Spin Master Games Gabby’s Dollhouse $9.93 @ Amazon

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Spin Master Games Gabby’s Dollhouse $9.93 @ Amazon

If your kids are a fan of the Netflix hit Gabby's Dollhouse, you'll know the merchandise is expensive and can be hard to get hold of (yes purrfect dollhouse I'm looking at you!) so it's great to see something not only in stock but reduced too! The Spin Master Games Gabby’s Dollhouse is currently on offer at Amazon and is only $9.93.

Spin Master Games Gabby’s Dollhouse

Hey Gabby! Take us to the Dollhouse. What’s the big surprise? A meow-mazing party! Time to get tiny and decorate the Dollhouse for the party with all your friends. Collect charms for your headband as you go. Whoever can collect the most charms wins the special heart-shaped charm! Work together to help Gabby and her friends get ready for the sleepover. Move through rooms of the dollhouse and collect charms. The player with the most charms at the end of the game wins. Celebrate at the party with all your friends by saying a big, “Meow!” This game is for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up. It only takes about 30 minutes to play. If your preschooler is obsessed with Gabby’s Dollhouse on Netflix, look no further for a fun activity than this board game. It looks just like the doll house from the show and includes 4 cute cat ear headbands for each player to wear, as well as 40 unique cardboard charms to collect. The charms include fun designs such as popsicles, stars, flowers, and of course, kitties! Let your little girl or boy dive into the tiny world of this board game with all their favorite characters from Gabby's Dollhouse on Netflix.

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