Weight Watchers Online: 35% Discount Deal

Weight Watchers Online: 35% Discount Deal

(BUMP) With this special link from Weight Watchers Online, you can get a 35% discount on new subscriptions (3 month plans).

The 35% savings are off their standard monthly pricing for 3-month plan. I went over to the WeightWatchers.ca website, and the discount at the moment is 20%, so at least you're scoring an extra 5% discount on top of that, when you use the link above.

Some recent comments from real life Bargainmoosers on the Weight Watchers program:

I have been on Weight Watchers and the first time I lost 17 lbs.  I am on it again now (almost two weeks).  It does work!  Go for it! [Mooser Donna]

Weight Watchers so far has helped me to lose 136 lbs and I am 6 lbs from my goal weight.  I have never been this weight as an adult and suspect I weigh less than I did in grade 8! Weight Watchers works if you want it to work and now that fruit and veggies are 0 pts, you are never left hungry! [Mooser Diane]

Generally, people following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

I've never been on any sort of eating plan or diet on my life, excluding the year I gave up candy after having had 2 teeth pulled! The thing that I think is good about the Weight Watchers plan is that you can eat as many fruit and veggies as you want. I'm a veggie lover, I could eat a ton of steamed veg with my supper every evening. I usually go by the "meat and 2 veg" rule, but it tends to end up more along the lines of "meat and 4 veg."

(Deal ends 24th March 2012)


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