PJs Pets Canada: Spend $40 Receive a $20 Gift Card

PJs Pets Canada: Spend $40 Receive a $20 Gift Card


Make any purchase of $40 or more before the 31st, May 2011 and you’ll receive a $20 PJ’s Pet/Pets Unlimited Gift Card you can use towards a future purchase. The gift card is redeemable anytime between June 6th - June 12th, 2011 on a purchase of $40 or more.

No coupon needed for this deal.

If you have a few pets, these deals can be quite useful. Especially for ongoing purchases like food and litter. We are looking into a new litter these days, called SwheatScoop. It is biodegradable and made of wheat. For those who are eco-concious this is a renewable resource and doesn't have to end up in the landfill: you can flush it down the toilet. My hubby and I are considering switching to it after we are finished our current litter.


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