Fido: Unlimited Plan for $56 a Month

Fido Canada has one of the best plans I have seen in an eternity. For only $56 a month you get everything a busy on the go Mooser could need.

Here is what this plan includes:

  • Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing texts
  • Unlimited Outgoing international texts
  • Unlimited Picture and Video messaging
  • Unlimited Anytime Minutes
  • Unlimited Incoming calls
  • Unlimited Evenings and weekends
  • Canada-wide long distance
  • 2 GB Data

Ahem - I don't think anyone can find anything better. If you are picking up a phone from Fido,  you will need to go on a two-year contract with them. If you already own a phone and want to bring it over to Fido - it will only cost you a $35 activation free. They will even migrate your phone number over.

I usually don't post about strictly in store deals... but this one rocks. Head to your local Fido (mine was in my local Future Shop) and sign up for this stellar deal.

Do note: not available in all provinces. See the store locator above.

I just brought my own phone over to Fido just for this deal. I did my research and couldn't even find student deals that were better than this. So far their customer service has been exceptional.

Expiry: Soon. I talked to a representative and they said the deal was expiring VERY soon.


  • felicia
    Hi, Quick question for you Avigayil, what phones do they offer with this plan. Do you know? Would Iphones be part of this?
  • felicia
    Was finally able to get through to a rep and was told it only applies to androids or any two year plan phone.
    • Avigayil
      If you bring your own iPhone you can it it on this plan (like if you bought one or wanted to transfer from a different carrier). However, if you get an iPhone through Fido you can't. From my understanding you can put the new Samsung Galaxy on this.
  • felicia
    Oh okay, thanks for the info :) Great site by the way!
  • heather b.
    Koodo also has this plan deal!
  • frugirl
    Same-ish offers available through other mobility sites - Koodo and Virgin. Changed my plan from a $78 plan to a way better plan for $62. SO happy. Thank you for letting us know of this awesome deal.
    • Avigayil M.
      your welcome!
  • Milos D.
    Public message to ALL FIDO users: On December 6 2012 I purchased for 125$ a LG phone @ FIDO in Montreal in Angrignon shopping mall for my son. In the begging of May 2013 the phone's display as well as all features stopped working due to a manufacturer error. I brought the phone to FIDO's Alexis Nihon branch for repair as it was still under warranty. And then problems start multiplying. For 3 weeks I've been awaiting for my LG phone to be repaired, tough promised by the branch it would take 2 weeks only. Once done the employees at FIDO branch at Plaza Alexis Nihon in Montreal, being very unprofessional,delivered the "repaired" phone without battery. I explained the battery was taken by either the branch employee or never returned by FIDO contractor service company. However they insisted that "I lost it" I contacted FIDO online support and demanded to escalate the problem. FIDO response: "When it comes to handset repair issues, these must be dealt with the store itself. As we are unable to reach an agent at this store I am unfortunately unable to rectify this situation." FYI: any time I called I was able to reach someone at the store but with the same answer:" Sir, I cannot talk to you over the phone we have so many clients in the store". I guess they consider a junk clients calling... And so FIDO "escalation service" and the branch are keeping me in an infinite loop of not-doing- anything...The offered me 25$ airtime for the phone that doesn't work..can you imagine that ?? Right now my son is 5 weeks without the phone due to FIDO error. I will cancel subscription for all 3 cells I have with FIDO and switch to another provider.

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