Coppertone Canada Discounts & Sunburned Asses!

A quick post here to let you know about a handy discount available for all Coppertone sun protection and tanning products. You can get a dollar off when you print and present this Coppertone coupon.

A dollar isn’t huge, obviously, but it is better a dollar in your pocket than in the pocket of “the man!”

This deal will expire on the 31st of December 2009 – ages to go!

Regarding sun protection, maybe we should get ourselves some Sunblock 5000 as per this fake ad from Robocop, which I recently watched! I wished I’d had some of that when I was snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia. I’m a complete whitey, and I burn very easily. I’m always pretty careful about applying plenty of sun cream when in direct sunlight. But woe is me, I forgot to put the sun screen on when I took off the sarong which was covering my bikini bottoms. And or course, I spent a few hours snorkelling, with my hips and ass in the air. That evening, I started to feel a little tingle, and by bedtime, my outer hips and bum cheeks were a glowing red nuclear explosion!

Worst. Sunburn. Ever.



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