Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Where to Buy Hatchimals

Want to know where to buy Hatchimals? Then stay tuned to this list, because we're posting all the latest deals and stock updates on Hatchimals in Canada!

Since Hatchimals became the toy two years ago, there have been all different types of Hatchimals created and hatched. And with Easter just a week away, these little critters could get even harder to find – so I wouldn't wait if you find the one you want in stock!

In general, you can find Hatchimals almost anywhere toys are sold, including Chapters Indigo, Walmart Canada, The Bay, Mastermind Toys, Well.ca and Toys R Us Canada. Prices can vary, so we dug around to find the absolute best deals out there!


Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Prices are pretty consistent for the full-size Hatchimals right now, but you'll save a couple bucks if you buy yours at Chapters! They have two new creatures for $74.95 each (instead of the usual $79.99 you'll see elsewhere).

I also just spotted the Hatchimals Fabula Forest Puffato on sale for $71.99 (from $79.99) at The Bay! And if you're looking for more of a collectors' item, Walmart.ca has the exclusive Hatchimals Golden Lynx for $79.97 each!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Looking for something a little more affordable? Hatchimal CollEGGtibles are some of the hottest collectibles out there right now. These miniature eggs "hatch" to reveal surprise creatures, and Amazon.ca has a bunch of them on sale!

Don't forget to grab a Hatchimals Hatchery Nursery Playset ($29.97 from $34.99) or Hatchimals Secret Scene Playset ($29.97 from $34.99) to go with them!

Shipping costs will vary by store, so make sure you check those out before you buy.


  • Sheila C.

    Omg! Elsie would love these!

  • Jules A.

    Amazing toy, but why so expensive?? My goodness.

  • Suzette W.

    Cute idea....my niece would love these but a little pricey :confused:

  • Peggy B.

    Just got two - kids will love love love hihi I want one!

  • LeLe

    Odd - I've been trying to preorder with Walmart but it's not working - anyone else having this problem??

  • Tasher R.

    Insanely expensive

  • Gina N.

    Sears' price is up to 84.99, not the 64.99 unfortunately

    • Bargainmoose

      Hi Gina, the teal Hatchimal is on for $74.99, and there is a black friday coupon for an additional $10 off

    • Gina N.

      cool! i will try to put it in the cart and see what happens. Thanks for the fast reply :)

    • Yumi J.

      Gina - where did you find the Hatchimals on the Sears website? I can't seem to find it even when doing a search?

  • Lindsay K.

    Walmart won't let you buy online gives an error to say there's no shipping date but it does say in stock?! Sears is showing 84.99 before coupon

  • Maureen H.

    Wow the price , pretty expensive I think these are a miss .

  • Kirsten K.

    Too expensive. The price will crash in a few months.

  • Natalie C.

    69 at sears online...still a lot but better than 89

  • KaylaS

    For some reason the price of these Hatchimals is better in the Sears Canada Wish book. On page 134 all four colors are available and listed at $74.99. Also, if you apply the code: WISH10, that is available in the front of the Wish book, that gives 10% off your entire order, excluding items ending in $0.88, $0.94 & $0.97. That means that this Hatchimals price is still eligible for the discount, so with an extra $7.50 off the $74.99 price tag the total cost should come to  just around $67.50.

  • Hype

    These are worth the money, they are meant to interact with kids for days and weeks after Christmas. Once they see there friends with one they will want it for Christmas. If you have 2 kids, buy 4 of these, 2 to keep and 2 to sell. You will be able to give you kids great gifts and it won't cost you anything :)

    • Anna1

      that's a pretty rotten thing to do.

      • MAW2

        I agree Anna! That is actually the problem with this world and it's peopl like Hype that just think of themselves and ruin it for everyone. My SINGLE MOM cousin with 4 kids who is desperate to get one for her autistic daughter can't find any and the ones she can find, are being sold by ppl like Hype who have made it unaffordable! EBay and amazon are selling for 300 + dollars! Shameful people!


  • Hype

    These are worth the money, they are meant to interact with kids for days and weeks after Christmas. Once they see there friends with one they will want it for Christmas. If you have 2 kids, buy 4 of these, 2 to keep and 2 to sell. You will be able to give you kids great gifts and it won't cost you anything :)

  • KaylaS

    Walmart is completely OUT OF STOCK (as usual) of all 5 Hatchimal types and LondonDrugs has Draggle and Penguala listings both on sale for the $79.99 price from $84.99, but once you click on the listing there is no ability to add it to your cart and the listing just states 'available soon,' which is quite unhelpful for most of us. However, if they finally become available, LD is running a $25 off your $100 order promotion when using MasterPass, so those additional savings could make this deal well worth it for some!

    • Eryn

      KaylaS has done extensive research and is spot on! :) Currently London Drugs does not have the Hatchimal in stock, but you may purchase other toys in stock at London Drugs and save $25 off of $100. You can see more info. right here: http://bit.ly/2dWE4V4 Good luck, KaylaS in your Hatchimal hunt!

      • KaylaS

        Thanks, Eryn! I use a VISA but thought I would check out Masterpass, just in case it was like VISA Checkout, where you can sign up with and use ANY credit or debit cards and sure enough, you can!  Hopefully I'll be able to use this nice discount in the near future and on a hatchimal as I think this deal goes for a couple months ;)

        • Eryn

          Thanks for your comments! We agree it's nice to be able to sign up for Masterpass and Visa Checkout with any credit card and even debit cards. Fingers crossed the hatchimals arrive soon at London Drugs.

          • MadCap

            Shorted by the vendor.  Doubt they'll be available before Christmad.

