Rona Canada: $10 Gift Card with $100 Purchase


This weekend Rona is offering a free $10 gift card for every $100 you spend . Spend $200? Get $20 in Rona gift cards. Have a large reno job? Well.. you are in luck! This is an in-store offer only, not available online.

I think I have been in a Rona once, Home Depot is generally just more convenient with the area I shop at. I'm not sure what the price comparison is across the two stores as they are pretty similar in the items they sell and in the type of customers they target.


Any of our Moosers know any subtle differences between Rona and Home Depot?

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  • Anna
    Yeah, I think they're very similar. Me and my family doesn't really have any brand loyalty, we tend to go to the one with the best offers.

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