HP Bluetooth Mouse $15, Down From $40 + Free Ship @ HP Canada

HP Bluetooth Mouse $15, Down From $40 + Free Ship @ HP Canada

Going 'dongle free' is one of the best reasons to use a Bluetooth mouse. This mouse designed by HP is ultra portable, and would be ideal for the student who is on the go, juggling everything. The regular price on this mouse is $39.99, so @ $14.99 it's a really good deal, especially with free shipping.

I've knocked the small or large USB dongle for the mouse out of my laptop a few times, so using a bluetooth model makes perfect sense.

The mouse works in the same manner as a regular USB mouse, but you need only literally the mouse, (no dongle with it) and once you easily pair it up the first time, it will keep pairing automatically after that.

Make sure your notebook or laptop has bluetooth capabilities. There are dongles you can purchase to create a bluetooth connection, but then that of course defeats the purpose of using a dongle-less bluetooth mouse in the first place.

HP Canada offers free shipping on everything they sell, with no minimum purchase required.


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