  • Alliz

    I SOO badly want to get burtle for my daughter......but I cannot order online and they are not in stores :( 

    • HeatherR

      Even though it says online they are not in stock in stores, i was at our local Walmart today and they had lots of Hatchimals, including the Burtle.  My husband was visiting a different province and said there were lots at the Walmart he was in as well.

      • Eryn

        Thanks for your comments, HeatherR! Good to know! :)

  • Jyz

    just got a penguala from sears with 10% coupon code...came to 67.50 plus tax. Free shipping to stores also. Good luck to you all!

    • Eryn

      Thank you for your comments, we have updated the blog to reflect the savings you mention. :) Free in-store pickup is fantastic, agree!

      • Eryn

        Edited: That pricing at Sears was short lived, by this morning Sears raised their pricing thus the price with coupon code is now $76.49. 

    • SammiB

      I can't figure out how to get the 67.50. Online they are 84.99 at sears then 10% off is still 74.99 plus tax :(

  • Erin A.

    Is anyone else having trouble with this deal? Even with the code it's coming up at $76.

  • Krysta W.

    Lol still a ridiculous price imo. Lol

  • Kristen F.

    Sears increased their price so it's no longer 67.50 w the code :cry:

  • Nadia G.

    I can't stop laughing. :joy:

  • Diana N.

    Hahahaha you're the best!

  • Crista C.

    Bloody crazy price anyway

  • Lindsay D.

    It's out of stock. It does show in stock, but when you go to checkout you get a message saying the item without a delivery date has to be deleted as it's out of stock.....

  • Eryn

    Thank you, Lindsay D. for your comment, and we are very sorry to hear that! We have edited this article for our readers and will keep checking to find out where one can get their hands on a hatchimal. We make updates often so keep checking back! 

  • Polishbeauty11

    Walmart.ca has burtle in stock, I got one instore yesterday and then ordered 2 different hatimals online at walmart and called to confirm it's shipping and they said yes. The only one online now is burtle but says in stock 

    • Eryn

      Thanks for your comments, you may have been one of the last to snag one - although it shows as in-stock a person is, at this time, unable to order one. If this changes we will keep our readers posted!

      • Stephdt

        I was getting errors all day from Wal-Mart online but it finally went through and I got the purple/teal burtle ordered!

  • Sdord

    wherez yhe coupon code????

  • Cdndad4ek

    Check Canadian Tire! GTA Canadian Tires seem to have more in stock.

  • Mimi H.

    $ 79.99 at walmart ...crazy!

  • Mandy M.

    I can't see where I enter the promo code?

  • Tara C.

    $10 promo code wouldn't work for me

    • Eryn

      That's too bad! Thanks for letting us know, though! We have checked into it, and it appears that the code is no longer working. We will edit this post so others know. :)


    So angry with Sears. I recieved a Hatchimal damaged and activated by the sounds of it as it is talking in the beaten up box ...pretty sure that shouldn't be happening. It's purple when I ordered the blue/green for my nephew. Everywhere is sold out and all they said is they will return it. Feeling screwed. Also noticing now the wish code did not process and I was charged full price. Grrr

    • HeatherR

      I couldn't believe that the two Hatchimals that I had ordered from Sears were delivered in a bag instead of in a box!  So naturally the boxes they are packaged in were a bit banged up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it didnt affect the Hatchimals.  Sorry to hear that happened to yours.

    • KaylaS

      Sears is notorious for this issue and I have dealt with it numerous times...more times than I ever should have had to. Their website states a discount is applied at checkout and then when you receive your order confirmation via email it charged you full price and the discount 'mysteriously' disappeared. It is this shady business practice (that they still have not fixed after many complaints), and website programming that has caused me to have to call or email to complain and have it adjusted, which is a big hassle of a process in itself. It's extremely frustrating and irritating having to prove my purchase with an order confirmation, discount info, product pricing info, screen shots etc...just for the correct discount due. We should not have to go through so much trouble and effort for a discount that was already successfully applied at checkout only to have it disappear and taxes added after order confirmation as well. Call and complain and I'm sure they'll adjust it. I've also had a lot of trouble often being charge full shipping prices when I ship to store which is supposed to be free, so watch for any extra charges or fees you weren't expecting and could dispute.

      • KaylaS

        Yikes! Sorry for the novel/rant :P

  • Playpennies C.

    The link here should work: http://bit.ly/2eSnfJq

    • Eryn

      We're sorry to report, at this point the code appears that the $10 e-voucher code is no longer working. We will keep you all updated!

  • cuse

    Canadian Tire has some online and in stores for $79.99.

    • Eryn

      Thanks for the tip! We have edited this post to reflect your find! 

  • RYP

    Just saw a big display at our local Mastermind store. Must have just gotten them in stock. $89.99 though. :(

  • Kimbit

    Where can I put the promo code on the Walmart.ca website? I can't see anywhere to put it in

    • Eryn

      Hi, this is how you can enter in the code - at the bottom box below in the drop down menu you will see $5 off your entire order, so select that one. Good luck!!

      It doesn't appear that these codes have any minimum purchase requirement, but orders under $25 are charged a $5 processing fee so your best bet is to spend $25 - $50. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to redeem your discount:

      1. Log into your account at Walmart.ca.
      2. Add your desired items to your shopping cart.
      3. Follow this link and add the coupon code to your account.
      4. At the check out stage, click on "edit" on the payment section and then select the voucher.
      5. Add your payment details and voila.

      This is how it should look:


  • JenT

    So hard to find these in stock. I couldn't locate one in my city anywhere and only got errors when trying to order online. Asked friends and family across north america if they could find one. My brother in law got laughed out of 3 stores in the USA as they are impossible to find and are out of stock regularly. Basically they are the "tickle me elmo" this year. 

