Live-Clean Coupon: $1 Discount

Live-Clean Coupon: $1 Discount


Live-Clean Coupon: $1 Discount

Bargainmooser Dora has just sent me an email about a coupon she found, which has come in handy as she was doing her grocery shopping! It's a $1 discount for Live-clean products - you just have to sign up on their website.

Here's what Dora says:

Thought you might enjoy this coupon for not just Bargainmoosers but for your baby moose too. I've been doing a lot of research on less toxic, greener skincare products for my own baby lately. It's extremely difficult to find any skincare products (whether for baby or for adults) without the "Dirty Dozen" ingredients in them (see this link if you haven't heard about the Dirty Dozen before).

During my quest, I happened to notice the Live Clean line of products at The Real Canadian Superstore. I looked at their ingredient list and I was impressed! I've e-mailed them to ask more details about their products as they seem too good to be true and am still waiting for a reply. I visited their website and signed up for their newsletter and got the attached $1 off coupon for free. I'll be buying a bottle of their baby lotion and a jar of the "non-petroleum jelly" during this weekend's grocery shopping trip. The coupon expires at the end of June (at least my copy of the coupon does).


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