Lotus Biscoff Soft Biscuit Spread & Biscoff Cookies $9.96 @ Amazon

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Lotus Biscoff Soft Biscuit Spread & Biscoff Cookies $9.96 @ Amazon

One of my favourite treats is Biscoff Spread, I am obsessed! I have just treated myself to one of these Lotus Biscoff bundles from Amazon, for $9.96 you get a Lotus Biscoff Soft Biscuit 400g Spread & a pack of 15 Caramelised Sandwich Cookies. This has went straight in my basket!

Lotus Biscoff Soft Biscuit Spread, Caramel, 400g & Biscoff - Caramelised Sandwich Cookies Bundle

  • Product 1: Made from your favorite Biscoff Cookies, our Cookie Butter Spread bring variety to any meal.
  • Product 1: Enoy it on toast, bagels, or as a topping for your favourite dessert!
  • Product 1: Similar to a hazelnut or peanut butter spread, cookie butter livens up any dish you put it in.
  • Product 1: Cookie butter spread can also be used as an ingredient in your favourite recipes, from creamy cheesecake to mouth watering muffins.
  • Product 2: 15 sandwich cookies in each pack
  • Product 2: Same unique taste and crunchiness with flavourful creamy filling
  • Product 2: No added colours or preservatives
  • Product 2: Suitable for vegetarians
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