  • karcervantes

    Just ordered one for my daughter via Walmart online. They don't have a section for promo codes anymore. Also, checked Sears and Canadian tire and they don't have them anymore.

    • RYP

      I ordered from Walmart last night. You can use the $5 voucher, but it's not easy to figure out how to redeem. I had to carefully follow the steps that Eyrn outlined above.

      • karcervantes

        Thanks :) I was able to use the $5 coupon after I followed the example here, as well. Now I have two Hatchimals on the way lol

    • LaurieH

      How did you get one from Walmart?  It says available online but once I go to check out it says unable to process due to an unsure shipping date!

      • RYP

        Sounds like they may be sold out now. :(

      • KaylaS

        The unsure shipment date is a huge problem Walmart itself has with their website and app. I get that error all the time using the app and have to fiddle with my cart through frustrating and tireless efforts. Walmart definitely needs to keep their website and app even more user friendly despite doing updates on both. Sears is even worse but Walmart has a horrendous checkout process at times, especially using the app. I'd recommend trying a different browser or clearing your cache and history to try again. Those methods have worked for me.

  • Crystal C.

    I saw 5 hatchimals available at Walmart on Regent-Winnipeg, not in their proper place, you just have to wander!

  • KaylaS

    I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen a larger Bargainmoose chat thread. Wow! These hatchimals are sure a popular toy this year! Has anyone tried ordering through the wishbook catalogue, old school style, like over the phone or in a catalogue home store pickup centre? That wish 10% discount code I mentioned above weeks ago may work through that ordering method, but it's too bad SEARS took advantage of the popularity and raised their prices.

  • 2Norfolk

    Hey just wanted to let people know that I bought one online this afternoon at Toys R Us - not sure how long they will have stock.  They had some variety but not everything.  Good luck!

  • Alldayearlgrey

    Walmart online just dropped their price to $59 but aren't showing any available 

    • Eryn

      Thank you for that alert! We will sure be keeping an eye on this one now, to come back into stock. 

      • RYP

        I just ordered one online (using $5 off coupon), it hasn't arrived yet. I wonder if they will adjust my price?

        • Eryn

          Hi there, hopefully they will automatically do that for you, but if not, Walmart states the following on their website "Within 30 days (with receipt), if a customer has purchased an item from any Walmart store that is now offered at a lower Walmart price, the store will refund the difference of the price for the customer. Important: the refund excludes items that are on Clearance." 

        • jln

          They did for me!   I sent them my order # and told them what it was I ordered and that the price on website was over $20 less now. (I included link to the hatchimal page) They answered me back within a day and reimbursed no problem!

          • karcervantes

            Did you call customer service or go in the store?

          • karcervantes

            Nvm! reread that lol. I called and they reimbursed me too :)

            • RYP

              I emailed Walmart customer service last night and when I woke up this morning, there was a response - they have credited my card! I am also very happy with how the item came shipped. Packaged extremely well.  Feeling happy with my purchase. I will now return the one I purchased at Mastermind. Pretty sure I am one of the only people to return a Hatchimal.

  • jujulie

    Still looking for a reasonably priced one

    • RYP

      The Toys R Us flyer (online) has them listed for $59. For some reason the printed flyer lists them for $69. At least mine does in Ontario. Sale starts tomorrow. 

  • Krista S.

    . Order the hatchimal here??

  • Candace B.

    ....you were looking for them?

  • Lindsay D.

    Hatchimals have also decreased in price significantly at Toys R Us and Walmart, so if anyone bought one from them in the last 30 days they should go get their $20 back!

  • NatalieJ

    We received three from Sears but will be returning one (received in error). Hope everyone is successful in their hunt!

    • Ara

      Why don't you sell your extra one to me?

  • kpuck

    Best Buy also has them apparently for $149.97 but they are currently out of stock (online).  Not that I would pay that price for them!!  

    • Eryn

      Thanks for your comment, we have added them in as a (currently out of stock) merchant!

  • Francie

    It's sad when they are being bought up and sold on ebay double the price so people can make a profit and as I couldn't find one I went the eBay route aND ordered one for 136 to find them end it to me in the Sears bag it came in for 64.99 

  • jujulie

    I just ordered an Owlicorn from Toys r Us.ca. If you need one, go now. $59.97

  • wanderingspirit

    toys R Us now has some stock online for $59

  • Andrea D.

    Just bought one at toysrus.ca Only one type is in stock.

  • AllieBaba

    Toys-R-Us currently has the Owl-li-Corn Hatchimal in stock. 

    59.97 plus tax.  

    Good luck!!

    • superwoman

      darn...it's not online now.  

    • Ara

      Toysrus can't add to cart. I called 1800 # and was advised the warehouse is out of stock. 

  • Brooke772

    Toy R Us are showing The Owlicorn and Draggles as available online but they are Not. It does not add them to your cart. I called Toy R Us and she confirmed that they are not available and they are aware as they have had lots of calls this morning.

  • suzannezeug

    I preordered with Walmart in September, since then  it is still processing   no shipping date yet even though they have been on Walmart store shelves since then.  HUH    preorder    what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzannezeug

    I preordered a Hatchimal in September at Walmart.  They hit store shelves but mine is still processing!!  What a joke.  Just get the run around when asking where it is and why stores received before preorders.    VERY ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!

    • RYP

      That's not good. I ordered one online on Sunday and it has arrived.

  • Stan

    Any idea why Hatchimals have been removed from Toys R Us's website? Does that mean my only hope is to find one in store?

