Where to Buy Halloween Contacts in Canada

Where to Buy Halloween Contacts in Canada

Looking for Halloween contacts in Canada? We've got you covered! We've made a list of the best places to buy Halloween contacts in time for Halloween this year and the best news: they all deliver to Canada, and you can even find them on sale.

We've only included the top certified contact lens carriers on this list. Order these and you'll be set:

Colour Contacts - Air Optix (2-pack) @ Clearly Contacts Canada
Available in Blue, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Gemstone Green, Gray, Hazel, Honey, and Sterling Gray
Colour Contacts - Pure Colours HD (2-pack) @ Vision Pros
Available in Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Chestnut Brown, Emerald Green, Gray, Hazel, Honey, Pure Hazel, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Vivid Green and Jade
Colour Contacts - Air Optix Rainbow Pack @ Vision Pros
2 x 3 monthly disposable 2-packs available in Blue, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Gemstone Green, Gray, Hzel, Honey, and Sterling Gray
Colour Contacts - Splash of Colour 2 @ Clearly Contacts
6 lenses per box available in Amber Ambition, Brown Bombshell, Aquatic Allure, Blue n' Brazen, Grey Storm, Green Envy and Violet Venom
Colour Contacts - Air Optix Colors (2-pack) @ Contactsforless.ca
Available in Brilliant Blue, Blue, Grey, Sterling Grey, Green, Gemstone Green, Honey, Pure Hazel and Brown.
Colour Contacts - Freshkon Colors Fusion (2-pack) @ BestContacts.ca
Available in Blooming Pink, Glinting Brown, Glittering Blue, Brilliant Brown, Gleaming Green, Shimmering Grey, Misty Grey, Groovy Green, Sky Blue, Baby Aqua, Hippie Chestnut, Warm Hazel, Perky Brown, Romantic Violet, and Cool Green

If you're willing to cross the border and buy from US-based contact retailers, there is a smidgen more selection to consider. We would recommend the following online stores:

Halloween-themed Colour Contacts @ AC Lens
A full selection of colour lenses from "black out" to "zombie white" -- they have something for everyone
Halloween-themed Colour Contacts @ Contacts America
Over 150 halloween-themed contacts to choose from ranging in price from $22.00 - $200.00
Freshlook one-day (10-pack) @ Coastal Contacts
Available in Blue, Green, Pure Hazel or Grey
Halloween Contact Lenses @ Discount Contact Lenses
Over 80 halloween-themed to choose from, all priced at $32.99 USD with free shipping over $99
Halloween Contact Lenses @ Justlenses.com
Over 150 halloween-themed contacts to choose from ranging in price from $22.00 - $200.00
Halloween Contact Lenses @ Lens.com
Over 120 halloween-themed contacts to choose from ranging in price from $22.00 - $200.00
Colour Contacts @ honoeycolor.com
Save 20% with the promo code "SAVE20"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get prescription halloween contacts?

Absolutely! You can get halloween contacts with or without a prescription.

Where can I find cat eye contacts?

These are EVERYWHERE. You can get white cat eye contacts, red cat eye contacts, yellow and red cat eye contacts, or classic yellow cat-eye contacts from AC Lens for $31.75/lens. Not bad!

Is there tax on contact lenses?

Because contact lenses are a prescription product, there is no sales tax whether you are buying from Canada or the US.


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    One website that is worth checking out is http://www.*****. They have over 200 costume lenses to choose from and are Canadian-based. You can also try on all the contacts virtually with your webcam or an uploaded pic. Go here to try them on: http://www.*****.com/ofx/tbyb2.asp The prices are very good and they are having 10% off all costume lenses till oct. 22. * Mod edit - removed link
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      You work there?
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        Not exactly, but I am a fan... You should check it out.
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            I don't work there, but I know the people who run it.
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        there is a reason why contact lenses are federally regulated medical devices. they should not be used as toys or make-up because there can be serious and irreversible side effects to contact lens complications. think about it - you are putting a foreign body into your eyes!!!!