Microsoft Home Use Program: $11 For Microsoft 2016

Microsoft Home Use Program: $11 For Microsoft 2016


If you are a student or work for an academic or large organization, you may qualify for a full version of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for just $11. This version would be for you to use on your home computer and it is NOT the subscription based software; it is the full software package.

If you have an Apple computer, then you can also download Office Home and Business for Mac 2016 for just $11. I am not sure which all companies qualify, but it is worth a shot as this software package is well worth the time and effort. Office 2016 Pro comes with:

  • Microsoft Word 2016
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016
  • Microsoft Access 2016
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016

As mentioned before, these are the permanent versions of the software - NOT an annual license that you will need to renew each year. To sign up for the promotion, you will need to enter your program code. If you do not know it (most of us do not), then click "Don't Know Your Program Code? Click Here" and then enter your school or work email address.

Students & Faculty:

This offer should work for most sizable universities across Canada including Waterloo, Simon Frasier University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Mohawk Collage, University of Victoria, and more. However, not all universities are included. If you are alumni, then you may also qualify for this offer.


Employees of some companies also qualify for this offer: if you work for TD bank for example. Also, rumour has it that military personal and those who work for the government should also be eligible for this promotion.

This software package is worth over $100 as the subscription based package for one-year costs $100 and this is permanent. Therefore, I think this is a really great deal and I hope many of our Moosers can take advantage of it. I still have my school email address so I might try to get this package this afternoon as I am still running Office 2010.

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  • Jason
    Actually, you should note that many faculty and staff at universities in Canada have FREE Office 365 subscriptions for faculty and students (this includes University of Alberta). A quick search online should let you know if that is true for your university. While this is a subscription, it gives you a perpetual licence (meaning free upgrades later) AND a 1TB OneDrive for Business account too. That's al a better deal than $11 for the software alone.
    • Avigayil M.
      Might want to refer to this post Jason: :) Both deals are quite good, especially if you are about to no-longer be a student. This $11 deal will let you have the software permanently even after you no longer have a student ID or work for a university. :)
    • Rohini
      I am going through the Microsoft home use program deal. I tried to get it for my 9 year old son for his computer to help him with his homework, however, it is asking me for a code. Where do I get the code from? He has a school email address but since he is in elementary school, it is not active (they can't receive emails through D2L) Thank you, Rohini
      • Avigayil M.
        I suggest contacting the school and asking.