    • Andybee

      A Store told me thats a head office decision because they have no idea if they will receive any in the immediate (weeks) future.

      • catmarg

        I was told by an employee that they are not getting in more until after Christmas. Biggest toy-store in the world and they can<t keep up.

  • Andybee

    http://www.scholarschoice.ca/ has them online for delivery in 3-4 weeks. Not sure if thats a risk?

  • Andybee

     Scholars Choices has them online for delivery in 3-4 weeks. Not sure if thats a risk?

    • Eryn

      Thank you for your tip, Andybee! Scholar's Choice is a great place to purchase it from. We have updated the post to reflect your findings. 

      • catmarg

        I did get one, but now they are out of stock. I don<t think it is a risk. I spoke to someone in the local store and she told me they were expecting a shipment in November. They probably ordered them a while back in time for Christmas!! 

  • Heather J.

    were you looking for these?

  • Laura L.

    Thanks but I have one lined up :blush:

  • Ashley F.

    Thank you! Don't want to pay inflated prices I just need one girl I'm sure I'll find it! Let me know if u see anything else!

  • Mandy M.

    I am keeping an eye out... I just need one too and I won't pay more than $100. Before I realized how popular they were I saw them twice at Walmart, should've got one then!!

    • catmarg

      YES! I was there a month ago with my daughter and laughed at the price. I have been searching and found one at Scholar<s Choice- online. But out of stock now. Try calling them and see if you can put on hold- if you have a local store. You can also get them at Showcase store, but for more than $100.

  • Keri

    im so upset  i just found out about them yesterday and now cant find one anywhere  

  • Crystal A.

    Great Thanks Carrie I was just looking at this site yesterday

  • HH66

    Walmart Canada has the pengualas available online - delivery 16th November

    • HH66

      That didn't last long - they were back available online with a 16th November delivery for a grand total of 90 minutes

  • Kizz

    Showcase online is now sold out :(

  • Momm

    Toys Toys Toys in the TD Centre has them for $149.99 - just got one

  • cly

    If you call your local Scholar's Choice they may order one for you, I called mine in Dartmouth NS, they only have penguala's left but it will be in next week for me to pick up :) $99.99 plus tax.

  • Momof3boys

    FYI, I know someone who ordered two Hatchimals from sears.ca last night, but I don't see Sears on your list.

  • AKT

    Scholar's Choice jacked up their non-member price.

  • AKT

    Scholar's Choice jacked up their non-member price online to 134.99.

    • AKT

      Also Showcase has raised their price online to $149.99. Still out of stock but I wonder if the price increases are in anticipation of additional stock coming in?

  • Bmcnulty1990

    can't find these anywhere not in store not online but don't want to pay 150 for them.

    Anyone know of anywhere 

    • jaimeb

      walmart has some right  now

      • jaimeb

        Sold out now :(

  • Northwinds

    There are currently more available right now on Sears.ca website (7:30am EST Nov 11)

  • jaimeb

    walmart.ca has some i just got 1 using the 5$ off code ;)

  • Berz

    Just bought one on Walmart.ca (1:25pm EST).  Checked maybe 5 minutes after and they're Out of Stock again.  Geez.

  • Bmcnulty1990

    got 2 on sears.ca at about 9am pacific time.

    Although it said on the site out of stock I made an account hoping to get the option of notifications when available then I looked signed in and they were available. 

    I clicked as fast as I could and I wish I would have gotten a different one for my son but soon as I placed my order (I was on phone with sears customer service cause I was having error msg) it when through I asked to change the one and he said they were now all sold out. jeez

    As of now it shows I bought 2 I'm hoping they actually get shipped and in good condition after reading stories about sears.

    However i just went on my account and saw the pink one available 

    Hoping Christmas stress is over now !

    • jenharris

      call sears customer service line. i also ordered mine 3 days ago and they charged me for them but they are actually out of stock : (

  • RuffLife

    Got one 15 min ago at Walmart.ca.  Third time trying today.  When in stock they sell in a minute or less.  Must not be very many.  I set an alert with nowinstock. net

  • Megan G.

    We were talking about these yesterday, I don't see Makenna being interested!

  • Bargainmoose

    We're sorry to hear that! We tested out the links and they work ok from our end. Is it the link in the Facebook post that isn't working for you? It should guide you to our Bargainmoose.ca website and from there you will see our hatchimals post! Good luck!

  • Jane W.

    Bargainmoose tried that too. I sent you the error

  • SusanRD

    just bought 2 online with Sears. $74.99 each

  • Dani R.

    Thank you! Got one, my daughter will be thrilled :)

  • Crystal H.

    If you order this, you will not receive the item in the picture. The Sears system is really messed up now and items depicted on the website is not matching their ordering system. I spent 1 hour on the phone with them last night. And this is not the only item that is like this.

  • Jane W.

    And the website crashes trying to check out. Great :sob:

  • Crystal H.

    If you order this, you will not receive the item in the picture. The Sears system is really messed up now and items depicted on the website is not matching their ordering system. I spent 1 hour on the phone with them last night. And this is not the only item that is like this.

    • Bmcnulty1990

      What do you mean by this .. I just ordered with from sears this morning it seemed to worked and even verified with customer service on the phone. Priority shipping so I should see by end of next week but now I'm worrying I won't get them ? What would you get ?

  • Crystal P.

    They out out of stock already. Thanks tho

  • Sarah B.

    I had luck by checking the Walmart site a lot. They were in stock 3 times today (that I saw). Twice I couldn't check out but managed to get one the third time.

  • KMCC

    Sears.ca doesn't have them anymore... :(

  • Angie G.

