Dyson Canada: Save $100 on Select Dyson Vaccums plus Free Shipping

Dyson Canada: Save $100 on Select Dyson Vaccums plus Free Shipping

Dyson Canada has a deal going on right now that will save you $100 on select Dyson Vacuums.  This is an exclusive online offer for a limited time only. All vacuums will also get free shipping.

Here are the vaccumes available for this deal:

I do not own a Dyson vacuum myself but know a few people that do.  They have said that they can never go back to any other type of vacuum because the Dyson is so awesome on any type of floor surface.  All canister and upright Dyson vacuums come with a free 5-year parts/labour warranty and all online Dyson orders are eligible for free shipping.

(Expiry: Limited time offer)


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  • Trun
    A friend turned me on to Dysons as she'd been using hers for over 10 years now and my vacuum was really not getting the job done with 2 cats and a rather hairy husband in the house. I purchased a refurbished Dyson Animal from Woot for close to that price (but they don't ship to Canada so I had to drive it over the border myself!) and it has been absolutely amazing. We vacuumed normally with our old vacuum then ran the Dyson and filled the whole canister! It works great on both our carpets and our tile floors. It's heavy but the extensions mean you're not having to lift the unit itself to get the sofa/curtains/etc and they're impressive in their own right. Can't say enough good things about Dysons, and the price is definitely great if you have neither the patience nor means to grab a refurb on Woot.
    • Krista
      Thanks for the comment. It's great to hear first hand how good a product is!
    • Avigayil
      I own a mini ball dyson - with2 cats it really help cut down on the fur. :-)
      • joy
        I was always apprehensive of spending that much for a vacuum but I finally broke down and bought one. Best investment hands down. I thought our carpets were clean, they looked clean, but they weren't. I filled the canister each time for the first 4 vacuumings. I have the DC25 and love it but if I could do it over I would get the DC25 Animal, just for the attachments. The ball makes it very easy to steer. Once you go Dyson, you don't go back!! If you live within a reasonable distance to the border you can get them for much lower in the US, even if you have to pay duty. I paid $360 there and the lowest it goes here is $499.