West49 Canada Promo Code: FREE Shipping on All Orders (Today Only)

West49 Canada Promo Code: FREE Shipping on All Orders (Today Only)

Whether you skateboard or you just want some awesome sneakers, Bargainmoose has the hookups to get you FREE shipping with NO minimum spending limit!

Click here to shop @ West49.com

  •     Coupon Code: APRIL18
  •     Discount: Free Shipping
  •     Expiry: 18th April 2013

Shipping is usually $7.95 and this coupon gives it to you for FREE! Not too shabby, eh?

I can't skateboard. I've tried. I just can't do it. I can't even successfully maneuver a finger board. That doesn't mean, however, that I cannot wear the clothes or carry the accessories. For me, I'd probably pick up some sneakers. I've always liked skate shoes and, until a few years ago, that's all I wore. Beyond that there are tons of other things. Shirts, pants, shorts, wallets, phone cases, backpacks, purses and on and on and on. Skatewear is really just another type of clothing like casual, formal, beach, etc... Of course if you wear skate clothes you will instantly be cooler and more identifiable to the hip and happenin' coolsters that hang out at the mall for five hours a day.

But maybe you aren't old and you want to check out this sale for yourself. Or maybe you are old and you have kids. This really is a great deal. The snow is gone or going in most places and skaters are gonna wanna skate. Getting your skateboard wielding kid a new pair of skate shoes is not a bad thing. Maybe, if your kid is on the track to passing school, this could be a good passing gift. A new deck or a set of trucks. Maybe a helmet because you're a mom and it doesn't matter how stupid it looks, you're gonna look stupider when you get hit by a car and die! Huh? Where am I? I think I channeled my mom there for a second. Weird.

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