Best Buy: Trade 2 Select PS4 Or Xbox One Games & Get A $60 Gift Card! (Expired)

22 August 2014


Looking to get some money back for the video games that are collecting dust on your shelf? How about a trade for a $60 Best Buy gift card? Best Buy is currently featuring a deal where you can trade in 2 select PS4 or Xbox One games and score a $60 Best Buy gift card- not too shabby! This promotion is valid from August 22 until August 28, so bring your games in before it’s too late!

To see the games that you can trade in for this promotion, click the link above. A few examples:

  • Titanfall (Xbox One)
  • Infamous Second Son (Ps4)
  • Watch Dogs (Both)

I personally haven’t been too familiar with Best Buy’s used video games policies, since they’re relatively new to it - especially when compared to long-time established video game giants such as EB Games and Gamestop. However, when you see what some of the abysmal trade-in values are for relatively new products that you bring into EB Games, the value of this promotion from Best Buy can truly be appreciated.

For example, EB Games has a promotion where you can get $70 trade in credit (only if you use it on one of 6 select games) if you trade in 3 games worth $10 or more. Unfortunately, finding games that are worth $10 or more by EB Games’ standards can be enough of a challenge on its own. On top of that, this Best Buy promotion allows you to use the $60 gift card on anything in their store!

I haven’t been able to justify the purchase of any of these next-gen video game consoles- yet. Personally, I’m still waiting for that must-have game to eventually be released for the PS4 or the Xbox One. I’ve been very happy with my Wii U so far, due to the fact that Mario Kart 8’s addictive online matches have me constantly turning on my console.

As for the PS4 and Xbox One, it appears as if Sony is starting to edge out Microsoft, as they have received some extra momentum after their recent E3 showings. At this annual video game conference, it just seemed to me like the PS4 had many great gems on the horizon, including Little Big Planet 3, Uncharted 4, and the much-anticipated Playstation Now streaming service. With the downfall of video rental stores, this streaming service will allow gamers to try out games for days at a time before they decide to purchase them - definitely a cool feature, even though it has a monthly subscription cost. Remember- it used to cost $3.99 plus tax to rent games from Blockbuster! Not do be outdone, the Xbox One does have Halo 5 coming out, so that will certainly get gamers talking about the console.

To take advantage of this Best Buy promotion, simply go to a customer service desk at a participating Best Buy location and bring your PS4 and/or Xbox One games with you.

(Expires 28th August 2014)

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