Top 25 Student Discounts That Students Should Know About

Top 25 Student Discounts That Students Should Know About

Students are accustomed to making every dollar count and there are many discounts available at various retailers that students can take advantage of.

Some of these offers will apply to students in general, such as those who are in high school. Many of the offers below will pertain specifically to College and/or University students who have valid student ID. The rule of thumb is to present your student ID to see if you qualify for these offers!

The retailers listed include clothing merchants as well as restaurants, financial institutions, wireless and internet service providers, software and hardware retailers, transportation, fitness, groceries, beauty and more!

Here's a list of various Canadian retailers who you may not have even known are offering a discount. Print this list, and share with anyone you know who could stand to save a few bucks.

The list is in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Adobe: Students can receivediscounts on software, receiving up to 60% on software (for example, Creative Cloud.)

Best Buy has implemented a Students Savings program for deals on various electronic items such as Microsoft Surface Pro, and Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Keep checking back it looks like the offers may change.

Amazon Student:50% off Amazon's Prime service after a six-month free trial.

Apple: University Students can look here for special discounts on a variety of products from the Apple Shop Canada. Education pricing is available to university students, students accepted into university, parents buying for university students, teachers, lecturers and staff at all levels.

Arby's: Save 10% off entire meal with valid student ID.

Bell: 2GB extra on plans from 5GB and up. Until Sept. 30 at Bell, students can get a 1GB bonus for tablets (on a two-year Tablet Flex or Share plan.)

BMO Bank of Montreal: Students can receive free banking and a free SPC card which offers a lot of student discounts at various food, clothing and more.

Bulk Barn: On Wednesdays with valid student ID students receive 10% off of their purchase. (Hump Day just got better!)

Burger King: 10% off of a meal when you show your student ID.

Cineplex: $8 for admission to a movie every Thursday for students.

Dairy Queen: Students receive a 10% discount on their purchase.

Dell: Dell has discounts for students on a variety of electronics such as laptops and desktop computers.

FedEx: Students receive 20% to 30% off of shipping a package by showing your student ID.

Greyhound: 10% off of fares with a student ID. If you have an ISIC card (sold for $20 online) students save 25% on a regular adult fare.

GoodLife Fitness: Students can stay fit with four-month term membership options.

Microsoft: Save 10% on accessories if you're a student, as well, receive special pricing on select software. Students can also save up to $194 on a Surface Pro 3. Check it out here.

PC Financial: Students (and anyone actually) can sign up for a no-fee bank account that includes free daily banking. If students have savings, they can earn interest, too.

Rogers: This student offer has 5 varying options. 1.) Students can get a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 for $0.05 on a two-year Premium + Tab Share Everything plan. 2.) $10 discount each month for each new number added to a Share Everything plan. 3.) Receive an additional 2GB (for $5) on select Share Everything plans. There are 2 other offers you can check out in the above link.

Sally Beauty Supply: Get a student beauty card from Sally Beauty Supply. and save money on beauty with monthly specials and email offers.

Shaw: Shaw makes it easy to save money - Students can get 8 months of internet at a rate of $35 per month.

SPC Savings Card: Check out information about theSPC card which offers a lot of student discounts usually around 10-15% at various food, clothing retailers and more.

Student Saver Card: Student owned and operated, this national student discount program allows students to save 10% to 50% on various goods and services at participating businesses.

Subway: With valid ID, students can get a 10% discount on their order.

Telus: Students can get a 2GB monthly bonus through Telus for $5 when activating (or upgrading a premium smartphone) on a two-year Your Choice plan.

VIA Rail: Students can travel between major Canadian cities with an Unlimited Semester Pass starting at $499.

What other student offers have you noted? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Anna Y.

    I tried the $50 Apple discount you posted about when you buy the Macbook air at best buy and it wasn't valid when I called best buy about it....

    • Bargainmoose

      Are you able to copy and paste the URL of the deal you're referring to? It may have been a time limited offer.Thanks!

      • Anna Y.

        It was posted just 2 days ago Sept 6 when referring to the best buy MacBook air $999 sale

        • Anna Y.

          • Anna Y.

            The lady on the phone says it was offered a year ago? Not recently? The link led to an inactive page so I couldn't say much more to her about it

            • Bargainmoose

              Oh dear, yes, I see you are referring to an offer that was posted in 2015 and shows an expiry date of Sept. 10, 2015. The current offer available at Best Buy is this one, posted on Sept. 5th, 2016. It ends on the 8th!

              • Anna Y.

                Oops! I didn't realize there was a similar post a yr ago

                • Bargainmoose

                  Mac specs change so fast too, this one is a great deal if you can still get in in it.