Zika Virus - Would You Travel This Year?!


You have already heard of it I am sure, but will the Zika virus affect you travel plans this year? I know our Mooser Alexa was talking about cancelling her trip to Florida this year. The risks are just too high. If you are concerned about the Zika virus - what precautions are you taking? Most people that are confirmed to have the Zika virus right now are returning travelers. So if you have travel plans, that could be a scary issue! While the virus may not be life threatening for all of us, it can definitely be life altering for pregnant women. You're going to want to read this.

The Zika virus is said to be transferred mostly through mosquito bites. Thankfully mosquito season is not upon us yet, but I am a little concerned for when it does get here. The Zika virus comes with symptoms like fever, rash, joint paint, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and more. It is generally a mild illness and the symptoms can last several days to a week. I had been reading news articles that this virus could cause death, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website assures us that hospitalization only occurs in severe cases.


The Zika virus could be a huge issue for pregnant women though. So I think it is best to avoid travelling where you could become infected with this virus. The first confirmed Zika virus infection was in Brazil where a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby with defects because of it. The defect was known as Microcephaly which will make the baby have a smaller than normal head and brain size among other mental and physical defects.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issues travel notices for people who wish to travel to regions and countries where the transmission of the Zika virus is ongoing. The Zika virus has had outbreaks in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands prior to 2015. In May 2015, the first alert regarding the Zika virus was issued in Brazil. Right now there are Zika outbreaks in many countries - many due to returning travelers. They expect the Zika cases to increase at this time, especially in returning travelers so be safe and perhaps reconsider your travel plans.


  • FloridaBound
    We are leaving for Florida this Friday. While the type of mosquito that carries the virus is indeed in Florida, the virus itself has not made it to the continental US mosquito population. This may change with people traveling from infected areas, but for those who will be in the southern US in the next few months,it seems to be alright, just keep an eye on the news for changes.
  • Shar
    I just returned from Brazil and did indeed get bitten. My doctor's office sent me to the health clinic and they had no info so they forwarded me to the Centre for Disease Control that told me I did not need blood work and as long I had no intention to get pregnant, would be okay. Bottom line is no one knows much yet so be careful.
    • lennypuz
      I heard you can't get pregnant for 2 years after being bitten in case the virus is still in you!
  • Paula
    http://torontolife.com/city/life/six-in-the-six-michael-gardam-zika-virus/ Read the above article from Toronto Life. Some good points.
    • Brooke W.
      Thanks Paula :)
  • Astrogal
    We are going to Punta Cana in the Spring. We are also planning on visiting Florida next winter and taking a Caribbean cruise next Spring. We enjoy traveling the Caribbean and visiting family in Florida, all places where the Zika virus exists. I am not scared of this virus. If it is something like an outbreak of a super-lethal virus like Ebola or something, then yes I would definitely be very concerned and cancel. But for this, nah. Knowing that 80% of people who get it don't even have symptoms, and those who do they are usually mild doesn't scare me. I am not pregnant and am not getting pregnant - I am done having kids - so this does not concern me at all.

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