Black's Canada: $0.09 Prints Today Only

Black's Canada: $0.09 Prints Today Only


You probably took quite a few photos yesterday or will today. It will pay for you to get them downloaded then uploaded to Blacks today. If you do, you'll only pay $0.09 a print for 4x4 or 4x6. That is a big difference from their regular price, which is $0.35 a print.

I usually find Costco to be the cheapest and easiest for prints, but not everyone has a membership. Also, their quality isn't superior. Blacks has the best quality for prints, and that is pretty much a fact. This is why they charge so much. So when they have a sale like this, you know you are getting quality printing, and paying an affordable cost!

Unfortunately, you only have today to get organized and upload those prints, but what else are going to do sitting around all bloated from that feast you just had? The dishes can wait.

You can pick up within one hour in-store (although I'm sure they are closed today) or you can get it shipped to your home (for a cost).

(Expiry: 14th October 2013)


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