Snowman Body Bumpers $35.97 Shipped @ Walmart

Order now and get out in the snow!
Snowman Body Bumpers $35.97 Shipped @ Walmart

These look like a great present for siblings. Who said toys are for indoors? These Snowman Body Bumpers are just $35.97 at Walmart and look like all kinds of fun. If only they did them big enough for us adults.

Snowman Body Bumpers

The Snowman Body Bumpers allow the kids to get all that excess energy out of the way. Get the kids to slip on the inflatable body bumpers over their clothes and watch them bounce off of each other.

They can roll down the snowy hills, and as they come with two bumpers in the set it's the perfect way to settle sibling squabbles over the holidays.

Built for cold weather they are made from thick PVC and can withstand temperatures up to -30C .

Shipping is free of charge or you can collect it from a Walmart store near you.


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