    Still showing in stock in sears

  • eggsearcher

    After 3 weeks of looking and always missing out I just got a Penguala Hatchimal from Sears ET 3.50pm, looks like they are still in stock...

  • Kelly B.

    But when you get to check out, they all show out of stock

  • Bargainmoose

    When these were in stock, it showed as in stock and you could place them in the cart. They are now out of stock again but it doesn't look like it until you put it in your cart and then it will state it's out of stock. Keep checking our website/facebook as we update frequently. Make sure you enter our contest to possibly win 1 of 6 hatchimals! Right here >> http://bit.ly/2fG5Rsi

  • Lori G.

    Same thing happened to me

  • Lori G.

    Exactly what I was seeing too

  • Rhon K.

    for your friends looking. There are some pre orders on here but they are gonna have to pay

    • Becca K.

      Nope she found some! Thank you though!

  • Randeen S.

    Chelsea Lynn Forrest Novelli sears.ca,,,

  • JD R.

    you should like this site

    • Linda C.

      Gone..... And I'm not paying $200 on Amazon for a $80 toy....

    • JD R.

      they had some sites 3 days ago that had them in stock for $80.

    • Linda C.

      I added it to the top of my new feed so I will get reports of them come up again

  • Angela M.

    Where are you getting them?

  • Angel B.

    All gone, thanks for the tag though

  • Valerie S.

    I just got 2 off of Sears.ca

    • Smiles4u

      How did you get them  ive been on the site for an hour lol 

  • Kristen M.

    Thanks. Too much money though :weary:

  • Michelle F.

    I just added them to my wish list and then when I clicked on it again they were available. So I ordered two as well

  • Sarah C.

    They just released more, sold out already

  • Roseferg

    Every year this seems to happen.  Then there are the people whom buy up a bunch and sell them at an overrated price.  A little like buying  up concert tickets and jacking up the prices. Last year it was Star Lily a reactive My Little Pony.  My granddaughter who is 8 wants a Hatchimal. First thing on her list, so I will keep trying.

  • Crystal P.

    I just got 2 off Sears. Ca

  • Torontodad

    hello everyone, I have two small kids and I need to get my hands on two of these if there is anyone who has any success after I post this can you please let me know it would be greatly appreciate it 

  • Valerie S.

    They came back in stock. Just keep checking.

    • AngelaT

      Just to confirm - should I check here or keep refreshing the websites? ie: walmart, sears?  I noticed sears seems to have taken them off their website.  Just bumps to the main page.

      • Northwinds

        I would keep a close eye on the websites.   For Sears, they will show up on the website and then disappear again after their stock runs out.   I've seen them come and go several times over the last few days, but they seem to sell out within minutes, so have your credit card handy!

    • AngelaT

      Is it best to just keep refreshing the websites or when they come available are they posted here?

      • Momof3boys

        They aren't posted here regularly enough to get your hands on them. It seems that every site sells out within a half hour of getting new stock. I just keep checking and refreshing the websites, but haven't had any luck yet (I was close once on Walmart.ca, but after I added them to my cart they sold out before I could check out)!

        • MommyBlueberry

          I came close with Walmart too, but I typed one number in my CC info wrong! And by the time I fixed it, it was gone. :( I don't understand how if it's in your cart, then it can suddenly disappear. Had this happen with Sears too. I had it, but the payment wouldn't go through do to too much traffic and it (the site) saying that there was an error. Then it just finally said that it was out of stock. I just want one for my daughter!

  • viola

    I need 2 does any one know when the stores are going to have in stock or if they will be in black friday?

    • Hype

      Walmart is the only store advertising that they have Hatchimals for sale on Black Friday and from what I ready they will only be sold in store.

  • dawconah66

    Looking as well :(

  • dawconah66

    The Santa pressure is on :(

  • catmarg

    I am using now in stock.net. You can make an account and they will notify when in stock at certain retailers. 

  • AngelaT

    Sadly, Sears said they had it but when you went to check out it said "out of stock" but on the page it said "available" darn!

  • oukaiy

    I got one from sears.ca a few minutes after 7pm yesterday.  It sold out almost instantly.  Have to be very fast for the payment.

  • RobynD

    i cant even find Hatchimals on sears.ca how do you find them?

    • Bmcnulty1990

      They won't show on the website if they don't have them I have found. When I got mine they showed then I check back less then 10 minutes later andate they were gone off website. 

      I'm hoping sears has there s*** together because I paid priority shipping saying they should be here by Wednesday and they are still show as being processed. Really hoping I don't receive an email saying there was issues with orders

    • jaimeb

      walmart .ca has some right now

      • jaimeb

        gone again :(

        • Jjwilson

          did u get one

          • jaimeb

            i got one friday ( they sent the wrong one lol )but i have been watching the site for a friend but wanted to let all you guys know also :)  

            • manny

              how do you know they are online?  I check the site all the time and says no online

              • jaimeb

                I have the site up all day on my computer and refresh on and off all day :)

  • jaimeb

    I had a quick question for anyone who ordered from walmart.ca.  I waited forever for the draggula one to come in stock but when i got it today and checked the upc it looks like i am getting a pengula anyone else notice this ?

    • jaimeb

      I noticed that you can tell which one ( of 2 )  you are getting by the colour of the egg so yes they sent me the wrong one but after chatting with my daughter about her maybe not getting her fav one she was ok with it :)

  • one

    I'm still looking for some.  I was just teased by walmart.ca. ; When I tried to checkout it was gone. :(  Happy to hear that some of you have had success!  I need 2.

