Rosewill 43-Piece Tool Set Only $25 & Free Shipping @

Tools! Big tools! That's something that, not sure if you knew that. And right now, there's a good deal on the Rosewill 43-Piece Tool Set - it was $34.99, and it's down to only $24.99 and that's with lovely free shipping too.

The Rosewill 43-Piece Tool Set comes with ratchets, spinners, spelunkers, deedoodlers, finnaglers, jibber jabbers, and many more.

Now, I don't know a lot about tools, as you may well have guessed from the sentence above! I think I could probably name 6 or 7 actual tools, if I was pushed. I've played board games in the past where you have to name a certain amount of things, such as "Name 10 power tools" and that would be totally impossible!

Apparently, this tool set could be pretty handy if you want to disassemble or fix up your mobile phone, game console or other household appliances. I have noticed that some electronics have very specific screws and fixings. For example, you can't take apart the new iPhones without very specific tools.

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