Where to Buy Pokemon Go Plus in Canada and everything you need to know about it!

Where to Buy Pokemon Go Plus in Canada and everything you need to know about it!

The Pokemon Go Plus or "Po Go" as it has become popularly dubbed, was launched in September and holy smokes have they been selling out all over! It's back in stock at Amazon.ca for $44.96, if you're needing one, get it before it sells out.

What is a Pokemon Go Plus?

  • It can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace or as belt clip-on
  • It makes catching Pokemon and collecting Poké Balls, Pokémon Eggs and other items at PokéStop locations way easier. Instead of having to take out a mobile device to make catches, the wearer just has to click a button
  • It's a bright red plastic toy; it's not really a chic fashion accessory

Learn more about how the Pokemon Go Plus works here.

Pokemon Go Complaints

  • Some players complain that it makes the game TOO easy.
  • Some players complain that the buzzing can get annoying if you live in an urban Pokemon-populated area
  • Server issues after updates
  • Pokemon Gyms popping up on private property or spaces with restricted access.
  • Privacy concerns about the mobile app's privacy policy
  • SAFETY! There was some concern early on that worried whether the Pokemon Go was safe for kids. You can read more about the Pokemon safety issues here.
  • There has always been some chatter online about the how the wearable accessory can easily fall off when the belt attachment is used -- forcing folks to sport it on their wrists.
  • STOCK LEVELS! It was almost impossible to find one this holiday season.

What can you get instead?

If you like the Pokemon Go Plus, but you need a toy right now for someone special, you might consider other extremely popular toys, such as an NES Nintendo Mini Console, Furby Connect, Hatchimal, the Speak Out Game, or Lego Minifigures. Check out our articles on Where to Buy NES Classic Mini Console, Where to Buy Furby Connect, Where to Buy Hatchimals, Where to Buy Speak Out Game, and Where to Buy Lego Minifigures. We've got our eyes on the stock levels for all of them!

Will you be grabbing a Pokemon Go Plus? Tell us all about it! And if you spot one, catch it quick and share the intel because they won't last long ;)


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