My Cinema Lightbox Mini $29.99 & Free Ship @

My Cinema Lightbox Mini $29.99 & Free Ship @

My Cinema Lightbox Mini is something I've seen before but until I saw it again when browing online at, hadn't give it very much thought.

I drive past a business in our neighborhood where they always have a motivational message on a sign for drivers to see. It's sometimes witty, sometimes serious, but always - makes me reflect on something. I imagine it's the same for the rest of the drivers who drive by it.

Kids can use something like that as a mental boost (and so can adults!) but kids would actually take the time and effort to move the letters into the letterboxes to assign new phrases to the lightbox. I know my daughter would get a lot of use out of it, as I note the sentiments that she shares on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Kids today are a lot more 'phrase savvy' then we ever were. It's a good thing!

This Cinema Lightbox Mini could save me from getting a tattoo, 'Be Here Now.' Not that I want to be saved from that, mind you. I think it's a good reminder to always live in this very moment. Right here, right now.

The box is selling for $29.99 and includes 85 letters, numbers, characters and symbols + blank tiles. There's even a hashtag in there! Currently this appears to be the lowest price available online for this item. also has a special promotion going on now, when you spend over $75, you can save $20during the checkout process (limited availability on those.) Fellow Bargainmoose writer Megan wrote about that right here!

The My Cinema Lightbox Mini runs on 6 AA batteries and I appreciate that it's cordless, as it looks so much better that way. It's also AC/DC adapter port ready (9v500mA tip 2.1mm+) but the AC/DC adapter isn't included. There's a wall mounting option for it as well. Could be harder to change the letters in that case. I think it would make a great nightlight on a shelf, really.

With offering free shipping on orders over $29, this ships for free. I have it in my cart now and noticed they are also giving away a free sample of Axe antiperspirant for men. I just got the same sample this week when an order arrived, and it smells lovely.


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