Costco Canada: 6 Month Deezer Subscription to Music Streaming For $28

Costco Canada: 6 Month Deezer Subscription to Music Streaming For $28


Do you download all your music? Then stop it. Stop it right this second and subscribe to Deezer instead for six months for just $27.99 ($4.67 per month).

By downloading all your music, not only do you risk getting slammed with a hefty piracy fine but your computer could also get heavily infected with viruses. Not to mention the fact that with torrent sites dropping like flies lately, its getting much harder to quickly find and download music and videos in general.

Although I have never tried Deezer's music on demand service, I most likely will be taking advantage of Costco's deal on it myself because Deezer's own subscription plans are more expensive. Since Costco's deal includes both web and mobile access, it equates to Deezer's Premium+ plan, which is $9.99 per month. And really when you think about it, paying less than $5 for unlimited access to more than 30 millions song is hardly anything... especially since even coffee can be more expensive than that at certain coffee shops!

If you're still not convinced, then consider this: Deezer actually has a pretty large following on Facebook (over two million likes) and Twitter (over 50,000 followers), so they must be doing something right... right?

Once purchased, you will immediately be e-mailed a download code to redeem at Deezer's official website.

Have you ever tried Deezer or any other music streaming service? What are your thoughts on them?

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