  • Side_show

    Any tips on where to buy a Penguala in Winnipeg?  My little one is asking daily! Yikes. 

    • Mur

      check Scholars choice.. they had 1 a few days ago when I called.. 

  • Krista E.

    I am seeing for prime members only?

    • Amy N.

      You can join for free for 30 days.

    • Krista E.

      ya I am not interested in joining, howeve I will continue to watch the tracker. I thought about picking one up for a friends child, mine are too old for this. But thanks

    • Dawn B.

      Krista, can u let me know if u find more than one please? I have a desperate 4 year old here :)

  • abagnoli

    I just received an email from nowinstock.net as I had signed up for alerts on when these would be in stock. Amazon Canada has the Pengula and Draggle in stock for those who are Prime members. I signed up for the 30 day free trial and ordered the Pengula for $84.99. Going to cancel my Prime membership now :)

    • Sher

      Any idea how to get alerts on your phone?

  • Joanne L.

    Thanks. Got one last week:smile:

  • Jennifer K.

    I got one!! Yay!! Had to sign up for Prime, but I'll just cancel before 30 days. It also might come in handy for Christmas to have Prime!

  • RJGotto

    Amazon Prime just posted some draggles and pegualas for $85. I got one of each. You do need a Prime account but you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and then cancel when your Hatchimal comes in. Two day shipping. 

    • CobourgGuy

      the must be all gone at that price. All showing up north of $200.  No way I;m paying that price,  

  • Candace'may T.

    is this what ur looking cor

  • Kristy G.

    Omg thank you so much you will make one little boy very happy this Xmas..

  • Dawn B.

    I am not paying the prices they want on Amazon but thanks for thinking of me. :)

  • Dawn B.

    Where is Bargain Moose out of?

    • Kathy D.

      It says it's a Canadian site

    • Dawn B.

      If someone can get me one and ship it, I have $120.

  • Lisa H.

    Missed the boat on that one....not paying $250.00!!!

  • Wendy G.

    I only see them there for $250. Does the price change when you sign up for prime? Or are the $84.99 already sold out?

  • Nicole J.

    Thx...I tried, but they're gone now

  • Hema P.

    Were you able to order it ?

  • Melissa V.

    :( I almost went through an ordered but was on phone

  • Lynn N.

    i was so excited! I clicked and it was there, but when the page loaded it was gone :(

  • Crystal A.

    And it's gone thank you for looking out for me though

  • Torontodad

    they are already sold out this is gonna be a tough year! 

  • Kristy G.

    Haha.. I was up with a sick kid and i saw it.. Thanks again :kissing_heart:

  • Michelle W.

    $200 for a stupid stuffed animal in an egg?

  • FarmerMama

    Just tried Prime....nothing under $200 anymore

  • catmarg

    They are back on Amazon Prime. I got a Draggle for 85!

    • AngelaT

      I clicked on the $85.00 one and then it says $234.00 :(
      Do you have the link?

      • AngelaT

        must have missed it... darn :( 

      • catmarg

        Aww, too bad!

        I tried to find the link, but I did not see it. If I get the link I will post. 

        I got the notification through Nowinstock.net. I suggest you sign up. They have Canadian trackers for Hatchimals. 

        • catmarg

          Really weird. Amazon has something funny going on.

        • AngelaT

          I signed up but didn't get a notification for the last release.  I'll keep checking.  Thanks :)

  • Stacey P.

    Anyone..she just wants one so bad...thanks

  • Bmcnulty1990

    BEWARE if anyone got one off sears.CA ;

    I just called to check on my order and although they showed in Stock when we put them in our cart etc. they are on backorder and even tho ot shows everything went through and they are being processed.. they don't even have the stock for this . she said it's a new website so they are having issues 

    • Bmcnulty1990

      Back to square one no guarantee they will even get any before Christmas.. anyone know of anywhere I'll keep checking this site and every other site

      • jaimeb

        walmart.ca  i ordered one friday morning and got monday in the mail.  Only things is you may not get the one you ordered .  I ordered a draggle and got a pengula :(

    • KaylaS

      Sears is blaming every issue on the 'new website' Lame excuse for a bad ordering system that has never functioned properly. The website was always terrible and it seems they somehow made it even worse...if that is possible. They should have tested it well before they ever launched it and they don't take any responsibility for the countless errors that are causing so many problems for countless loyal, repeat and new customers alike. 

      • Bmcnulty1990

        Yes I have phone numerous times trying to get answers and the best I got was call back in a week to see if they got any stock. Order shows as went through and being processed she said they haven't charged the credit card yet. 

        It seems stupid to me it should be made aware you are ordering a product on backorder. Here I thought I would have them tomorrow.

  • Juliann G.

    Yup. Probably already sold out

  • TheHua

    Anyone have a Draggle theyd be willing to swap for a penguala? In Ottawa Area

    • kpuck

      I will have a green/blue Draggle that I'd swap for a Penguala.  Which of the colour options do you have?  My parents are bringing it back from the US so I won't have it until early Dec though.  I'm in Petawawa but would be willing to meet somewhere in between.  

      • TheHua

        Sure not a problem.

  • Torontodad

    don't give up folks! There's plenty of days left and I'm sure more hatchimals will become available. Trust me I feel your pain and frustration I'm right there with you but don't give up or give in to paying ridiculously inflated prices. If you have not yet signed up for nowinstock.net you must! It is essential in being successful in finding the #1 coveted toy of 2016. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!! 

