Contacts For Less: Hot Stackable Exclusive Coupon Codes!

Contacts For Less: Hot Stackable Exclusive Coupon Codes!


 *** Update - since time of writing, some of the coupons don't stack any more ***

We here at Bargainmoose are often blessed with some great exclusive coupon codes that are only available to our readers (and your friends should you wish to share it with them - and you should - don't keep those deals all to yourself!). Well today I received some exclusive coupon codes for Contacts for Less - four to be exact - and they are all stackable. This equals some seriously hot savings.

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  • Coupon Code: BGMOOSE15
  • Discount: 15% off your entire order
  • Coupon Code: BGMOOSE20AC
  • Discount: $20 off when you spend $100 on Acuvue lenses
  • Coupon Code: BGMOOSE20AO
  • Discount: $20 offwhen you spend $100 on Air Optix lenses
  • Coupon Code: BGMCOLORS15
  • Discount: 15% off all coloured lenses
  • Expiry: No expiry (but only two uses per user per coupon)

Here's the deal with these coupons. Let's say you want to buy coloured Acuvue lenses. You can use three of the coupon codes above to get yourself $20 off, plus 15% off plus another 15% off!I'm going to give you an example here. Take the 1 Day Acuvue Define lenses and choose natural shimmer (or whatever you so choose). These contacts are $37.99 a box at Contacts for Less (compare at $39.99 at Clearly Contacts and $39.95 at Contacts Express). Buy yourself three boxes to get your total over $100.

At checkout, your regular price will be $113.97, which is actually less than it would be already from the two competitor sites. Now, add the coupon code for $20 off $100 on Acuvue lenses, the 15% off coloured lenses and the 15% off your total order. Your total for three boxes of these contacts will come to $64.81. It also looks like because your original total was over $80, you'll also score free shipping!


If you choose to get the Air Optix lenses or any other lenses in the same order, you can just add the other coupon code and get that discount too. The above is just one example of the hot deals you can get when you combine all of the coupons together. Let me know what you get!

Interestingly enough, this site also gives to charity and donates 51% of their profits. Not just are you getting some hot deals, but you can feel good about it too. I am going to take advantage of this deal asap as I don't know when it ends!

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  • DavesGirl
    Won't work for me :( Tried the exact same order above and bgmoose20ac & bgmcolors15 appear to both add but don't show any discount and then when I add bgmoose15 it shows the discount but removes the other two coupons. Try to add them back on and it says "Sorry, coupon "bgmoose15" has already been applied and cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons." I think the deal is dead :(
    • Paul S.
      Actually we just did a check on those codes and as it turns out the settings needed to be adjusted. So DavesGirl, try it again. It should all work together as a stackable now. Sorry for our mistake but it has now been corrected!
      • Eva W.
        Let me know if you get it working!
      • DavesGirl
        YAY it worked this morning!! Thanks!! Great deal! Because both my eyes are the same prescription I was able to do one box of 90 Acuvue Moist and 1 box of Acuvue Define and it appears I was still use all three coupons!
        • DavesGirl
          $56.58 all in :)
        • Shay
          Hi, Just like Davesgirl... I tried to stack the codes but it didn't work, it just kept replacing the codes rather than adding them all. I guess you guys are still having problems with the site. Too bad after two months it's still giving problems.
          • Anna W.
            Hi Shay! Some of the codes don't stack any more, since time of writing :)
            • Shay
              That sucks Anna... especially as I was looking forward to using the codes. Only one code doesn't make it as great an offer ... Thanks for the reply though. I'm assuming this isn't going to change?