Hatley Store Canada: 50% Off Sesame Street Line & More

Hatley Store Canada: 50% Off Sesame Street Line & More

Hatley Canada is having an end of season sale just in time for school! Get 50% off their super cute Sesame Street line, and many other great deals!

The following sales are currently on:

  • 50% off Sesame Street
  • 50% Off Women's Resort Line
  • 60% Off Men's Swim Trunks
  • 30% off Girls' Swimwear
  • 30% off Boys' Swimwear

These Blue Whales Men's Swim Trunks are just lovely, I am such a big fan of whales.They are regularly priced at $54.99 and on sale for $22 CAN.

I was at a leadership conference a few weeks ago and was being hit on by a gentleman who was most sloshed (drunk, etc). We were at the Atlanta Aquarium and I was trying to distract his attempts at romance by talking about the Whale Sharks in the tank. I was telling him that Whale Sharks aren't actually sharks in the traditional sense (feeding primarily on plankton) and they aren't actually whales like a blue whale, a beluga whale or a sperm whale... but rather they are fish. The intoxicated soul chimed in at that moment and said "sperm? I love sperm!" I could barely keep myself from howling in laughter.

That being said, I wonder why they don't make sperm whale swim trunks, they are such funky whales. Besides, there is a great marketing ploy there: "Sperm Whale Swimming Trunks - encouraging procreation since 2012" and "We can't teach you how to swim upstream... but we can provide stylish shorts to do so in!" Maybe I will email Hatley and suggest it.

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