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Mooser Greg emailed us to say he's been reading our blog and sees that we are blogging quite a few free tax services. He didn't want us to miss out on one more (because it is great to have choices!) so he let me know that H&R's online tax software is absolutely free.

When I was a teen/young adult, I always took my taxes to H&R Block so I could get that instant refund. Little did I know I could have done them on my own and not sacrificed that percentage of the very little money I was returned. It actually was not as easy as it is these days since there really was no such thing as the internet. Now that I've aged myself, I'll say the internet was probably around, it just was not mainstream yet. Like, when I was in college for journalism, there wasn't even an option of the career path of blogger or website manager. Funny how technology changes!

Anyway, I'm sure we are super glad to have tax filing software at our fingertips and we are even more glad to have it completely free. I was skeptical for a second, wondering how such a large company like H&R Block would have free tax filing software, but like their site says - free to start, free to file, free for everyone. Works for me!

Even cooler, you don't have to sit on your computer in the evenings figuring out all your deductions, you can do it right from your phone or tablet. If you have a public transit commute, you can actually sit there and do your taxes on your way to work. That's what I call working the system!

They also say they are 100% accurate and if you incur a penalty or interest because of a calculation error, they'll reimburse you that money. They also have what they call a refund-o-meter, which gives you real-time accurate calculations, so you can get super excited as you enter in your info (or cry into your tea, whatever).

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