    • Bmcnulty1990

      in the USA they are getting tons, on nowinstock under the USA tracker people are able to get them at Walmart target etc. except those stores wont ship to Canada ! and youll have to have a usa cc with a usa billing address. I cant seem to find a way around this and Canadian stores haven't gotten any in over 24 hours.

      this is crazy

  • dawconah66

    My Local WalMart  Had 14 this morning !!!  Happy Mom !

    • Bmcnulty1990

      Lucky !! All mine are sold out and they say they won't be getting any but I'm in bc :( trying to even use kijiji but people are just taking advantage and selling for way more then most can afford on 1 toy

      What city are you in ? 

  • dawconah66

    I am in Nova Scotia Canada

    • nsmom

      Which store?? I am in Halifax...

      • dawconah66


    • nsmom

      Which store? I am in Halifax...

  • Northwinds

    Walmart.ca just increased their price to $79.97 for Hatchimals

  • Deadbeef

    Showcase has jacked their price to $199.99 and they're still out of stock.

  • Torontodad

    Canadian tire advertised it in their flyer starting tomorrow on sale $69.99 reg 79.99. It is also advertised in the wow guide online but the link doesn't work. I Don't know if this means they will have stock in stores, online or either but just a heads up for everyone still looking 

    • Busy-mommy

      bad news - I spoke to their head office and they said everything they had already went to stores and they can't get any more as none available in all of Canada at this time for retailers to purchase. Apparently flyer was printed ages ago so they are just going to post correction notice that item is not available at all stores tomorrow.

  • Kylej

    Markham Walmart had 9 in stock this morning, finally got one for my son :)

    • Robyngodfrey

      I just called the Markville Mall location and they said they didn't have any. Is that where you found them?

  • Torontodad

    alright everyone, if you are one of the lucky few to find one of these elusive toys please tell us when and where exactly you found them, so we can all try to share in the joy, we need as many tips as possible

    • NelMarie1

      Walmart JUST had some in stock of the pink one. I was too slow with my credit card number though.

      • oukaiy

        I just got one from walmart.ca. ; If you register an account in walmart, after the first purchase your credit card information can be saved in your profile, that makes the payment much faster.

        • cuse

          That's weird.  I didn't see any notifications from nowinstock.net.  Maybe they changed the links?

  • Busy-mommy

    I called Canadian Tire head office they said flyer was printed ages ago and they don't have any available or coming - apparently their buying team said there are none in Canada at this time for retailers to get.

  • NelMarie1

    Anyone who ordered from Amazon, did your order ship yet? Mine said it would yesterday but still nothing.

    • catmarg

      mine was shipped today 

      • NelMarie1

        Oh good to know they are still working on them. Did they charge your card the day you ordered or today when it shipped?

  • cuse

    Received mine from Amazon yesterday.

  • Bmcnulty1990

    I ended up snagging two finally! I have 0 luck with any retailers so I resorted to kijiji. Although most people on kijiji are selling for stupid prices there is a select few decent human beings who just want to spread the Christmas cheer and I ended up paying exactly what I was paying from sears. I still kept my order on backorder from sears in case they come before Christmas I'd do the exact same thing sell them off at the retail price so some parents have a fighting chance. I just kept checking kijiji and most people will ship pay upon delivery pay with PayPal to protect or if your lucky like mevery my bf happend to be working in the city I found them and I sent him.

    I absolutely would not promote paying these people ridiculous prices it just fuels them. however there is a letter from santa if you don't get one that you can give to your child. 

    Good luck to everyone.

    • catmarg

      agreed. There are decent people out there. I technically have three Hatchimals now, but still waiting for 2  to come by mail. If I sell one it will be on Kiji for a fair price. 

      • Torontodad

        catmarg if you do decide to sell one for a fair price please let me know. I've been dying to find one for my 5 yr old who is very excited about this toy and I will pay to ship if need be. 

        • catmarg

          Well I did have an extra one being shipped from Scholars choice, but somehow it got lost by UPS. Strange. Poor Hatchimal. Prob. Got stolen. 

  • Flinflon

    If any of you guys end up selling an extra at a reasonable price and would consider shipping to northern Manitoba for me please let me know!! I purchased one already but would love to get one for a friend of mine who's daughter has asked for one. Being in the north we are so limited! Send me an email if we can work something out. Thanks

  • Peaks

    Toys R Us in Edmonton had some this morning, limit 1 per customer. All were gone in the first half hour of the store opening.  

  • Torontodad

    anybody had any luck the last day or two? 

    • Northwinds

      Unfortunately not,  and Sears.ca emailed me yesterday to say that the order I had placed on Nov 11 was now cancelled because they don't have stock to fill the orders.  It would seem that they sold a bunch of Hatchimals that they didn't have, and then waited a week to tell everyone.  

      • Laxmom

        That's crazy! I placed an order last Sunday on sears.ca and it still says it is processing.  Then mid week I placed another order and again it was still processing.  On Thursday though I got an email that my 2nd order has been shipped and gave me my tracking number.  We'll see if it arrives though.

  • Mloranger

    Haven't found one yet around Montreal!

  • NelMarie1

    Did anyone have any luck with Canadian Tire? 

  • Sawdust

    Walmart online. Some are instock. 1:45pm est Nov 21

    • Sawdust

      and now showing sold out. Got one ordered, see if they ship it. 

  • Laxmom

    Two just showed up in the mail from Sears yesterday afternoon. This was the order from last Wednesday but my order from 3 days prior to that(on Sunday Nov13th) hasn't been shipped. If I log onto sears.ca both of my orders still say they are processing though and haven't been shipped. I've been charged for the 2 on my credit card though but I guess they just didn't update their system....maybe? No idea how these even were sent because when I called they said they were back ordered. If the 3 other ones eventually get shipped (not going to delete that order) I will sell them to you guys for what I paid. I have 4 kids but really only need one for them....they can share lol.

