Website Provides Public List of Parents Who Don't Pay Support?!

Website Provides Public List of Parents Who Don't Pay Support?!

I didn't know this was a thing - but it appears that Ontario parents who fail to pay child support and disappear, end up featured on the Good Parents Pay (a Government website). In order to get on that list, the parent must not have paid their child support for at least 6 months consecutively. Also, the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) must have exhausted all ways to try and locate the person.

The website was launched by the Ministry of Community as well as Social Services. The Minister of Community and Social Services, Madelaine Meilleur stated that "Good parents pay child support. For those who don't, we want to make things very clear: we will find you and we will make sure your children get the support they deserve."

The website features profiles of the "deadbeat" parents including their name, a photo, physical description, last known location, usual occupation, area and age of course. At the top of each profile, there is a button for people to anonymously submit info about the person listed. The photos almost look like wanted posters. I assume they have been cropped out of family photos or previous happy times.

The site won't give you a list of every parent failing to support their children though. Up to 25 men and women are shown at a time - for up to three months long, or until they end up paying. This could prove to be detrimental to their status in many ways. Nowadays, I am sure employers will "Google" a potential employee's name... and now this information will pop up.

Do you think this will help the children get the support they need? Would you like to see this type of website for other provinces as well?


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  • Karen T.

    I don't condone dead beat parents but what's next? The Govt will start posting names of people that haven't paid income tax? I disagree with public shaming. And what about the rights of the children's privacy?

    • Collin P.

      The list has been the same for ages.. remember looking at that a few years ago

      • Susan S.

        The site isn't to shame the people that haven't paid. It's for help locating them. They have gone into hiding to avoid a court order. They can be arrested for this. There are a lot of steps that have to be taken for it to get that far. They are given numerous chances to pay, the government works out a payment schedule for them. If that doesn't work, they put a hold on any tax returns, then attempt to deduct money from their pay cheque. The next step is to suspend their driver's license, then their passport. The government even offers them the chance to go to court and explain why they can't pay. This article makes it sound like it only takes 6 months to get posted to the site. In actuality it takes years for it to get that far.

        • Jenn G.

          I don't agree because of the negative impact on the children

          • Nathalie R.

            So what if the names are public...that's not going to help to get money from them..throwing them in jail? How is that going to help? Sometimes the parent that has to pay child support is struggling themself..and In some situation, it's a payor making money but refusing to pay. I don't know how this public list is going to help. Revoking drivers license until they pay child support? Now how are they suppose to get to work...?

            • Darlene B.

              This whole thing is a great joke, they did nothing to help, nevermind find a single dime of support. Oh and that grand total is somewhere over $50000!

              • Cheryl C.

                Not even remotely helpful when your ex works for cash under the table, claims he is not working and after 19 years you are still (not really) waiting to receive your first nickel of support.

                • Ginette W.

                  I have the same problem with my ex he has been working under the table for years and not paying for his 2 kids

                • Sharon K.


                  • cohen

                    After working midnight shifts 11 years my wife was found out to be cheating on me  

                    She left me with our 4 children,and moved in with her boss who with she was cheating on me. Soon they purchased a new home together,took me to court asking for our children to live with her and for child support from me.

                    Both she and her partner had/have full time jobs(2 incomes combining over $180,.000)

                    Some $130,000 more then I was making

                    She put the title ownership in a relatives name (in trust) Then found other "under the table cash" employment

                    I'm not the parent who should be shamed would my name be on a list of non-paying child support parent(s)

                  • Gerry T.

                    This is defamation

                    • Sheryl E.


                      • Jenn W.

                        I think this is absolutely unacceptable. No oneknows what a person is going through and the reasons they may have for not paying. Perhaps their on the street or stuggling with a substance abuse issue. Oh yeah publicly exposing and shaming them is really good idea. Way to make a problem worse. Also if a potential employer does see a potential hires name on the list and it affects their ability to get that job, then good luck getting support off of someone who now cant get employment. What a ridiculous plan.

                        • Brenda H.


                          • Tammy E.

                            Some of them ditch and avoid on purpose to. There are deadbeats that need to be found