Exchange PC Plus Points for Shoppers Optimum Points - Evenly!

Exchange PC Plus Points for Shoppers Optimum Points - Evenly!

Back in February I wrote about how you would soon be able to exchange Shoppers Optimum Points for PC Plus Points. Well that came, and the exchange rates were a little disappointing. I have some great news though! Check your email, some of you will be eligible for an even trade right now. Isn't that exciting?

So this is definitely a great opportunity, especially when you consider that PC Plus Points can get you much more variety than Shoppers Optimum Points can. Before the exchange rate was nowhere near even, so snap this offer up while you still can.

You will need a minimum amount of points in order to make use of this exchange though. You will either need 170,000 PC Plus Points or 95,000 Shoppers Optimum Points. They can swap evenly between the two options though, as long as you meet those minimums. I have honestly been waiting for this for such a long time. I have so many Optimum points but nothing really to use them on until the Bonus Redemption days.

So why is the even exchange such a big deal? When this trade system was first implemented, the exchanges were nowhere near even. You would get 40 PC Points for every 70 Optimum Points, which was quite a bummer.

Moosers - are you going to swap your points?


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  • Michelle T.

    Done! Happy with this

    • Bargainmoose

      Me too!

      • Michelle T.

        Bargainmoose I love you bargainmoose! :wink:

        • Bargainmoose

          We love you too!

        • Mairejen P.

          Yah i received an email :))

          • Sharon B.

            Booooo :(

            • Grace N.

              Doesn't work :(. How do I do this???

              • Lindsay P.

                If you got an e-mail you're eligible to make the exchange.

                • Grace N.

                  Thank you Lindsay, would you know how I can sign up for the points exchange?

                  • Ang J.

                    BOO. I am not eligible. Shoot. :(

                    • Nicole B.

                      You need a minimum of 170,000 points to be eligible

                      • Sheena K.

                        What's the deal with only letting some members swap points. That really sucks!

                        • Grace N.

                          I have $170 on both, and still did not qualify or got the email. I wanted to combine. :(

                        • Angela O.

                          I think they should just make them interchangeable. Make it one system, which gives you offers for both stores, and you can redeem the points wherever you want

                          • Lindsay P.

                            I think they're looking into it for the future.

                          • Cathy M.

                            Not me :(

                            • Carrie E.

                              Only for eligible accounts who will get an email with the exchange offer :(

                              • sue1907

                                Nothing in my email about this, does that mean I am not eligible? I have TONS and TONS of SDM points and never use them so would love to transfer them!

                                UPDATE: went to that link and the message said "you are not eligible", you have to wonder why not?

                                • Crystal H.

                                  I had a feeling this was coming. I've got over 220K points and no offer to exchange. I've been waiting for a super spend for months. My guess is there won't be anymore.