Where to Buy Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in Canada

Where to Buy SNES

Everyone wants the Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition, and that's making it really hard to find, especially for the suggested retail price of $99.99.

If you're on the hunt for this game, here's the lowdown on which stores are carrying it and who currently has it in stock:


We have only found the SNES in stock online at Amazon.ca with prices starting from $151.45.

However, Toys R Us Canada and London Drugs are selling the console in stores only. You can click on the links to see if they have any available at a store near you. Just note that they are limiting sales to one per customer.

Currently Out of Stock

Outside of Amazon.ca, the SNES Classic Edition is also carried by Best Buy, EB Games and Walmart, however all of these retailers are out of stock. But check back often because this can change at any time!

Want to learn more about the Mini Super Nintendo Console? Click here.


  • Amanda D.

    These are a hot item. It even in stock for more than a minute each time it is available people have boughten bots to snatch them up for high after market value

  • Robin Z.

    Not even going to bother after last year's fiasco

  • MelozZzy

    you can also skip right through all retailers and go purchase it for a fraction of the price on wish! Now I’ve never ordered one but reviews seem to indicate it’s the real deal but for under $29.99!

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