Canadian Freebie: Free Taster Pack of LifeForce Pet Food and Treats

Canadian Freebie: Free Taster Pack of LifeForce Pet Food and Treats


Pet lovers, I have another great freebie for you if you have a cat or dog. Click below to grab a free taster pack of LifeForce food and treats for your favourite pet. Samples do not always stay around long, so sign up quick to make sure you grab yours.

My kitty loves treats especially if it has anything to do with turkey or bacon. Sign up now to grab a free taster pack of LifeForce food. This promotion is in partnership with Animal Wellness Magazine. If you are unfamiliar, Animal Wellness Magazine promotes itself as the top natural health magazine for cats and dogs in North America.

Included in the taster pack promotion you will receive:

  • Wholesome Beef Food
  • Beef Super Strip Treat
  • Super Nutrition Nuggets Daily Health Treat

I checked into this promotion a little bit as there is simply not a whole lot of information listed on the webpage where you sign up. LifeForce Pet Health  offers all natural, healthy food and treats for cats and dogs. These products are designed free of all fillers and full of good healthy food for your pet. If you read a little more about their food, it is a raw dehydrated pet food.

The pet food and treats can be given to your pet as is or can also be rehydrated. LifeForce recommends rehydrating the food especially for cats to ensure your pet is not overeating. They also mention because it is a raw product that you should treat this pet food the same way you would any other raw meat and make sure to wash your hands and clean surfaces. They recommend not allowing young children to feed the food to the animals as it is raw, but the treats are perfectly fine for children to handle. My kid would not be digging treats she was not allowed to give to the cat. I am glad those are safe for her to handle also. He can give her his begging for a treat look instead of me.

My neighbors feed their dog a whole foods diet that they cook in the crock-pot every week. I am not sure that I am ready to make the switch to raw food for my cat but I am willing to give it a try for free. If my cat does not dig this sample, it is going to my neighbours house. I received a confirmation email for singing up pretty quickly. Make sure to check your e-mail inbox to make sure you got yours also.

Bargainmoosers have you looked into feeding your pet a raw or dehydrated diet?

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