Roots Canada: 20% Off Saffiano Leather Wallets

Roots Canada: 20% Off Saffiano Leather Wallets

Roots Canada is offering 20% off their line of vibrant colourful Saffiano leather wallets.

There are three different styles to choose from: the zip wallet, the tab wallet, and the cross body. Each is a different price so you can purchase according to your budget.The wallets come in a selection of bright colours to pop in your purse. Choose from:

Each is available in a bright blue, orange, or green. You can also pick up each of the wallets in black through the first link. For some reason the black versions are in seperate links than the bright colour ones.I can't find out much information about Saffiano leather but evidently Prada and a few other designers use the same stuff. It seems to involve a process of thatching and waterproofing from what I have read.

Enjoy free shipping on orders of $75 or more right now.

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