ALL Enso Silicone Rings are Marked Down!

This sitewide sale means any band you could dream of is 25% off
ALL Enso Silicone Rings are Marked Down!

Watching everybody's pushup challenges and home workouts on Instagram lately has helped me realize two things. First, my pushup form is all wrong. And second, a lot of my friends wear silicone wedding bands. I've never actually invested in one for myself, but there really hasn't been a better time to pick one out.

After all, I'm stuck inside without too much else to do. When I'm not working, I spend my time reading, cleaning, working out or soaking in the tub – and I take my wedding and engagement rings off to do three of those things. With a silicone band, though, you can leave it on while you do just about anything. And in this time of increased sanitation, it's really easy to wash and scrub them clean without needing a specialty soap.

If all that sounds like a dream come true, I have something that will make it even better. For a limited time, ALL Enso Rings are on sale! They're pretty much the name when it comes to flexible, silicone rings, and pretty much everything they sell is now 25% off online – including this Classic Contour Silicone Ring.

You don't have to be married or engaged to wear their rings, either. You can purchase ring stacks to rock on any finger, as well as birthstone jewelry and their new silicone bracelets. We wrote a guide on Enso Rings, so you might want to check that out if you have any more questions about why they might be a good call.

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