Groupon Canada: SmartTag Pet ID Only $15

Get a SmartTag Pet ID system with custom engraved brass SmartTag, nylon collar and a pet protection plan, which stores your info in a database and alerts area animal associations if your pet is lost.

There are three different options for this deal. All include the tag, collar and pet protection, but you can choose between the length of time you want the protection. Pay $15 for a one-year plan (worth $32.89), $28 for a five-year plan (worth $62.89) and $35 for a lifetime plan (worth $82.89).

My dog is actually a rescue, so she came micro-chipped, which means she has a small chip inside her, that if scanned by a vet or other professional, will bring my information up. As a backup to this (or instead of), this system seems like a great solution. Dogs go missing all the time, and the sad part is that there are probably a ton of pets out there who never get found, get taken in as strays and end up euthanized.

What's great about this system is not just that your dog has the tag with your information on it, but if they get lost, their system will alert vets, rescue groups, shelters, etc., within a 50 mile radius of where the pet last was seen.

When I perused their site, I noticed some other really great perks, which Groupon does not mention, but I hope they are part of this deal. These include free replacement tags, which is great, especially if you move a lot, $100 reward posted and paid by the company for your lost pet, an emergency response team who will make all the calls for you to find your pet, plus online notices. This sounds like a great service to have if you care for your pet.

(Expiry: 4th September 2013)

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