Telus: Student Internet Promotion

Telus: Student Internet Promotion

Like Shaw, Telus is running a student internet promotion. If you sign up before the end of the month (and are a student with a valid student ID) you will receive:

  1. Up to 12 months of service for only $19.95/month (regular rate $50.95)
  2. FREE wireless gateway† ($149.95 retail value)
  3. TELUS eProtect

I got the bundle through shaw and am actually considering Telus next year because I am unhappy with Shaw's performance so far. The internet is seriously horrible. It only supports 1 computer at a time really, and takes forever to load pages if any other computer tries to be on at the same time, including my iPad. Its evil. >.<

Anyway, enough of me complaining: this is a good deal because you get your wireless gateway for free and you pay only $20 for a $50 service. :-)

Expiry: 30th, September 2011


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  • Nick
    I think your odd attack on Shaw is sort of unfair. Another much more likely interpretation is because you don’t know how to setup a wireless router or troubleshoot one “Shaw’s internet is terrible”. If you can’t get more than one computer online something is wrong with your router, if Shaw supplied you the router than they will fix/replace it. But if it is yours perhaps you should just fork of the $50 for a new on that actually works instead of randomly complaining about it. I’ve had both Shaw and Telus for ISPs and they both work equally well. Though $20 is indeed cheaper than the $22 I pay for Shaw’s student internet.
    • Michelle
      Oh no, is this only available in AB and BC? Because there's no Ontario on the availability drop down list! Too bad, I'm really hunting for some good internet deals right now.
      • Avigayil
        Thats too bad :-(
      • Avigayil
        Dear Nick, Part of the deal I got was a brand new wireless router that shaw provided and set up for me. It is new, it was professionally set up and I have already talked to Shaw's customer service who basically said that it isn't their fault that the Internet which should be transmitting at 25 mb per second is only averaging 600 kb a second. They said it was interference and to just change channels on the router till it worked better. I have tried almost all the channels and it has not improved. I feel my attack on Shaw is very justified, I both work online and am a university student and Shaw's inability to provide quality service is really affecting my productivity.
        • i.t. g.
          When they you get 25mb down stream, it actually means 25 mega"bits" down. It doesn't equal to 25 megabyte download speed. The 600 "kb" downloading rate is short kilobyte. There's a huge difference. If you were to go to sites where you can check speed, like you'll be able to tell if you're receiving the correct speed.