Second Cup Smoothie Special

Second Cup Smoothie Special

Second Cup is having a great deal with a "Create Your Own" Vanilla Smoothie.  From July 13-17, you can enjoy one of these drinks for just $0.99 - small size only.  Some great flavors to choose from are strawberry, mixed berry and chocolate.

Dive right into summer with our new Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie. Refreshing and delicious with a hint of tartness, this healthy booster is low in fat*, a great source of calcium** and prebiotic fibre. Enjoy your smoothie plain or have some fun creating your own flavour.

I must admit that I was terribly addicted to my Caramel Corretto at one point.  For several months, almost everyday I would stop in at my fav Second Cup, chat it up with the owner, and leave with my lovely coffee.  But soon my waist began to expand and my wallet began to thin out - not good!!


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  • Anna
    Thanks Lauren! I love a big hot chocolate with loads of cream on top!! But it's not really the weather for hot choccies right now :)
    • JoyJoy
      Stopped by today and picked one up with a mango flavour shot (I splurged for the extra 50cents). Very yummy. They are usually around $4 so its a great deal. My daugher got the strawberry and it was good too but not as good as the mango!
      • Betty C.
        I went to my local Second Cup and it was NO. If they don't have the poster, they didn't do the promo. Starbucks got my buck yesterday
        • Lauren
          Wow, Betty, that really sucks! I went with my son this morning and they only had a little bookmark size ad hardly taped to the area by the till. When I asked for one, she kind of questioned me as if to say that I can't get one without a purchase of something else. But I got my corretto and my son got his smoothie - it was really good!