Stayfree Coupons: Save On Sanitary Products!!!

February 16th 2009 - Here’s a deal for the ladies and their feminine hygiene products… guys, avert your eyes now!

If you use the “Stayfree” brand, check out this Stayfree printable discount coupon to get you a $2 reduction on your purchases. This is actually the brand that I use all the time, so this coupon will be very handy for me!! You should be able to make use of it at one of your local stores, Superstore, Loblaws, even Shoppers Drug Mart. (Here's a saved copy of the coupon in case they delete it)

Here’s the trick – keep an eye out for when the store has a special offer on this brand. You might be able to get the product for next to nothing, and only pay the taxes! And don't forget, when you use Stayfree products, you can do anything - including mountain biking, figure skating, or even horse riding (make sure you wear white jeans too).

This cool coupon will expire on the 31st of March, 2010!

Thanks Charlie Lawrence, Ryan Brenizer and Dan65.

UPDATE 4th April 2009 - when this was first posted, the coupon expired on the 31st of March 2009. Stayfree have now updated their website, and the coupon has been extended to 2010! Good stuff!


  • blondie
    on sale shoppers drug mart for 2.50 with coupons you pay only .50
  • Anna
    Excellent tip blondie :)

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