Nintendo Switch Pre-orders Available in Canada

Nintendo Switch Pre-orders Available in Canada

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest new Nintendo product in 2017 and the pre-orders are already selling out. The Nintendo Switch release date is March 3, 2017, but you can get your Nintendo Switch pre-order in now and guarantee that you get one.

Pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch were available from these Canadian retailers:

EB Games is also offering a "Switch it Up" Promotion until February 28 where they will give you $150 towards your nintendo Switch Console when you trade in your New 3DS XL or Wii U 32GB.

Stock-levels are always a challenge to keep track of, but we'll be updating the pre-order stocks daily so check back in with us for updates:

In Stock

  • Currently unavailable in Canada (check back for updates)

Pre-Orders Available but in Limited Stock/Higher Prices

Currently Out of Stock

If you remember the frenzy that ensued with the NES Classic Mini Consoleover Christmas, you'll already know that there will be limited quantities available with no rain checks. Conditions apply and new release dates are subject to change without notice.

Nintendo Switch Games Available for Pre-Order

We put together a list of Nintendo Switch games that are now available. It appears that 80 (or so) games from 3rd party company from names you know, are in the works. Think: EA's FIFA, Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Skyrim. Looks like this isn't only for kids after all!

Nintendo Switch Game Pre-Orders at Best Buy (complete list at BestBuy here)

Nintendo Switch Game Pre-Order at EB Games (complete list at EBGames here)

Nintendo Switch Game Pre-Order at (complete list on here)

The suggested retail price may be set at around $399.99 CAD but we will find out when this baby goes LIVE!! I will update this post with the price ASAP once the deal is live.

Shipping will be free.


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  • Colleen G.

    My son came barreling downstairs about an hour ago, saying that a new Mario was coming out for the switch! Obviously not just for Littles, as he's 20! Ha!

    • Terri-Lynne M.

      My 17 year old son is losing his mind over this...

      • Momma2As

        You're right, $399... I'll wait until they work through the kinks! :)

        • Wendy U.

          Haha!! Good morning! Luvz you!!!

          • Christine K.

            My son can't stop talking about this!

            • Praksy

              if anyone is looking for one, let me know. 

              I have an extra one. 

              I am selling it with the Zelda Game. 

              Console is with the Red and Blue remotes. 

              And the game has extended warranty on it as well. 

              My selling price is 750.