Proactiv Canada:30 Days for $24.99 plus Free Shipping & Free Gifts

Proactiv Canada:30 Days for $24.99 plus Free Shipping & Free Gifts

Proactiv Canada have brought back a popular great deal that they have had in the past.  It rivals deals that were offered at Christmas time.  Get a 30 day supply of Proactiv plus free shipping plus free gifts for just $24.99!  This is a limited time offer only.

Right now with this low price, Proactiv is also offering a free refining mask and a free doctors secrets book.  The value of these 2 free products is worth $36 alone.  Add in the free shipping and this is a really great deal for just $24.99.  The regular price of this kit is $49.98 plus $6.99 shipping and handling.

Here are a couple of  testimonials from Proactiv customers:

"I usually have 40 pimples on my face. In one month, they were going away."- Michelle 37 years old

"Proactiv is definitely...such a big confidence booster...simple to use...and makes such a big difference in your life."- Meghan 23 years old

I know of a couple of people that had blemishes and wanted to get rid of the in time for their wedding day.  Within a month they had great skin.  Luckily I have never had a big problem with blemishes but for those that do, I am told this is a great solution.  Just remember that this is an auto-renewal subscription to Pro-activ, but you can cancel it at any time. Make a note in your day-timer if you want to cancel it within the 30 days.  They also have a risk free 60 day money back guarantee refunding your entire purchase if you are not completely satisfied. Definitely worth a try!

(Expiry: Limited Time Offer)


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  • Cindy
    Just wondering, how do you CANCEL your suscription (before the 30 days)? I have a debit card but not a VISA or CREDIT so I have to use my Dad's. Only, he doesn't use the computer and is skeptical about the auto-renewal subscription
    • Krista
      I would call their number directly 1 (888) 445-6169 and ask them specifically how to cancel because the information that I have found will get you a refund. They should be able to help you with exactly how to cancel.