Where to Buy Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes in Canada

Where to Buy Fidget Spinners in Canada

Trying to find out where to buy fidget spinners in Canada? We put together a list of stores and sites that sell fidget cubes, fidget spinners and other toys available now or on pre-order.

These handy little gadgets can help you or your kids stay focused and relive stress or boredom. They're also used to help reduce distractions for kids with ADHD or ASD.

Where to find Fidget Spinners

$4.88 for black, $4.90 for blue, red, white, green or glow-in-the-dark
Fidget Spinners are on sale right now - get up to 50% off prices start at $0.67.

Where to find LED Fidget Spinners

$7.89 for Metal-Silver, $9.90 for Black, Blue, White, Red, Metal-Black, Metal-Gold, Metal-Blue
$3.49 for Blue, $3.99 for Rose Gold & Silver, $9.90 for Black & $12.99 for Gold

Where to find Fidget Cubes

$4.98 for black and red
$1.69 for multiple colours
$12.99 for black, aqua, dice, graphite or retro (pre-order)
$12.99 for multiple colours (on sale from $39.99)

Where to find more Fidget Toys

$8.99 for blue, purple, green, silver or glow-in-the-dark
Any way you flip it or fold it, have hours of mind bending puzzle fun.


  • Andrea S.

    I found mine at once upon a child for 7$.

  • Deanne S.

    Also try www.snickandspice.com/collections/fidget-toys

  • Maria M.

    Got mine at mastermind today 11. 99 plus tax

  • Elizabeth H.

    They have lights now!? As a teacher, I hate those things.

  • Joanne L.

    They shouldn't be allowed to have such distractions in school.

    • Elizabeth H.

      True, but good luck taking them from the 50 or so kids who have them and dealing with a parent who thinks it is for "concentration".

  • Amelia

    I bought mine at CANADIAN TIRE and when you spin it, there is a moon shape so GO THERE!!!

  • via

    I think these are great. I got some for my kids. But I also got a couple for my husband and myself. I found mine on hotfidgettoys.com ;

  • via

    I love these spinners. I got a couple for my kids, but I also bought some for my husband and myself. We have family spin time competitions (we have 4 different kinds).  Found this site helpful hotfidgettoys.com ;

  • Deanne S.

    My kids love theirs, try www.snickandspice.com/collections/fidget-toys

  • Joe71

    Found this article on a blog the other day.. It's only an opinion, not mine but worth reading.


    Spinners May be Cool, But These Fidgets Don't Belong in School


    by: Julie M Green


    Fidgets have long been known to help kids with special needs regulate and focus. The spinner has brought the fidget into the mainstream, and it's selling out all over North America. Kids with and without special needs want them.

    You'd think, as a parent to a child diagnosed with both autism and ADHD, I'd be all over this cool little gizmo with great spinning action. But you'd be mistaken.

    My son does, in fact, own a blue spinner (thanks Nan!) and their appeal is not lost on me. Sturdy and small enough to take anywhere, spinners would be perfect for waiting rooms and car rides. Unfortunately, they don't belong in school any more than any Pokémon trading cards or Shopkins, or even cell phones for that matter...

    Schools in the States have already effected a blanket ban of spinners, and Canada will (hopefully) follow suit.

    Riled teachers and principals fully have my support on this one. Popularity is part of the problem. With kids inevitably coveting and trading spinners, arguments are bound to break out. Not least of which, can you just imagine a classroom where half a dozen or so of these gadgets are whirling at any one time?

    Visually and audibly, spinners are immensely distracting to both students trying to concentrate and teachers trying to teach. This defeats the entire point of a fidget—to give a student sensory input (movement, oral, visual) without calling too much attention to itself or its user.

    Though my son has never taken his spinner to school, I have sent other necklace-type fidgets with him in the past. Inevitably, the other kids in his class took great interest in things like colourful tangles. And my son spent most of the time pulling apart the links, so distracted by the tangle that the teacher ended up removing it from him anyway. Teachers need to pick their battles, and I don't want to create new ones for them!

    Many fidgets out there cause more harm then good. It takes a clued up occupational therapist to identify the specific needs of the child and suggest a fidget that will provide the maximum amount of sensory input with the minimum amount of distraction. The most effective fidgets or sensory tools, in my opinion at least, are those that don't involve "toys" or gadgets per se.

    Chewable pencil ends, regular movement breaks (wall push-ups, a trip to the water fountain or to deliver a paper to the office), paper to doodle on while listening to a lesson, etc., can prove really effective when worked into the child's IEP.

    Removing all spinners from school is not intended to punish students who genuinely benefit from fidgets. These kids do exist, and their needs are wholly legitimate. But parents, teachers and OTs must find creative ways for kids to gain input that aren't so conspicuous or distracting. Fun as they may be, spinners just don't tick that box.

  • Brittlebain

    I have to ask, has anyone ordered from that rosegal.com site before? Can I trust ordering from there?

  • owenFP

    Also try FidgetPro.ca for LED spinner can fidget cube and fidget pad.

    FREE shipping Canada - Wide

  • owenFP

    checkout this lightening deal for 16% off https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06Y64QWXG

  • owenFP

    Upcoming Lightning Deal! Starts at Jun 20, 4:40 EST


    Last Lightning Deal (5 days ago) was priced at $ 12.99

  • owenFP

    Upcoming Lightning Deal! Starts at Jun 22, 16:36  Last Lightning Deal (8 days ago) was priced at $ 8.22. for 

    Bow Tie Fidget Spinner - 4 Minute Spinning Time at https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06XSCVK6V

  • secret_one

    London Drugs has them too 

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