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Amazon is currently featuring a great line of Star Wars themes calendars for 2016 at some great prices! Their 16 month calendars have been reduced from $16.99 to $9.34 ! The line features seven calendars at this price, all of which come with free shipping on purchases over $25.

Star Wars is making the long awaited comeback, years after the original release of the first film. With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many children (and adults) have re-ignited their love for the series, making Star Wars products a common sight. With all of this attention on Star Wars, finding sales on themed items are rare, so this is exciting news for all fans!

Here are all available calendars. They were $16.99 and are now $9.34.

I won't lie, I've only seen the Star Wars films this year, but I now understand the passion that everyone has for it. I am thrilled to order a few of these for some friends (and shamelessly for myself).

Shipping is free on orders over $25, and all other options vary on location of shipping.

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