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Get 15% off Blue Banana fashions, outerwear and gear for babies. This stuff is fashionable, trendy and practical!

If I were to have a new baby today (in my dreams), I'd go for the urban pod. I had an item similar to this, but not as nice. It keeps baby warm and comfortable while sitting in the car seat. You can't put baby in a snowsuit and then put the buckles around them since this is not safe, and so many parents don't know this. The less amount of padding under the belt, the better in the case of a crash. That's why something like this is handy, because you can dress baby in a sleeper and use this to keep them warm. Was $92.99, now $79.04.

The carbag is also very cool because you can use it outside of the car seat, and it has a hood and mittens. Was $79.96, now $67.99.

If you want something stable on the stroller, this double stroller blanket is so handy! I wish I had something like this. Was $109.99, now $93.49.

I price compared Blue Banana and these are the best prices I could find for this brand. Also, we have a Well.ca coupon in the forum that as a new customer, you can save an additional $10 off.

Shipping is also free on these items.

(Expiry: 22nd December 2013)

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