 at, but you can follow the link above to take a look at all of the cases available on clearance sale.



Unfortunately Walmart Canada no longer offers free shipping with no minimum purchase, which would have added a lot of heat to these clearance deals. You can, however, opt to pick up your purchase at a Grab & Go Locker or Canada Post Office for free. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend $50 or more to get free shipping right to your home.

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May 21 Free Steam Download Key for Chip – A Puzzle Game

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM Free Steam Download Key for Chip   A Puzzle Game

Do you love puzzle games? Have you tried the game called Chip? If you want to try it out, right now is offering a free Steam Key to play Chip. Just enter your email to get your free Steam Key. Hurry though, quantities may be limited.

If you’re into isometric puzzle games and robots, then Chip is the game for you. Chip is a plucky little red robot who has been captured by their villain named Rust. It is your duty to help recharge chip by venturing through the different puzzles full of electricity and robots. This game has a very positive rating out of 220 reviews, so for free it is definitely worth a try. You can read about it and watch some videos at the Steam Powered website. Normally this game would cost you $7.79 and is on sale for $0.77. If you act quick, you can snag a Steam Key from to get this game for completely free.

Getting your free Steam Key to play Chip from is super simple. Just follow the link provided above and scroll down to about mid page. There you will see an image that says “Steam Giveaway” on the banner of Chip. Just enter your email there to claim your code. You will then be prompted to join Indie Gala for your freebie and to enter a code to validate your human existence. To prove you are not a robot,  you will have to enter the words provided in a jumbled format. Then you will get a screen that says to enjoy your free gift. You will receive an activation link in the email address you provide within 60 minutes, so unfortunately I wouldn’t suggest using 10 Minute Mail for this one.

Once you get your code in your email, follow the link to direct you to Chip at the Steam Powered website. Then download and enjoy!

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