Amazon Canada: Panasonic Camcorder For $186.99


I was browsing the electronics section over on Amazon Canada, seeing what nice and shiny goodies they had available, and I spotted a deal on this Panasonic SDR-T50 Camcorder. The camcorder has been reduced from $329.95 down to $186.99, and it is available in red, blue or black.

Of course, I did a little googling to see if this was a good a deal as it sounded. I spotted that they are selling the same model for $299.99 at Henrys, $299.95 at Vistek, and Panasonic list the manufacturer's selling price as $299.99 also. So the sub $190 price from Amazon Canada seems good.

I cannot really say much about the technical specification as I am not very savvy on that front.

I will say that I also have a Panasonic camcorder that looks very similar to this one, only I have the full HD model. I do recommend Panasonic as a brand, I think they're very reliable.

What do you think?

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