Lenovo.ca: Save up to 40% on "Idea" Products with Coupon Code

Lenovo.ca: Save up to 40% on "Idea" Products with Coupon Code

Back Friday/Cyber Monday are over but we're still bringing you some great deals from Lenovo Canada.

Click here to shop "Idea" products @ Lenovo.ca

  • Coupon Code: CAPWEEKLYDEAL
  • Discount: Save up to 40% on "Idea" Products
  • Expiry: 5th December 2012

Lenovo's "Idea" product line has a lot of diversity. There are computer from "everyday computing" to "Gaming and Performance" computers and every size from 13" to 17". They even have some ultrabooks and some multimedia computers.

I don't have a lot of experience with Lenovo stuff in a personal computing setting but I've used a lot of them in my professional life. They are great machines and if they do happen to break, they have a very good warranty. I don't often recommend this but in this instance, I'd recommend getting an extended warranty. Not because the computers will break more, it's just because the warranty options are so good. There are a lot of companies out there who I'd rather get my money back and have no warranty at all, they are that bad.

What is your worst warranty story ? Let us know in the comments below!

(Expires: 5th December 2012)


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