BookCloseouts: 2011 Calendars only $2.99

BookCloseouts: 2011 Calendars only $2.99


Bookcloseouts has discounted all their 2011 Calendars to only $2.99! On top of that you can still get free shipping when you spend $35+. Why spend $10 - $30 for a Calendar from a kiosk in the mall when you can get 3 - 10 for that price?

I rather like this Darts Calendar that is fashioned like a Dart Board. I personally would go for the Smart Ass: The Who, What Where am I? Quiz Calendar. I always liked trivia calendars. The 365 days of Islands looks also rather nice.

If you are going shopping and loading up your cart for that free shipping, try using this coupon codes for an even bigger discount:

CC4U-5 with password to get $5 off $35. You can also get $10 off $65 with coupon code CC4U-10 and the same password.

All prices in USD, however, all books ship from Canada.


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