You Can Now Exchange Shoppers Optimum Points for PC Plus Points!


Not long ago there was a survey going around that asked us if we would be interested in being able to trade our Shoppers Optimum Points for PC Plus Points. If you answered yes to that Shoppers Drug Mart survey, then you are about to get excited. I personally find this is a fantastic new feature, but some may have mixed opinions about it. There is a catch though, and you are going to want to read about it.

Some of you may have already received an email that will invite you to exchange your Shoppers Optimum Points for PC Plus Points instead. I personally have yet to receive the email, but I hope I do in the near future. The conversion rate looks like it will get you 40 PC Plus Points in exchange for 70 Shoppers Optimum Points. That is a bit of a value loss though. PC Plus Points have a wider variety of redemption options. If you redeem 8000 points at Shoppers Drug Mart you will get $10 worth. If you convert those 8000 points to PC Plus Points, you will end up with 4560 points. So basically they will be worth $4.56 as PC Plus Points and $10 as Shoppers Optimum Points.

I don't shop at Shoppers Drug Mart very often, but I have accumulated quite a number of Optimum Points over the years. For now I am going to hang onto them and see if they change up their conversion rate at all. The loss in value is definitely a bummer.

Moosers - Will the value loss stop you from trading your points in? Or is the wider variety of redemption opportunities worth it?


  • Rodney D.
    I cannot speak to PC Plus points (as it is a relatively new rewards program) however beware that Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix Optimum points expire over time (a year of non-use I believe). I had saved up at least $10 worth that I was holding onto for a purchase over $10, yet was quite let down when I presented my card at the cash to learn that my points had expired (I too do not shop at SDM very and learn I guess : \
    • BeckieeC

      Optimum points do not expire (at least not until March 31 2017). I've been saving my points for over 3 years and never once used them and they're still there for my use whenever I want. I would go back to that SDM and complain lol

    • aleycat12380

      I've actually been collect PC points since July, 2002 when I started banking with them.  I am kinda curious as to see how its a relatively new rewards program?

  • Paul
    8000 points don't show you the real loss. For 95000 shoppers Optimum Points worth $170, whereas 95000 converted to PC plus would be 54285 points equals $54.29. That is how much you would loose. Some times Shoppers has special for 95000 points equal $200.
  • Sue
    I have 200,000+ SDM points and just keep collecting more, I never know what to use them for - haha. Not sure that I would take the hit and redeem for PC points, though. I was in SDM today and she said that she hadn't heard of this year, and also let me know that this weekend is BEAUTY redemption (spend your points) event.
  • Angela
    That's not a good swap, I think. I shop regularly at City Market, Superstore and Shoppers. You need 20000 points to redeem $20 off your grocery bill and you accumulate the points way faster and easier than at Shoppers. Though I do tend to shop at Shoppers more often now that they carry PC grocery items.
    • amosgreen


      You could price match the PC items in the Shoppers flyer at Superstore and that way you get the shoppers deals but with the PC Points reward.

      I find that I have to spend more on stuff I don't need as frequently at Shoppers to begin with and I typically Price Match at Superstore all of my cosmetics and shampoo etc. As I stock pile I buy regularly so my pc offers are tailored towards me and I regularly get high points back for purchasing these items in addition to getting them at the lowest prices by price matching and if I'm smart with coupons too.

      For me the transfer is at a loss but at the same day, it's $0 in my pocket right now and what I would spend it on would probably cost less at Superstore in the first place so whichever way you look at it, PC Plus is a better offer ongoing.

  • Jeanniegirl

    Are my calculations off? If I transfer 96,000 optimum points to PC points that would only give me 120000. So that would be $170 free product at Shoppers vs $120 free at No Frills, SuperStore or Fortinos. 

    Would this be losing? Or is it easier to get PC points vs SDM points?

  • Dawni

    Shoppers stores here in Lethbridge, AB know nothing about PC Plus and if it's coming to stores here.  Is it only in certain provinces?

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