KidAlert Driveway Net $59.97 @ Toys R Us Canada

KidAlert Driveway Net $59.97 @ Toys R Us Canada

I am always afraid to let the kids play hockey on the driveway - more often than not, the ball or puck rolls onto the road. I just discovered a perfect solution - every family needs one! Toys R Us Canada has the KidAlert Driveway Net on sale for $59.97 down from $79.99.

This is an investment that I would even make at full price. The KidAlert Driveway Net is worth every penny and then some, it will stop balls (and hopefully in turn, kids) from going onto the road. Just set it up at the end of your driveway as a barrier and voila. It also works as a sturdy, visual warning as well. It will alert drivers to proceed with caution, since they will know kids are at play.

Toys R Us Canada even has free shipping with no minimum purchase right now, so you could have your new KidAlert Driveway Net shipped to your house for free, and have it early next week!


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  • Heather H.

    look at this. I love this idea.

    • Erin H.

      It's great!! Only I live on a street where people think it's 80km. I never let the kids play in the driveway for fear they ever veered off . With my mouth I scare the Neighbours.

      • Heather H.

        Lmao yep I can see you doing that. But I bet that driver would never speed near your house again. Lol

      • Rose D.

        That is pretty cool. And if you could add a spike belt to my order I think we can "fix" my problems lol

        • Emlie R.

          We need some of these ball stoppers :smile::laughing::smiley:

          • Ashley-Erin T.

            this would work for the end of the drive way.

            • Shane R.

              This is awesome!!!! Really we just need pylons and a volleyball net! Hahaha