  • Laxmom

    Nevermind, I won't be getting those extra 3 for anyone on here. I just called Sears and they told me that they have instructions to cancel everyone's orders for the hatchimals who ordered when they were out of stock.  I asked how I got to order then on Wednesday and get it shipped and she said because it was in stock then.  So, I asked why once they come in stock it isn't given to those who have ordered and waiting first and she said because they ordered when it wasn't in stock.  I said, actually on the sears website it said it was in stock so this doesn't make any sense.  She apologized and said these were just the instructions they were given. So just an fyi for those waiting on sears....all backorders are being canceled.

    • Laxmom

      lol ok so this message doesn't make as much sense without my previous message.  Sorry that one is getting approved by moderators.  Basically I got 2 hatchimals yesterday in the mail that I ordered last Wednesday from sears but I hadn't received my previous order from them still from last Sunday. Their system doesn't make sense.

  • Busy-mommy

    showcase jacked their price way up to $149.99 but was able to pre-order in store today for guaranteed Xmas delivery.

  • Gabouette

    I just ordered 2 from Sears.ca. I went to my wish list and 2 were available. I'm just hoping I will get them delivered. Here are the links for each Hatchimals, in case you would like to create a wish list.




    Good luck to everyone on their hunt.

  • cuse

    Did this thread die or is there another one somewhere?  Heard Toy R Us in the US are having a big restock tomorrow.  Same here (Ontario)?

  • ltd309

    Been told by toys r us in Oakville that they will be restocking them after dec 4. unfortunately I still cant seem to find one ))

    • rapture

      Toys r Us Brampton had 50 yesterday morning gone in minutes.

  • ltd309

    couldnt even reach them by the phone during the day, any other updates on where this can be purchased ?

  • sandstar99

    I just got one at Master Mind Toys

  • sandstar99

    Just got one at Master Mind Toys. Some little girl will be happy.

  • ltd309

    in which city ? thanks 

  • Kate1234

    Mastermind in Calgary had them today, at least at 2 locations.  I signed up for email updates on Hatchimals stock in November and received an email this morning 45 min. before they opened.  They had at least 50 hatchimals in the store, $89.99, limit one per customer.  

    • Yombeh

      hey Karen, 

      Do you know which store in Calgary has them?


    • Awayombeh

      hello Karen, 

      Which store in Calgary has them? 


      • Kate1234

        130 Ave SE, Shawnessy, and Westhills -- I had an email alert set up with Mastermind for these 3 locations and received an email for all of them Dec. 15 morning.  

  • Shellaroo

    Massive toy blowout in Edmonton is suppose to have them tomorrow and sunday. They have an add on facebook. Search Massive Toy Blowout. 2403 91st sw i believe

  • sionnaich

    The Humane Society of Canada has 18 Hatchimals for sale to raise money to help animals and ships to Canada, the United States and worldwide. Also local pickup in the Toronto area.


  • Tinika E.

    Haha dear entitled kid...

  • Jademomma

    Today they're online at indigo/chapters  $90 and on showcase but at showcase a ship date of early April. 

    • Eryn

      Thank you, Jademomma for the great news! We have updated the post! :)

  • Pauline L.

    I knew be all kinds after Xmas this stuff happens every Christmas

  • Cat D.

    Any news on the mini nes?

    • Amanda D.

      Sigh up at nowinstock.net And zoolert.com They alert(text) you when In stock online I've scored 4 so far one for my self, my brother and sister. And one for a friend

  • Anna R.

    Didn't want one then don't want one now

  • Yuet C.

    And some fail to hatch too

  • Lori S.

    Don't bother....waste of $. My two daughters have not touched them since Xmas day....and one did not even hatch.

    • Judy H.

      My kids play with their too much so I regret buying them. Lol. They didn't hatch either we had to open egg

    • HeatherR

      While ours did hatch, I regret purchasing them for my kids.  Once they hatched, and they watched them go through their three cycles (which only took a day) they were over them.  Haven't touched them since.

  • Kirsten K.

    There were big displays of them at Mastermind Toys as well as TRU. I think people are over them.

  • SarahE87

    Anyone who purchased one and it did not hatch, contact spin master customer support and they will send you a replacement! I bought my daughter's months ago and we were very disappointed when it stopped the hatching process after just a few hits with it's beak. I emailed customer service at Spin Master and after providing my info and sending pictures to confirm I had purchased a hatchimal, they sent a new one! I haven't given it to my daughter just yet so there is a risk this one also won't hatch, but I appreciated that they didn't demand the original one back before they sent the replacement! 

  • Kimberley M.

    I remember you saying something about it and wanting it for Easter or something

  • Michelle S.

    Garbage not worth the money

    • Pauline L.

      Tried telling people that went crazy over them at Xmas. Spend all that money on toy that seat in toy box and never be played with

    • Michelle S.

      Our first one never hatched... The company replaced it and the second one was not much better

  • Ti F.

    Already bought mine, thank goodness. My kid is crazy for these things.

  • Lindsay D.

    The twin Hatchimals are also on rollback at Walmart :slight_smile:. $79.95

  • Joylynn S.

    Costco has them on for $56.99 in Saskatoon too. Not sure about Regina.

    • Bargainmoose

      Thanks for the tip!

    • Jen H.

      Dartmouth, NS too and they come with two additional minis :slight_smile:

  • Sandy M.

    didn’t Elena want some

    • Liz S.

      She just got one for her birthday, and doesn't even play with it :rolling_eyes:

  • Amanda P.

    Got one

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