Dress911 Canada: Free Shipping

Dress911 Canada: Free Shipping


Happy Thanksgiving weekend so very soon! To celebrate this most wonderful of fall holidays, get free shipping all weekend at Dress911 with no minimum.

As it is now the fall and I find myself bundling up so often, this post shall highlight the wonderful world of retro sweaters!

Fan of polka dots? There are a couple of warm little knits you can bundle up in if you are feeling dotty. This Polka Competition Sweater is $47.95 and this Cotton Tail Sweater is only $39.95. I am a sucker for anything dotty so I actually have about six pairs of socks that would match them!

As ugly as I think this sweater is, I know so many girls that own something like it or would own something like it if they could find it in a local store. This Cat Stop the Beat Sweater is for all the cat lovers out there. If it wasn't sort of a crop I even know a bunch of old aunts who would wear it. Only $44.95.

If you are looking to save a little money and get a bright cardigan to defy the gloomy skies then pick out the Sew You Say Cardigan in Aqua or Sew You Say Cardi in Coral. They were each $42.95 and are now on sale for $32.21 each.

(Expiry: 15th October 2013)


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