Disney Movie Rewards: 13 Nights of Free Halloween Codes

Disney Movie Rewards: 13 Nights of Free Halloween Codes


SO MANY parents I know collect Disney Movie Reward points and redeem them for cool stuff. Starting yesterday, Disney and ABC Family are giving out 13 Disney Rewards codes for free. Today is the second day of this promo so you can still redeem 12 of those codes over the next few days!

As I am posting this deal today, I have already located today's code for you. The code for October 20th is 13NPMK. Simply redeem this code by signing in to your Disney Movie Rewards account and entering the code at the top right hand box. Now, not all of these codes give out just points. Today's code redeems for Three Free Printable Frankenweenie Posters. Who knows what other fun freebies you will get from these codes. 

I am pretty excited about this promotion as I am part of the Disney Movie Club where you can save a ton of money on Disney films by joining. I work out the cost and savings in my article. For each Disney movie I have received, I also get a Disney Rewards Code for a bunch of points. With this Disney Reward Points, I have redeemed them for other movies like Toy Story and Pixar Shorts. You can also totally redeem your points for cool toys like this Big Hero 6 Armor Baymax Mini Figurine for 400 points.

Now, who knows if any of these codes will actually give you 'points points' or they will just give you freebies. Both ways, freebies are awesome and child-themed freebies are even better. Disney Movie Rewards already offers a ton of cool freebies but any unlocked by the free codes will be exclusive to the accounts that unlock them and Halloween themed. If you do not have a Disney Movie Rewards account, then it is about time you made one! You can redeem points from any Disney movie and save them to buy you or your kids something special.

If you get confused as to the steps to find and redeem your code, check out Disney's instructions here.

(Expiry: 31st October 2015)


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